Kitwana Jones traded to Edmonton..

I've heard from 5 different people now that KJ is even smaller this year than he was last year, and he's at least 20 pounds smaller now. I'm not sure if you can get that weight back before camp but I'm sure he should have earned a chance to do it

.....Hey Arius coach/gm Miller drinking the same water as Kelly in the Peg....this is an awful trade.....kind of makes some of our deals look good..... :lol: :lol:

Oh come on papa, your trades haven't been bad at all.

I've been as critical as the next guy of that loose cannon now running your team, but I will not (at this point anyway) be at all critical of him for the trades. You've done well.

Getting Shabazz for Ellis? A steal, a real steal.

Getting Perry for Malveaux? You win.

Can't blame Ken. ET still calls the shots. And after this trade, I think he's been drinking them as well....

I keep hearing that Kit is too small. And that he didn't play well. Neither is true. He had a fine year in his "rookie" year at DE. First, he is only 1 inch shorter than Fred Perry, the guy he replaced. And he is only 1 inch shorter than the guy now most likely number one on the depth chart, Stevie Baggs. A guy who is pretty much a Kitwanna clone. And weight difference was maybe 10 pounds. So not nearly enough difference to justify anyone even mentioning it. If he lost 20 pounds, it was likely because they asked him to.
Regarding how he played, he was second among DL in the league in tackles, behind only some nobody named Wake. I hear BC dumped him as well..... Not many sacks, but with Chick out all year, Chunky missing or hurt half the year and the style of defence we played, no surprise. Fact is, Kit makes plays. Pressures, tackles, he is a wrecking crew out there. And at age 27, with a year of experience at a position he had never played before, he has plenty of upside, Last year, we had to listen to the cool-aid drinkers tell us we wouldn't miss Perry. Then when Kitwanna isn't the monster Fred was, we get, "well he isn't good enough".
you know what? We wouldn't miss Nate Davis either. Year 3 in the unsuccessful search to replace him. I guess we enter year two in the "replace Perry" sweepstakes.....
And the irony? with the mantra QBs, QBs, QBs ringing in my ears, we are still looking for a replacement for that other guy nobody would miss.....requiring us to trade two pretty decent DEs to get prospects despite having 9---count 'em--9 QBs on our neg list.

ET had no place for a 20 pound lighter KJ in 2009.....BS

Bet any of you a bag of donuts KJ was not 20 pounds lighter in muscle mass.

SO, the trade was in the works for 3-4 weeks, add 4 weeks to training camp, that gives 2 month window to add bulk, easy and fun to bulk up, just add beer and pizza.........more BS from the master BS'er

ET searched high and low for someone to take poor anorexic KJ off our hands........Golly gee the only taker was EE with Ritchie Hall and KJ's pal MO................ This Quite possible is the biggest pile of BULL CRAP i've ever heard

I agree. Not like he was making mega bucks.

Yeah lol... Oh well.

Kitwana Jones is one of the most underrated players in the league. He plays, DE, LB, and Special teams. And every position he has played well. That's a darn special player if you ask me. And we got nothing for him.

ET still calls the shots, but he listen's to his coaching staff as well. It was Miller who wanted Bishop brought in. Miller's reason for this giveaway makes no sense. Other than Kitwana, I thought our whole D-line stunk last year. Kitwana would have no problem getting on our roster. His special teams play alone garauntee's him a spot.

I'd like to hear ET's explanation of this one. I might not like it, but it would make more sense than Miller's. Guess we'll have to wait.

after listening to coach Miller explain why they did this
"KJ might have not made team anyway"
Then cut him after training camp, not as if we got lots in return
What if guys get hurt in camp, what if even KJ outperforms others?
Do you think KJ demanded a trade?
This does not make sense to me (like everyone else)

I just don't understand the vanishingly small return on this trade, nor do I get why it had to happen with a division rival. I think Sask messed up on this one. KJ is a quality player and will likely thrive in Richie Hall's system in Edmonton.

Seems like some teams have caught trade fever this offseason. Weird...

Interesting that Richie would rather have Kit at DE than Perry. The Kit trade allowed Richie to flip Perry to Winnipeg and bring Maleveaux to Edmonton. It just screams of a trade that was a favour for an old friend.

.....Yes....the trades do look good on paper....but they have to translate to the field....and that won't be proven until we hit the field and the real bullets start flying...I do know one thing ....losing a guy of Kitwana Jones' calibre....can't be a good thing for the Riders, on an already hard-hit defence... :wink:

This trade after looking at it more, is even more baffling. We lose our two best lbs (my opinion) to free agency, and people say, "Kitwana will come back and play LB, his natural position," And then we go and trade him. To a Division Rival, and for nothing. Stupid.

