Kiss the Witches vol. VI - 'Cats over Als

Sachs throwing arm was hurt on one of the last plays in Hogtown.
He seemed to be throwing not as hard as usual last night.

Well I would rather have an ugly win than a pretty loss. Many things to fix. Zach is taking way too many hits, too many hard hits!

I hope they can get things together

Well put...if I have too I'll grab ugly wins all the way to the CUP.

In the stands we were commenting about how his passes were slower and had a higher arc than usual.

Overall.... I believe that we were LUCKY. Regardless of Austin's venom at the poor reporter who suggested the term "ugly win"... it WAS an ugly win.

Every team needs a couple of these a season if they are going to be successful but they don't leave one very happy.

I believe that Carter's bobble that led to our interception was the turning point of the game. A Montreal score at that point kills any limited comeback we were trying to make. A bobble that skips right into the hands of Davis. That ain't skill, my friends.

Glad we won. Don't think that the problems are addressed.

True, but I had a better feeling about the team after the pretty loss to Calgary than this ugly win against Montreal.

Was a bit concerned with the OLine replacements before the game , But I thought Ravenberg and Campbell did a very good job and got better with game time. Good for them. Campbell is a tough player and mauled a couple of guys, and got caught for it :thup: :cowboy:

According to Coach Austin, every win is a pretty win.

I'm really happy to see they got the penalties under control 4 for 45 yards as opposed to 14 for 125 in Calgary and 13 for 114 in Toronto.

The defense was awesome. But that is the only one of the tree phases of the team that was great. The offense had some good plays, but Zach seems to be running scared. It looks like he has no faith in his protection. And really after the game in Toronto, who can blame him. And, I noticed he was throwing off his back foot. Special teams... Huuhhhhh... 4th game in a row. And Speedy B has not returned one for a TD is a number of games.

It's a good thing we were playing against a weak team. If we continue to play like that, I fear our final record will be 7-11.

I actually felt better about the losses in Calgary and Vancouver that I do about this win.

You've got to like Ross Scheuerman one of the youngest player on the team, ran well and has a fine pair of hands. :thup:

I liked the greater balance on offense this game. Was especially nice to see the way they were able to chew up the clock on the ground during that last drive.

Horrified that we gave up yet another blocked punt.

When an opponent shoots themselves in the foot as much as Montreal did, it's concerning that the Cats didn't run away with this game.

I think at this stage, it's pretty safe to say Maher is overall an UPGRADE from Medlock.

I wondered about this after the game. Zach did get hit a great deal in the TO game and it looked like he was trying to avoid too much contact. He was sacked just twice and I don't really remember him taking many (any?) hits as he released the ball. I just wondered if it affected his mindset although he is normally very tough in all aspects. He is probably past the point of being really excited to be back playing (not that he isn't excited to play each week) and might be concerned about being injured again after that rough outing last week. I'm sure he'll work it out and be back to his dominant self now that he knows his OL can protect him better.

Maher has certainly proven himself - and for a great deal less money - although it looks to me that Medlock's punting has been better this season Regardless, Winnipeg has won a few games on his foot when they couldn't manage to get into the end zone for TDs! :slight_smile:

I didn't think that Montreal shot themselves in the foot much last night although they certainly have been prone to do that with undisciplined play. That didn't seem to be the case last night though with so few penalties. I think everyone knew this could be a difficult game so I'm glad the Ticats did enough to win!

Was happy with the win

The D played great. best performance of the season. Made key turnovers through out the game. - Johnny Sears jr Is suppose to be back soon will help for sure

Offence enjoyed the balanced attack had a lot of great runs kudos to the oline played great Campbell and revenberg played great. Great runs by R.S has great hands as well

I'm no offence guru but maybe the oline is skill set is better at run blocking then pass blocking so why not pound the football? Also takes the pressure off the oline if you have a great run game when it comes to pass protection. With jake Olson starting to practice again the oline could be a force down the stretch.

