Kito Poblah in supplemental draft

According to Duane Forde on twitter:

WPG's good luck isn't limited to NHL...WR Kito Poblah WILL be eligible for next Friday's CFL supplemental draft.
Any word on who else will definitely be in it?

.....I haven't seen any prominent names come up besides Poblah...I think he would be the no 1 choice in a supplemental...He certainly has the talent and now that he's an ni ..... :thup: i think we'll bid well for him...maybe a second rounder in 2012....We'll see :roll:

Why would he be a second rounder next year if he’s eligible for the supplemental draft next Friday? What am I missing?

Who ever bids the highest 2012 draft pick gets the first pick in the 2011 suplimental draft. Thus forfitting that pic you bid in 2012. Calgary did that with there 3rd round pick this year for forzanni last year

Ted Laurent a 6'01 300 lb NT from the Mississippi Rebels is suppose to be eligible to be a non-import. Don't know if he has all the paper work though. He had 12 tackles, a sack, two tackles for a loss and a fumble recovery as a part time starter in 09.
Kent Austin should have known all about him.
Laurent would be worth at least a 3rd round pick. I see Poblah being worth a 1st round pick for somebody.

Found out the answer - Laurent is not in the supplemental draft. According to an article in the Winnipeg Sun there are only two other players in the supplemental draft besides Poblah. They are "defensive lineman Alex Ellis, who hasn't played football for a couple of years, and linebacker Steven Inman".

The guy from the Sun who wrote this doesn't seem to know what he's talking about. He's now blogging about a second supplemental draft if Laurent proves his status but CFL regulations indicate there is only one supplemental draft per year and if a player is declared an NI after the supplemental draft is held there isn't a second one - that player is just deemed eligible for the next year's draft.

Ellis and Inman sound like a couple of long shots. Couldn't find anything on a DL Alex Ellis, but found a small RB by that name who looks pretty good. Wrong Ellis I guess.

Found Steve Inman, he played Junior College at San Francisco in 07-08 as a MLB. Listed at 6'0 230 and timed in the forty at 4.55.
If he is really that fast they could switch him to FB.

From the Winnipeg Free Press:

A CFL spokesperson said Wednesday night that teams will know today whether Laurent -- a Montreal product who moved to the U.S. when he was 13 -- is eligible for the supplemental draft, but that a separate supplemental draft for his services won't be held until next week to allow clubs to further study film of the 23-year-old.

lol, a second supplemental draft????

I love how the CFL BOG seems to make this stuff up on the fly.

....guess Laurent couldn't get his ni paperwork done in time....But NO WORRY ...we'll just shift the dates to accomodate...You know we're not going to leave any quality NI sitting on the sidelines....I wonder if there'll be a third :roll: :lol: :lol:

From a 2009 article at regarding the supplemental draft that Zac Carlson was in:

When is the Supplementary Draft held?

This year, the CFL has decided to hold the draft on May 11th. This will allow teams sufficient time to integrate Carlson into their plans prior to training camp. If another player were to become eligible under the Supplementary Draft by-laws, a second draft would be held at a later date.

This seems to be the most recent article about it. I've seen a copy of the CFL By-Laws which indicated there would be only one supplemental draft but found out later the copy of the By-Laws was from 2006.

Looks like both Poblah and Laurent will be in the supplemental draft now which will be held on Monday at 9AM ET.

Agreed. They need to come up with a more comprehensive set of rules and follow them. Making up rules as you go looks bush-league only provides more cannon fodder for the CFL naysayers in the media. There has already been horror stories about players sending in wrong/incomplete paperwork and missing deadlines due to more communication by the league to the athletes.

They didn't just make it up - according to that article at, it's been a policy since at least 2009. It seems to be more of a case that the media don't have a clue about the supplemental draft.

The article mentioned them possibly moving draft dates to accommodate Laurent which if true, is silly. The fact that the League and the PA can't organize themselves to ascertain the non-import status of these players before the regular entry draft is inexcusable. Players have complained about all the "paperwork" the cfl requires them to fill out which should all be finished well before the regular entry draft. The league should have one deadline/one draft and stick to it.

What article mentioned that? The one I posted mentioned a second draft. As for moving the draft date, there's really no proof the League did. They only made one official announcement regarding a date for the draft and that was for May 30. We have know idea who told the media it was Friday.

According to the football beat writer of the Hamilton Spectator, these are the guys in the draft:

Ted Laurent DL Mississippi - 6'03" 303 lbs
Kito Poblah WR Central Michigan - 6'2" 213 lbs
Alex Ellis DL Wilfrid Laurier - 6'1" 306 lbs
Stephen Inman LB Tabor College - 6'0" 235 lbs ... onday.html

Moving a date or having a second draft all fall into the same category. i.e. changing things as they go along. Also I said if they moved the date, not they did for a fact move the date. The mere fact that some in the media had the draft being held on the Friday speaks to the lack of clear communication. (irregardless of where that started)