Kitwana Jones fined....

On Wednesday, the CFL fined Montreal defensive end Kitwana Jones of the Alouettes for a hit he delivered against Chad Owens of the Toronto Argonauts during the Alouettes 40-17 win Friday night.

Jones was fined for lowering his head and leading with his helmet as he made primary contact with Owens' helmet. The amount of the fine was not disclosed.

Last week, safety Craig Butler of the Saskatchewan Roughriders was fined by the league for a delivering a helmet-to-helmet hit on Montreal receiver S.J. Green during the Alouettes' 39-25 road win. Butler, a rookie, is appealing the ruling.

Hey its sucks, but at least the league is doing something about it!

Saskatchewan should have received multiple fines to multiple players for that game. Their DBs were head-hunting all game long. Butler himself was guilty of helmet-to-helmet hits on at least three different occasions IMO.

I read where Butler of Sask. was fined $750 for his headshot and Jones only $500.

Does that mean Jones has a smaller head than Butler? Or that Richardson is more valuable than Owens?

No, it just means the league thought Butler's hit was worse than Jones's hit.