Kiss the witches, we crushed them

On to Winnipeg.

Masoli - 17/26 -300yrds - 2TDS

Saunders - 7-150yrds

Banks- 5 - 114yrds

Tasker - 3 - 49yrds

Green - 15 carries / 74yrds

T-Erlington - 4/40yrds

Just goes to show what a few years of learning about how to play in the CFL AND having a good team around you can do! :smiley:

Banks generated yards in four different categories. Heck, he got a few rushing yards even though he didn’t officially have a carry.

They need to play with the same kind of intensity next week. Winnipeg is definitely NOT Montreal!

I hope this game gets the mojo back for the cats. Saying that, I'm not going to overreact. We destroyed a team that we should have.

Manziel is going to be a beast once he settles in.

Great win, still way too many mistakes, hopefully we build on this going forward.

What are you basing this on? I saw very little that would lead me to that conclusion... If that game was played by Jack wickerson from new mexico state would you say that?

feel like i've read that somewhere before

Alex green was impressive, good cuts hard running same with Timmis and Erlington when they got a chance. Erlington is seriously a beast I love seeing him get the ball

Finally defence, you guys got some picks! :slight_smile:

The tsn panel echoed my thoughts. Imagine Manziel if he was on Calgary.

He can clearly play, he has the tools, he can throw a hell of a pass, and he can scramble and elude.

His attitude seems to be in the right place. I think once he works there kinks out, he's going to look pretty good. You put him on any other team in the league and their instant favorites.

For his first start on short notice on a dumpster fire of a team, I thought he looked pretty good.

100% and a rating of 157.6??
Is Dane Evans elite??

i aaaaaaaaalmost went there.... lol

Manziel was bad, that was just bad.. blame whatever, doesn't make that not bad. It was bad!!


He would not.

At this level of football, everyone can make the throws, and lots of them can also run. What sets the cream of the crop apart is their ability to make good decisions. There was nothing on display tonight to suggest Manziel makes better decisions than any other inexperienced CFL QB. Of course, it's reasonable to think Manziel can grow and improve with game experience, but the same can be said of Vernon Adams.

This is the first time I have got to watch Johnny the great play. And from what I witnessed he has a lot to learn before I will consider him something special. Not saying he won't be but he has a ways to go. And to say if he was on any other team that they would be favorites is nonsense. Let's let him learn the game then judge him.

Manziel stunk. If his name was Masoli, you’d be crucifying him. Mediorce Manziel is being overly praiseworthy.

Manziel will improve, I’m sure, but as of right now, today, he is not a pro ready QB. Let the Johnny zealots start the excuse parade.