Kitwana Jones....

Just had an idea i would run past you guys, let me know what you think?

With Seante Williams showing promise and having size, and John Chick coming back. I'm thinking as much as i like he's tenacity Kitwana is just to small to be an everydown DE. My idea was to keep him as a DE but use him to drop back into a 3-4 defense on a second and long. If it is short yardage put in Williams and Chick.

i had given that some thought too actually.. have williams, shcults/adams, chick... then with a blitzing rover jones- picking his gaps / have designed gap assignment or shawdow running backs / qbs.. it'd be nice to run, but im not sure how effective those 3 would be when they have to put the pressure on just by themselves.

Ya thats the problem with rushing three, you have tons in coverage but usually the QB has all day to throw. But IMO we're wasting Kitwana's talents playing him strickly as a rush end

I think Jones is a more natural LB, but there isn't anyone at LB that I would want to replace that he would fit, as he is too big to replace Lucas.

Is Chick playing this week?

Apparently he's physically ready (he took all the first team reps in practice), i just don't know if he's eligble yet

He is ready to go and according to the Leader-Post, he will play on Sunday. He will be exempted off of the 9-game list early. Wiliams will likely stay on the roster as a back-up.

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Well, if you're talking about switching to a 3-4 permanently - that's introducing a whole new defense - not something easily done. Going from a 3-4 to a 4-3 is a major switch for a team. We're arguably the best team defensive team in the league - there's no reason to mess with the scheme.

If you're talking about dropping players into pass coverage and rushing fewer players periodically, we do that now, except we put in better cover guys than Kitwana.

I wasn't thinkin of switchin to a 3-4 permanently, although using a 3-4 and blitzing Jones from time to time isn't a bad idea. Not saying of Defense needs tinkering im just saying Jones isn't a DE and should be replaced by Sheante Williams. So just trying to figure out the best way for him to be utilized.

I think you are on the right track. I always liked Jones when he was used as he was last year, sometimes end, sometimes LB, you never knew where he was coming from, and that's confusing to an offensive line.

This year, playing every down at the same position, which might not be the best position for him, he doesn't seem quite as effective; I liked him better as a wild card.

That said, who the heck am I to question Richie Hall?

I think Kitwana might have been our best d-lineman in the first half of the season. The problem on the line has been injuries to Chunky and Chick. Anyway, he will start, Williams will back up for now.

uh, that's what we currently do. It's called the Tiger formation.

Seante, Chick, and KJ are all going to rotate through the end spot according to Richie Hall.

Awesome that makes me happy, we needed to do something to make our pass rush better