Kiss the Witches vol: III

Have at er, folks!!!

Finally this team shows some grit. Didn’t know they had it in them. :beers:


I was at the game. Playoff atmosphere in the stands. The Cats bench was animated the whole time and never seemed to get that "hang dog" look. Tough to pinpoint a ton of specifics from the goal line I was sitting at, but I liked the fight tonight. The crowd was great though. Never got down on the Cats, only boo-ed the refs and the Blue team.

Small note.. I would like see the production staff at THF time some of the crowd pleasing stuff better. Just before the Shiltz INT they introduced some military veterans and asked the crowd to stand and cheer. Not the best idea to get the crowd cheering while your O is backed up. It happened again with "Sweet Caroline". Just better timing is all. use that stuff when we are on D.

Great win. Fun night. Perfect weather.


Timing is everything in media ! Daa!

Great team win!
So many standout players contributed
Had to not only defeat the Arblows,
the brutal Officiating also! :rage:

On to MTL


That was some of the worst officiating I have seen in a long time. It was terrible.


If a field goal is a scoring play
all scoring plays are now reviewed
Why wasn't the pyramid call that wasn't pyramiding reviewed to show it wasn't pyramiding???


On the final drive of the 1st quarter Shiltz completed 2 nice intermediate passes. The first was to Dunbar for 14 yards and on the next play he hit Ungerer in stride for a beautiful 15 yard reception. In just 2 plays we got ourselves in FG range.

In my opinion we haven't seen enough of these type of passing plays in the 10 to 20 yard range this season. The offence just proved that they can execute those type of plays so hopefully we see more of them in the upcoming games.


I like Newman bringing his enthusuastic hard-nose style. I believe he was our leading rusher by the end of the game.


Has anyone said, and/or does anyone know, the official reason as to why Shiltz didn't play the third quarter?

That's a good, and well thought out, question.
I have to wonder, now that pyramiding is suddenly being called, or miscalled, in the league, will they ever throw a flag for tandem blocking? Banks was very obviously guilty of that on the Chad Kelly TD in the first quarter. If flagged, they'd have been 2nd and goal at the 11, instead of celebrating the game's first TD.


:canada:Kiondre Smith is a star in the making
Woods III is fantastic, Is there any way we could fit him into the offence??
Best 2nd half of football so far this season
Both Shiltz and Newman were solid

refereeing - :-1: :-1: :-1:


Congrats on the win. I was completely exhausted from my first week back at school that I went to bed at 6:30!
Sounds like I missed a great game.


I have no idea. But thought he might have shown signs of concussion during half time? I thought he played a helluva game.

Re-watching some of the game, on this morning after, and note that the commentators said it was a lower body issue.


I’ll start by saying I was at the game and haven’t watched it back yet so I have limited experience from which to comment, but…

I read elsewhere that the pyramiding rule disallows players from using ANY player to elevate themselves. I think Kelly may have been guilty of using an Argo player to ‘pyramid’ in attempt to block. If so, certainly a lot less common version of an already uncommon penalty.

Also, not everything is reviewed on a scoring play. Pyramiding likely isn’t. I don’t think it would have been challengable, but that’s just a guess.

Article 4 — Tandem Blocking

Assisting the forward progress of a ball carrier by providing impetus from behind or in front of the ball carrier.


IMO Kelly would still have had to leverage himself off the block for it to be pyramiding ... even if the block resulted in him moving higher, without an intentional act by Kelly to raise himself higher I don't see how it can be pyramiding.

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NOTE: The Rules Committee has declared its total abhorrence of Rough Play
and Unnecessary Roughness. Officials are instructed that no tolerance
whatsoever is to be given to infractions under this Section.

So, since the rule of tandem blocking does not fall into Section 2, I am suggesting that there might be "some tolerance" in regards to tandem blocking. I guess the lack of tolerance on the pyramiding penalty, while technically, to the letter of the law, looked like the correct call. That penalty, if reviewed should have been refuted, whereas the hit to Shiltz' face mask/visor was indeed a Section 2 violation, it, the penalty flag was recalled. The officiating was/is atrocious. Perhaps they should invoke the designated import rule for their next hires.
Keep the faith, too many positives came out of this game to be critical of this team, at this moment. The glue could be setting up and they have started to gel.