Kitwana Jones

Rumour has it that he has been released by the Esks and is coming back to the Riders. Interesting if this is true.

Well the release part is front page on the Esks site, so we know that is true.

What, if any interest the Riders have in him remains to be seen. Unless they want him as a backup LB and special teams body until Williams returns

My guess is he didn't get any better as a DE, and at best he's be a #4 for us at that position.

Its being reported in the Journal he's coming back to here....

what? what? what?

I'm baffled

do they need him? no. they already have guys better than Jones.

Wouldnt be a bad pick up for us. He always was great on special teams.

They lost Kye Stewart who is a good teams player, and right now Stevie Baggs is on kick cover, which is hardly ideal, given his role on the defence. Kitwana was always a good teams guy - if his presence fills in for Stewart and gets Baggs off the teams, it makes sense. As a starter anywhere, I doubt it.

This is a great point Artie and one I can see. Stevie has become a force and Kitwana can be excellent replacement for Baggs to put him where he needs to be. Put in this context, this makes sense.

I am thinking back to 07/25 Edm/Sask and during pre-game warmup, one idiot fan screaming at Kitwana, "hows the grass on that side", and "we won't miss you", blah, blah, blah. I'd like to think what that guy thinks today.

If he's a true fan, if the team says Kitwana will help, he'll be all for it. Seinfeld said it best, we cheer for the jerseys.

Nothing lost if you do pick him up. . . and if you use the guy properly.

I always thought he was better being used in different positions (LB, DE) on a few plays per quarter. . . the other teams never knew where he'd be coming from. In that role, as a wild card, I thought he was quite effective. As a starting DE, not so much.

Plus he's a demon on special teams.

What was going on in Edmonton? Any game I watched I only heard his name occasionaly and that was when he was coming in for one or two plays. Was his play that bad or did he not see eye to eye with the DC? I am sure there will be several teams wanting to pick him up but I don't think one of them should be Saskatchewan. He showed no respect to the Riders or the Fans the way he hightailed it out of here following Ritchie and Mo to the land of opportunity.

dusty100 you seem to forget he was traded to the Esks, whether it was requested or not I don't know, but he did not hightail it out. The riders sent him away.

sounds like he'll be a Rider again

I would rather see them bring in Kit to play LB than Hunt.

Nothing against Reggie, but Kit gives us options all over, and an upgrade on special teams.

Right you are but the impression I got from his responses to the media seemed to idicate he was happy to be down the road to Edmonton.
But seeing as how he appears to be on the way back here,l I take back everything I said and welcome him with open arms. You just never know from one minute to the next what is going to happen in the CFL.

Well, if I got a new job, the first thing I would do is make nice with the bosses (i.e. the fan base).

I guarantee when he gets here, he would say the same thing, something like 'I really enjoyed my time here in Saskatchewan, the fans are fantastic, and I can really showcase my talent here for the great people of Saskatchewan".

Then when he (or whoever) plays in whatever league or team down the road, just use the same sentence, and replace the place.

WOOOOHOOOOO I am extremely excited que happy dance!!

Again, HUGE "props" to Guru ET.

The kit trade to EE was real bad, and our PTB just rectified that.

Kit will be a nice fit in the Etch D...

Back in Green, Kit will be a force, no matter the role asked of him.....

In case you haven't seen it, he's officially been signed by the Riders:
[url]Home | Regina Leader Post

Why did Edmonton release Kitwana and not trade him?

good question, possibly salary cap?