Maher played great mr clutch. Need to get better on punt blocking

They are in first place and the Argos just lost to Winnipeg

Got to thank the BBs for that loss by the double blue - makes up for the game that they "stole" from us at THF with that flukey TD to Smith! :wink:

And now it's time to cheer on the horses to put away Harris and his friends who've been on a long vacation and are hopefully just not quite ready to play. Interesting that the recently-signed Castillo is on the field kicking but I suspect that he'll just be punting for them - unless Milo struggles.

Zach may have had a sub par game compared to his stellar games but he put us in a chance to win in the 4th and that's what Great QB's do. He is his own worst critic. Media always point out the negative especially with our team.

I feel he will come out slinging next week and remind everyone how good he is.

Hate being the nay-sayer, but let's take a breath here. The defence held maybe the worst offence in the league to "no touchdowns". But they still gave up 10 points, and were a missed FG, two fumbles and a bobbled pass from probably at least 11 and maybe 23 more. And gave up some 250 yards, and probably the above errors and a few more drops from another 100. To a relative rookie, under a lot of "personal turmoil". Not seeing the Steinauer is a genius thing.

We have yet to beat an above .500 team, and in most of them have given up big yards and points on turn-overs. No team should be expecting to win after 3 to 4 give aways, regardless of Austin's bluster about never quitting. Austin as OC and ply caller is maybe a bit suspect.

Speedy B is a below average receiver, and lately, an all too average returner. Four blocked punts in four games is inexcusable in professional football. STs, other than FGs are sub-par.

Austin verbally abuses any reporter who draws the difficulties to his attention, and his bromance with Gable is eerie.

I enjoyed last night's game for its entertainment value, was pleased to see that the Cats showed up and put in a solid effort, and was relieved to see the win. But they are far from being able to challenge Calgary, B.C., Winnipeg, or Edmonton, and probably Ottawa. We're fortunate to have Montreal, Saskatchewan and Toronto all struggling along with us.

I say enjoy what we have and hope for growth and improvement. But we do have to be realistic.

I sure hope the Cats watch the Stumps/RB game. They should take note re TACKLING. If the D doesn't pick up the technique by Oct 1 they'd better hope the O can stay on the field for long periods of time.

Well, that's a bit of a stretch. Montreal couldn't score all night, but you're suggesting that on their three drives that ended in turnovers, they may have gone 3 for 3 with TDs on each drive. And yet, the next time they got the ball back (i.e. next drive after their turnovers), they were suddenly inept again.

I suppose it's possible.

But it sounds a little like a guy who goes to a bar every night to pick up women and strikes out every single time. Then his buddies make him go bowling a couple of times, and he's convinced that THOSE would have been the nights he finally took a lady home with him.

Never say never.

I guess I was trying to point out the three turnovers were all in field goal range, so those nine points plus the two on the miss would have given them the eleven. The TDs were only possibilities, I agree, and not very probable. Still would have translated to a loss fot Hamilton.

I'm just suggesting that even though we are in first, we aren't yet in struttin' mode, until we beat an above .500 team.

But, I do concede your point and will go shine up my bowling ball for a night with the boys!

Right here. Didn't get to see the game but very happy to hear they didn't completely ignore the running game and even decided to hand it off 15+ times. Makes you wonder why they wait until Gable is hurt, but whatever hopefully it continues because it will be needed in the playoffs.

Can't agree more.
Now, before you tar & feather me, consider this:
Winnipeg has won 7 in a row; Calgary 9 in a row. To me, they are in a different league, even if we gave up 0 tds against the ALS.
Have the Cats won 3 in a row this year? Somehow, I think not.

Give me a long winning streak, & my attitude will change .
Until then, they are nothing but a .500 team.

Sorry for the -ve, but facts are facts. Pls convince me otherwise...

:| :| :|

A win is a win, if the team wants to win like that for the rest of the year, I'd be fine with that.