Kitwana Jones

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Not certain how credible this is, but with the team not being transparent about these things, it is out there.

That would be a shame. He might have damaged his rotator cuff lifting during the off season, it's one of the most common injuries guys get and sometimes they don't even realize they have a tear...

I am not saying that he has not been released but, as of this morning, he is on the Als roster; he was not before,because he was suspended,since Sunday,June 5,2011.


That would make sense. If he's got a small tear in his cuff, they might suspend him till he's able to pass his medical instead of being on the hook later.

As per today's CFL transactions, Kitwana Jones has been added to the roster from suspended; defensive ends Akra and Clanton have been released.


RDS says he was on the field today....

good hustle will take injured LB/DE jon banks' spot on the roster!!