Kiss The Witches Vol. 6

Well, would you look at that? Cats pull off the win in cowtown and can now prevent Soylent Green from getting the cross over. Kudos gentlemen. Two more games to go. :facepunch:t2:


Timing is everything. It’s not how you start…etc etc


Woke up and came downstairs to double check and make sure I was not dreaming. WOooHooo


The thing that jumps out at me when I see those standings is the fact that the Tiger-Cats have given up the 2nd most points in the entire CFL. I guess the high # of turnovers will contribute to that . . . I don't think that is reflective of our D.

Even in last night's game, it seemed like our D was on the field the entire game. I just checked the Time of possession . . . 37:53 to 22:07 in favour of the Stampeders. The First Downs were 28 to 15 in favour of the Stampeders, which also reinforces the fact that our D was on the field far too long. Sometimes when your D produces a TD, it will skew such stats in favour of the Offence that gave up the TD, but not to this extent. Definitely "bend but don't break" last night. Big effort by the Defence . . . especially the turnovers in the 1st H which allowed the 'Cats to take a lead into the locker room at halftime. Definitely a big effort by the D.


The Calgary run game really controlled the clock. It makes this win all the more impressive.

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60 minute effort, 2 late half drives. McMahon gorilla dispatched, local cobblers ordering leather for new shoes.

I just woke up. At least I thought I had but I must be dreaming.

We won?

I should not be able to watch a game more often!!!

I'll have to have somebody explain the stats to me after I've had my coffee.


Hard to believe the 'Cats can CLINCH a playoff spot next week with a win against the Redblacks and a Riders loss. Couldn't dream of a better scenario.


Following the TiCats win in Calgary, a look at the playoff picture, the way I see it, for the 7 teams, still battling for positions:
(I have not included the possibility of any games ending up tied, with that being so unlikely, not to mention the confusion it would add.)

To finish 3rd and get in the playoffs:
Hamilton must win an equal (or greater) number of games, compared to SSK, the rest of the way, and must not lose both games vs. OTT.
Ottawa must beat Hamilton twice, while SSK loses both of their games vs. CGY.

To cross over and make the playoffs:
Saskatchewan must win 1 of their 2 remaining games, while HAM loses 2.

To finish 1st in the East:
Montreal must beat Toronto twice, regardless of how TOR does in EDM, this weekend.
Toronto must win 1 of their 2 games with MTL.

To finish 2nd in the West:
BC must, in their 3 remaining games, match, or better, what CGY does in their remaining 2 games.
Calgary must get more victories in their 2 remaining games than BC does in their 3.


Massively HUGE win
Won 3 of our last 4 games with wins against WPG, CGY and SSK
Now we come back home to host OTT


Seth Small should get a lot of recognition for this win going 4 for 4 and those long fied goals at the end of the 2nd quarter, it was a total team effort and I think that Small should be mentioned in this win.


Assuming the Cats make the playoffs, I see a big boost, for their chances in the semi-final, if Montreal wins, at home, the first of their 2 remaining games, against Toronto.

That would mean both of Hamilton's possible semi-final opponents would play a very important final regular season game and wouldn't get to rest key players. And, at the same time, it's quite possible that the Tiger-Cats' final regular season game, at Ottawa, could be meaningless, giving our team that opportunity to rest some.

The best scenario -- we need to win, at home on Friday, while MTL wins at home, and SSK loses at home, on Saturday.


The CGY loss to the TiCats is also a SSK loss. :upside_down_face:

HUGE Win for the TiCats


Which means that if Winnipeg beats BC today, Calgarys next game against Sask is important.

If BC beats Winnipeg today and also beats Edmonton next week, Calgary's next game against Sask is meaningless to Calgary. BC plays twice before Calgary plays again.

And damn that means I need to root for Winnipeg when they play B.C. today.

And finally BC plays Edmonton again in the final week. If BC loses today and beats Edmonton back to back Calgary's last game of the season against Sask means nothing.

Imteresting they beat western teams. Time to beat an Eastern opponent (twice) to make the playoffs.

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I bet a buddy...a die hard Cats fan that Cats would make the playoffs before we played Sask.
I later looked it up and my odds were 12.5%.

Today chances of Saskatchewan making the playoffs hover between 20-29 percent. That’s compared to the Tiger-Cats, who now stand a 65-75 percent chance of making the East Semi-Final and avoiding any crossover.

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AND my last 2 cents comment and I need some rules assistance.
Did the clock start on the 2 point conversion play?
I thought it was 11 seconds before the play and when we kicked off. Not positive though.

My initial thought after the late TD and looking at the clock was snap the ball to Woods and let him do the 100 meter sprint in 11 seconds toward our endzone and the game would be over.
Would that have worked?

Second thought when I saw we still had to kickoff was Calgary would still have time for one play and a long FG attempt.
Anyone else think Calgary sold themselves short punting the ball back to us on the return?

We just need to win 5 more in a row. :wink:


When Sask gets eliminated from the chance at a Home GC that Suitor will be calling, Canada wins.


Clock does not run during 2 point conversion attempts.

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