Kitwana Jones

Looks like Kitwana is being introduced into Edmonton in a big way! Check this out! Way to go Kitwana, but I bet Richie Hall is gonna view this a bit different. :smiley:

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Edmonton Eskimo Kitwana Jones sprang into action this morning to help collar a would-be thief.

About 6:45 a.m., a woman in her 50s was walking near 100 Avenue and 103 Street when a man walked confronted her.

The man allegedly grabbed the woman's purse and a laptop computer. He fled after a brief struggle.

The suspect was chased by a male witness, who was quickly joined by another man — Edmonton Eskimo defensive end Kitwana Jones — in a foot chase.

The six-foot, 227 pound Jones and the other man caught up with the suspect in a nearby alley.

They held onto him until police arrived and arrested him. No on was hurt.

“The suspect would likely have gotten away had it not been for the quick thinking of these bystanders,? said Det. Bill Allen. “It’s an individual’s choice as to their level of involvement, but everyone must keep in mind that there’s always a chance that weapons could be present and an innocent person could be injured when trying to make a citizen’s arrest.?

The woman’s property was recovered.

Terrance Allan Walcott, 29, is charged with robbery.

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“It was like, ‘Hey K.J., you gotta do what you gotta do.’ So I ran him down, hit him on the back of the head.?

The lineman held the suspect down in the alley until police arrived, and said he only roughed up the suspect a little.

“If you would have seen the forearm to the back of the head, that would have been a penalty.?

Can you imagine the thoughts going through the bad guy's head? "What are the freaking odds of being run down by a 6 foot 240 lbs rock-star-of-a defensive end at 6:45am on a lonely Edmonton street. Man am I having a bad day!" :lol:

Well, the lonely Edmonton street 6:45 A.M. rally in the alley is great news for Kitwanda Jones; by the way it's 227 lbs. as opposed to 240 lbs. in the previous post. Hope he's all smiles after the game in Regina. :thup: GO ESKIES GO.

considering how unfortunate his play has been so far, this is a sign of something good for Jones!

Sorry, I was guessing at the weight, I've lost my touch since leaving the carny circuit. :smiley:

According to the right up in the paper, you are bang on. I was going by the roster weigh in.

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Womak is now saying the Kitwana trade was about cap space and not wasting an import spot on a special teams player.

I hardly believe that was totally it.

he wasn't part of their plans for the new defense... so they traded him.