Kiss the Witches vol VI - LD Rematch Post-Game Thread.

Not as easy, it seems, but even short of some key players on D the Cats managed it. Now we set sights on owning first outright.

Spread your joy here!

BIG win over the blew team.
We win the season series against Toronto - gives us the advantage on playoff positioning.
Tied with Ottawa after they lost to BC.
Banks with another monster game. Tasker was quietly great as well.
Masoli had another very good game.

A Masoli critic here but those 2 td passes to Banks were big time passing.
Plus, after being flushed out numerous times he didn’t do anything silly.

I know that not everyone will agree but I really liked the fact that we didn’t punch it in for an extra score at the end. Old school class.

What happened to Speedy?


Masoli’s best game of the season. He has learned to eat the ball or throw it away when in trouble

Ballard Cup champions!
Two more championship trophies to win.
Things are lookin’ good. ;D

Not sure I agree. On the first sack, they called him down, but he actually grounded the ball.

On the others he threw away, I cringe whenever he tries to twist away from the rush. It’s only a matter of time before one of those goes astray.

Amen to that!

Took the lead and never gave it up although the boatmen came close a couple of times. Some really good plays on offense and defense at times against a team that was overall playing better - mainly because they were desperate. Glad the Ticats held them off. Would have been happier if they didn’t allow that last TD in the fourth to narrow the gap but an 11 point win is good enough.

So much for Duron being a factor in this game! ;D ;D Not much difference in him being on the field or on the sidelines!

Speedy B has a pulled groin. This is not good.

Nope - there goes ‘speed demon’ #3 - might be looking to find another receiver to help out. Someone suggested Rainey for a returner in the game thread but he’s a RB . And the leos nabbed Posey who might have been a good option - if they even tried to put out an offer to him.

Not sure why the game thread was abruptly locked…however not sure leaving those points on the field matters as we have won the season series

Points would only matter if we play them 4 times correct?

It would only come into play this year in a three-way tie.

In that case up 3 games and the tiebreaker… If those points matter we don’t deserve whatever we’re tied with them for.

I think taking the high road in this case was the right call. We have to play them again and I’d rather not give them motivation or incentive to play dirty

Agree 100%

Great win.

Jeremiah played a terrific game. Over 300 yards (again), 4 TD passes, zero INTs, efficiency rating of 167.

The Argo player who called him MOP-worthy is on to something. If he keeps this up, he’ll be a strong candidate.