Kiss the Witches vol. VI - 'Cats over Als

Closer than it should have been, but a win is a win.

Agree. I'd prefer to have seen them blow the larks out of the park but it was a good game and entertaining. I felt like the defense showed up well most of the time but I'm disappointed with the offense which used to be so explosive and has been at times this season. Hard to say why they are struggling but Montreal does have a good defense which uncharacteristically didn't implode with penalties tonight - maybe because the Ticats didn't ever put them in a deep hole.

Happy with the win but not necessarily all of the play of the team

Hate to say it, but there has to be a message sent about our special teams play. Banks is getting more frustrating, he never seems to want to run north/south. Fix the effiing punt formation already!!!

Filer may be back, but he's become a turnstile. Girard should start. Impressed with Revenberg & Campbell, also Scheuerman.

Before the opening kickoff of this one, I was thinking I actually would not have been that surprised if Montreal won. Our starting RB, LT, and LG were getting their first career starts and I was thinking this would be very bad news for Zach and the offence. But there were some good performances this game by unlikely heroes like RB Ross Scheuerman. Scheuerman had quite a few good carries, including one on that last drive where there was this great second effort to make it 1st and goal and help kill off the rest of the clock, leading to the easy walk-off FG. RS did well in the preseason, and it's good to see him do well in games against starters. And wasn't Campbell, that new LT, named the player of the game by TSN?

Another player who was a pleasant surprise was Watt. He made some clutch catches, including one on that final drive. But I would say Fantuz had the key play on that drive with that big catch to make it easy for Maher to get the FG.

It could be argued that the player of the game should be E. Davis after he recovered two fumbles (both of which were forced by Dean) and caught a tipped pass. And the defence did not surrender a single TD.

And what about that 3rd and 1 play call when Zach went deep to Owens? It may not have been a pass to a linebacker, but it did bring back memories of that 1999 EDSF game against that same Montreal team. Well, good memories for us, bad memories for Montreal. Speaking of Owens, he and Stephen missed most of the second half of this one and did not return. It does make the win more impressive, but I hope they'll be back ASAP.

It may not have been pretty. But after this one, it's two points for us, zero for Montreal. And that's what matters.

That 3rd & 1 pass to Owens was gutsy, no doubt. Great to see that.

I liked Campbell's aggressiveness on the O Line.

And Larry Dean played great. The two fumbles he caused were crucial. Plus, he added a huge sack.

Scheuerman - 16 carries for 79 yards and 5 rec for 40 yards, for 119 very tough yards total. :thup:

So, where are the people who were complaining that Austin never runs the ball?

It looked like the original plan on that play was just the usual plan on 3rd and 1, but Zach called an audible and threw a 42 yard pass to Owens. Then on the next play, he threw it to Tasker for the TD. It would be this team's only TD of the game. But that and four FGs were all that were needed with the D getting the job done.

During the game, Dunigan was being a statistician, pointing out that when this team wins, there is an average of 17 carries. And in the team's losses, the team averages 10 carries. So sometimes this team does keep it on the ground, and good things happen when that happens.

It would appear that Owens has an ankle injury. During the play in which one of the side judges was hurt, the camera caught Owens being moved, with assistance to another bench away from where the trainers were assisting the official. His left ankle was covered in what looked like a green inflatable cast.

It seemed the commentators were so distracted with the HOF inductees that they completely missed it.

Old Time smash-mouth Football...
People can say what they wish about all the probs in Montreal...
But their Defence always comes very ready to play.
Great effort by our Cats.
Campbell on the O-Line was a Monster out there.
Also nice to see the Ref's keeping the flags in the pocket, and let them play..
Thought it was refreshing to see the Cats go to a more balanced attack on Offence.
Hope we see a lot more of it. :thup: :thup: :thup:

They had already talked about it a bit earlier, complete with a close-up of Owens on the sidelines. They called it a foot injury.

It was the 1999 EF. McManus surprised the Alouettes and threw about a 10-15 yard pass to Joe Haggins on 3rd and 1.

Stuck at work with no internet radio or nothing :frowning:

Sounds like a missed anoth nail biter..

Glad we won cuz i dont think i could handle losing to Toronto and Montreal back to back.

I think the Montreal CB surprised Haggins by covering him tightly when the expectation was that he could sneak out undetected given the circumstances. Made the acrobatic catch all the more impressive.

Kind of scary when you think that the success of that play is the only thing standing between us and a 30-year Grey Cup drought (instead of the still quite painful 17-yr drought we are in).

So first place in the east... :rockin:

Some "quick hit" thoughts:

  • First place feels alright.
  • Zach is now officially the Ticats' leading passer for the season.
  • Still four receivers on track for 1,000 yards - possibly in jeopardy by Owens' injury but he could afford to miss a few games and still have a shot.
  • Seems like Montreal defended us like the Labour Day Argos, not the Sept 11 Argos, and we responded the same way: by running the ball a lot.
  • Ross Sheuerman doesn't give up, and that made a difference for us a couple of times.
  • Maybe the defence's best performance of the year, or would that be the Sask game? They saved our butts.
  • What's the CFL record for most consecutive games getting a punt blocked?
  • Can't believe the Fresh Prince (aka Will Smith) missed that punt block.
  • I'll bet Watt felt good out there with all that action. Teams can't ignore him any more.
  • We actually got kind of lucky - take away any of a few big plays for us and the result might have been different.
  • Biggest break may have been the Contacting the Kicker penalty that kept our drive going at the start of the second half, leading to a field goal. It was a borderline call.
  • Didn't see who filled in for Owens - was it Coates? Not sure if he was ever targeted.
  • Three turnovers for E Davis is impressive but he won't collect many accolades since the two fumble recoveries were "right place right time" plays for which his teammates deserve more of the credit.
  • Someone on TSN (was it Stegall?) thinks Popp will be fired over the bye week.
  • Anyone here taking credit for getting Carter to sign that big "Worst Teammate Ever" poster with his photo on it?

OK, so my thoughts got to be longer than I expected.

Away from the keyboard, post game, so spent the early morning ready all comments available here and there.
I agree with the basic "ugly, but 2 pts."general feeling, the nice to see so few flags, and all the plaudits for the 3 TiCat first-time starters, along with Andy, Watt, and the D-line. I think there should have been more mentions of Dean's and Maher's contributions. Congrats to the coaches for making the move to get Campbell (TSN's Star of the Game) onto the line. Not a big issue, in this game, but I must, once again question the coaches' decision against going for 2, this time following the Tasker TD, that had the Cats down by 2. Looking ahead, I'm concerned about the injuries to more key players and also about an observation, read on another site -- The only teams the Tiger-Cats have defeated this season are TOR, MTL, SSK and EDM, and the win over the best of that low-end-of-the-standings group was a 31 pt. second half comeback after being down by 25 in the 3rd QTR at Commonwealth.

It's a win...ugly as it was !! It sure is lucky that Montreal has no offense or we would have been beat and beat bad.Poor Zach had another bad outing...he seems to hold onto the ball way too long at times and then throws into traffic....he will get his game back in time to win the CUP. Don't want to even think about the punting game or special teams...they are in question but can be fixed.The defense looked solid and will shine giving SSK a beating at home...don't give up on them yet...thinks will only get better...Cheers!!

:D 2 weeks to go before getting in front of Stampede! Enough time to fix all the boo-boos????