When you think about it, it is obvious what is going on. Tillmans' back is hurting and he's on the painkillers again. We all know how these pills affect his thought process.

I was the one who stated that-- it really baffles me too, Billy. ET and KM had better hope that the new players are good enough to justify the trade of Jones and the losses of Mo and McKenzie to free agency. I don't buy Miller's explanation regarding Kitwna-- to small for to play DE and too slow to be an outside linebacker. Its too bad ET isn't here to explain these moves-- maybe Miller should sign up and give us more concrete reasons as to why all these boneheaded transactions are being made.

This is a great trade! I thought that Kitwana would be released in TC because he just simply is not a good Defensive End. At least this way we get something for him rather then just cutting him in TC and getting nothing. As for trading him to a division rival. I would rather have a sub-standard defensive end playing for them then having them go out and get a great one. The Eskimos traded Perry because they got Kitwana. I am certainly no more afraid to face Kitwana then I was to face Perry! All this whining about getting nothing for an impact starter is ridiculous. There is no way Jones would have been a starter this year. The young QB we got, while unproven, at least can be a contributor in the future.

Kitwana did OK from what I saw last year, in a new position. The trouble I have with this deal is at least the Riders could have gotten a draft pick or something else back in the deal. Just to give him away for a QB that might pan out makes very little sense. Christmas came early, and KM and ET were in a giving mood (maybe its all the snowfall some parts of Sask have recieved recently) to Richie Hall.

It is absolutely bizarre that anyone can look at this trade and label it as "a great trade". Whether or not Kitwanna was going to make the team; whether or not Juan Joseph has any potential, there is nothing about this deal that puts it in the realm of "great". If your assessment about Kitwanna is 100% bang on then this trade is actually almost insignificant. We have 20 other players on the roster who won't make the team either. Several of them are DEs. If we trade any of those players for another player who nobody has ever heard of, will those trades be "great"? I don't think so. The simple fact that you feel the need to take time out of your day to spin this deal as more than it is, is because you deep down know we gave more than we got. For all your protestations, Kitwanna played well for us last year. Was he as good as Fred Perry? No he wasn't. Unlikely we will find anyone that good immediately---if ever. But if you compare Kit to DEs around the league, he did a pretty decent job. In fact, with 53 tackles last year (plus a monstrous 11 STs tackles), he was way out in front of every other DE in the league. Except for one. Not bad for a guy who is "too small" Our defence was the strength of the team last year, leading the league in many categories, including most passing numbers, and we were 3rd against the rush. If size were really going to tell the story, it should have been in the running game, but obviously, our tiny DEs and DTs got the job done. When you stop repeating the ridiculous mantra, " he is too small; he is too small; he is too small" and actually examine what he DID on the field (funny how stats on tackles etc don't matter, but because you know how tall he is or how much he weighs=--those stats rule your brain) you realize he was effective as a DE and also gave us great STs play and versatility that will be difficult to replace. This trade will never be "great". Too many people judge trades based on hindsight--if JJ becomes a starter it will be "see---told you so". Sorry. This trade, any trade, gets judged on its merits at the time. The question isn't "CAN JJ be a good QB?". The question is, do you expect him to take a roster spot? Today? Tomorrow? Ever? The answer for most people is, no, no, and at best, maybe, but likely no. Meanwhile, on the otherside, answer these questions. Will KJ make the roster in Edmonton? Will he start? Does he improve their team? Honesty means the answers are, yes, yes, most likely. Even if all KJ does is play STs and spot duty at DE he can be very effective for any team.
Anyway, you were correct. This was a great trade. If you cheer for the Edmonton Eskimos.......

Gotta agree there Arius.

As of today, you'd have to say the Esks won this trade big time.

Kitwana Jones as a special teams player is truly special. Decent numbers at DE last season; can play LB as well. Good track record as an effective CFLer. Trade him for a QB that none of us have ever heard of and who has not played a down yet in the CFL? Esks win.

Now, if, down the road, this QB turns out to be the second coming of Ron Lancaster in green and white, well then it will in hindsight look like a very good trade. I don't know anything about this guy, so I can make no knowledgeable prediction of the likelihood of that happening.

It's odd though; the brass in Saskatchewan was apparently content with a stable of so-far unproven QBs in Durant, Jyles, and Tate; now they've gone and traded a bona fide star in Jones to get yet another unproven QB who, on paper at least, is not appreciably better than what is already on the roster.