KISS to do GC Half Time Show ?

Mark Cohon ?@canadiancommish 2m Just met with @genesimmons to talk #cfl and Rock & Roll. He has awesome stories & great business mind. Thx Gene.

I was at that game...wonder if he might be an investor one day.

Not a huge KISS fan, but I would rate that as a pretty darned good selection.

For a half time show its a good choice. Band has great visuals and a few Anthems to fill the 15 minutes.

wait what? no ones clamoring for a repeat of Bieber and Jepsen? Shocking :lol:

I wonder if this means we won't have our annual "the halftime act sucks and should be X" thread.


Their face paint goes on and off safely and isn't permanently damaging, right? Nothing wrong with that type of expression because it's not harmful to your body and it's temporary for having fun! I hope the guy reading my tattoo messages on a diferent stream sees this post.

Paul Stanley has one for sure.

Has what?

A tattoo - on his upper arm.

Back to topic...KISS would be a half-time show I would definitely watch. :thup:

Lucky for him he doesn't have to make a career change.

Back to the GC. It would be cool to have AC/DC at the GC too!

I wouldn't.

Now, if they would show YouTube videos of the late great Miles Davis, now that I'd watch.

Hear, hear.

Don't be surprised if it is Serena Ryder and the Sheepdogs. Ryder is doing promotional gigs for the Riders this year. Sheepdogs are a Saskatchewan band. I'd be surprized if they are not.

The Sheepdogs I'd watch, as I have a personal connection with them. I'm so damned tired of Serena Ryder, though, and wouldn't watch. An ex of mine listened to her non-stop, and I've heard way too much of her over the last several years - since before she received significant radio play.

I absoulutely despise Kiss... Bt this is still a good selection.

KISS THIS!!! don’t really care who plays half-time show,half-time is for going pee-pee,letting the dog out,grabbing another beer,bowl of chili,going outside and throwing a football around etc.etc.All kidding aside as long as they don’t have that little twerpy,obnoxious,arrogant,piece of crap called Bieber on again,who plays the half-time show is totally irrelevent to me!!!Black-eyed Peas were awful also,total piece of crap,don’t get me wrong I saw KISS live 3 times about 40yrs ago,when I was 12 yrs old!!But not unless NIN or RAMMSTEIN play half-time or even RUSH I won’t be watching it…period!!!..done,rant for the day is over now,feeling much better thank you :smiley: :slight_smile: :twisted:

at least they should stick to canadian talent. I know there is some out there.

It won't be the Sheepdogs at the half time show, they are playing the pre-game caberet at the EventPlex. Let's hope for something like a great Canadian band.....RUSH, would be the perfect choice. :rockin:

SPIRIT OF RADIO!!!!!!!!!! TOM SAWYER!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORKING MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: