Kitwana Jones released..

Now that was a wasted transaction between the Riders and Eskimos at the start of the season!

Heh You beat me to it. Another interesting move by the Eskimos, though I don't remember anyone mentioning him when we were discussing our defensive woes. What's happening with #27 (I won't even attempt to spell his name lol)?

Edit: Seems it was a waste for both teams. You guys released the QB we gave you.

It is very weird, I mean it was no secret Kitwana wanted to go where Richie went, but yeah, this is a draw, in fact (depending on Eskimo fan opinion) you Eskies may have gotten the short end with the loss of Juan Joseph. But then again, you got Ricky, and Maas, you barely need Maas at all. I would say the best one-two QB punch currently in the league. So, what was the point of it all in the end? :?

Well the Esks certainly didn't make the trade knowing that Kitwana would be ineffective on defence and would need to be released after 9 games. They thought that he would be effective as a situational defensive player(he wasn't) and special teams player(he was).

Can't really fault the Esks for trading Juan Joseph when we had 4 better QBs on the roster at the time: Ray, Maas, Zabransky, and Ricard, with 3 of the 4 still under 30 years old.

Kitwana will do better in SASK that in Edmonton, because he has better players around him..

He basically had no one good around him in Edmonton.

Of course he may also basically on his last legs and wanting to go back to usa and qiut football--

These days the average career of a CFL players seems very short indeed.

I think Kitwana was not used to his ability because the DC in Edmonton sucks. How do you have a star player from a year ago getting released the next???

Kitwana wanted to go back to Regina as he heard there was some guy stealing bags of empty beer cans from the Homeless . :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I gotta wonder is Malveaux really done, or is this defensive scheme the problem? The reason I ask is Jonte Buhl looked absolutely terrible this year- seemed OK till now. Malveaux is looking as bad as Buhl did.....