Kitwana Jones traded to Edmonton..

sheesh.. makes me wonder.

Rumour is it was for 5th string Esks QB Juan Joseph from a DivIII school…

So we traded a starting defensive player (which we've lost 4 starters already this year) for a nothing QB. But were happy with our QB situation and we trade for another QB? I'm so confused as to the direction this time is taking right now. I'm not gonna lie i was beyond excited for the future when we won our GC. But watching the collapse of that team right now has almost squashed that excitment. Will i still go to every game a cheer my butt off, you bet your behind. But i don't think it will be for a team challenging for a western title any time soon.

Holy! I'm still digesting losing Smith for a year(career?) and now this? It was going to be tough to find a spot for Kitwanna this year, but what ever happened to bringing a vet to camp and having him lose his job honestly?
Then when you look at what we got? Name all the Div III QBs in the league? In the last 30 years? Not very many. And why do we have 9 QBs on our neg list if we will have 2 QBs in camp we had to trade for. I'm confused. But I'll sleep on it.....

I'm wondering too? Must have been some conflict between KJ and Etcheverry.

I've always been a Kitwana Jones fan, big-time. So to me, this is a good deal for Edmonton, and a bad one for Saskatchewan.

....maybe salary issues similar to how Tillman handled Perry?...i.e. - I can't pay you what you're asking but I'll see if I can trade you to a club that can....

I would have thought Kit was a perfect fit for the style of defense I expect to see this year. I know many fans didn't think Kit was successful as a DE but I think he had a terrific year at that position and as he is only 27 and that was his first year paying DE, he was likely just going to get better. Was it salary as Red suggests? I suppose that is always a possibility, but you need to pay somebody to play.... on, some were speculating it was the old, "he is in his option year, so better to trade him and get something" which of course continues to be the pat answer and stupid.
This one is a head scratcher---especially given what we got in many starting DEs can we trade to Edmonton for their 4th string QB before it gets old......

What I have really liked about him was when he was used in different positions throughout a game..........he was sort of a wild card, and offences had a difficult time handling him because you just never knew from down to down where he was going to be coming from. My criticism of how he was used last year was not necessarily a criticism of his play at DE per se, but rather the fact that they were playing him as a starter at DE and not moving him around, he was at DE pretty much all game, which in my opinion reduced his effectiveness, since the opposing offence knew from down to down where he'd be coming at them from.


Is this for real?

We got a QB? A QB that will never see the light of day! That is sad.

K. Jones was a force on the field as a Roughie! Now, another one bites the dust.

What kind of trade is that?

Is'nt there somebody better the Riders could have got? Why give away talent for a position we don't need?

Too many questions! Somebody answer.

I think it was probably a combination of option year and salary dumping.

sad to see him go.

A). It is unlikely Kitwanna was making nearly enough cash to make salary dumping an issue.
B). Option year. That is and always has been one of the lamest rationales that management (for all teams, not just the Riders) gives for making a trade, ie., alarm bells need to go off if that is the best reason they have.

When it rains it pours doesn't it? I wish I knew the rationale but I don't think it would make the loss of Jones and Smith much better

Laughable trade, or is it a shady deal.

KJ is too small for DE, too big for Will or Sam, yet RH (a master of the D ) was working on this trade for 3 WEEKS with our reclusive GM.

KJ could have been a great weapon under Etch's new D.......SO WHAT if KJ would of signed with EE at seasons end,at least we would have KJ for 2009, and some continuity left of Defense.

Most of the upper echelon in this league are close bunch,and I'm hoping EE is owing us big to close this shady deal.

I don't care what their rational is. You should never ever make this sort of give away trade to a division Rival.

Thats is absolutely stupid. Not a big fan of this trade at all, regardless of what the QB does or doesn't amount to.

You want to do it with Toronto, OK, Edmonton NO.

I don't wanna be disrespectful. But this is a stupid trade!

Kitwana Jones is a great football player. Edmonton know has a Ricky Ray offence and a Richie Hall defence. That's scary.

We got nothing for this trade. Another crappy 4th+ string QB from Edmonton. Have we learnt nothing from Jyles and Tate (I think he was from Edmonton too???). But at least for Fred Perry we got Edmonton's 10th overall pick in the 2008 draft along with DJ flicks broken leg, I mean Jyles.

Kitwana Jones had an excellent 2008 season. Nevermind the defense and special teams. He scored more touchdowns than many of our offensive players (Corey Grant(1), Adarius Bowman(2), Michael Palmer(0)).

I give ET the benefit of the doubt in general. He's earned my respect. But the moves on QB (Jyles, Crandell, Bishop) the last 2 years, even Kerry Joesph aside, have me wondering.

WOW -- terrible trade. Complete nonsense. We didn't want to trade for a QB -- until we saw Juan Joseph?!?!?

Richie -- you're welcome. But we need to dispense with the freebies.

About the only plausible explanation I can see is that senility has engulfed Miller...

Sure doesn't make sense on the surface. I think Kit's salary was $74,000ish. Very reliable and flexible player. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

"Brutal" pretty much sums this trade up...