Kitwana Jones goes vigilante on mugger

Just say this on TSN, thought it was pretty funny. Good for him. :smiley:

Eskimos' Kitwana Jones chases down mugger in Edmonton

ROFL! Good for him, too bad he didn't learn that guy a good one first before turning him over. :thup:

Right on!

I thought it was pretty funny too. Good for him.

And that's great for PR. Our players don't just live in the community, they defend it!

Way to go, Kitwana "Superman" Jones! :rockin:

Considering the Canadian justice system, the mugger was probably processed and released long before the police were finished checking out Kitwana's ensure no Charter rights were abused by his citizen's arrest. :wink:

I heard the Mugger slipped his tackle and ran an extra 40 yards down the lane way. :roll:

Good post.... I like it.....DEFEND IT!

Sadly, in BC, we have so many left wing bleeding heart judges they would have put Jones on trial for assaulting the mugger :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: