Kitwana Jones

Has anyone else noticed the great play of Kitwana Jones on special teams. This guy has been a monster for us out there. Especially last game when on three consecutive punts he succeeded in getting down field and holding the Lion's returner to negative return yards. This guy is amazing, and I hope to see him more on defense.

100% agreement,its nice to see that kind of depth in our team. Not only at that position but we can argue for hours on who to put in as reciever or runningback !!! I like it.

All I can say is Kitwana Jones=WIN. When this guy has gotten decent defensive playing time they have won. They should try him at middle linebacker (although he isn't the sharpest knife in the cupboard after listening to him talk a few times on In the Huddle) Give him a shot. His 40 time is unbelievable, something like 4.5.

4.5 40? Impressive..considering his size