Kiss the Witches Vol. 4: Welcome Back to #4

We wanted Zach Collaros to be back in the lineup for quite some time, and we wanted him to be at least nearly as good as he can be. We thought that having him back in the lineup would make this team much better. And why were we so excited about his return? Well, these numbers might answer that question:

COLLAROS, Zach 23/30 76.7% 381 5 0 58

Source: ... #/boxscore

Yes, it was the league's worst team he was up against. But he still did look rusty in the first half, with a few bad passes, including missing a wide open Prime in the end zone. Imagine if he were not as rusty.

Five different receivers caught TD passes, Owens had two. But the underrated Tolliver led in receiving yards with 139 of them.

Going in to this game, I understand our defence only had two INTs so far this year. Well, after this game, they have seven INTs so far this year. Those two new CBs did look inexperienced. But should I be complaining about the D when the Roughcheaters could not get a single TD? :slight_smile:

And with two sacks, I suppose Chick was quite motivated against his former team.

On special teams, coverage looked good with exception to that big return at the start of the 2nd quarter. Maher kept the FG streak going, although the team kept making it easy for him to get those FGs.

That's all I have to say for now. Your thoughts?

5 INT's against a quarterback that had 0 interceptions this year 1245 Yards..

I have to say that I got everything I asked for - a solid win (wasn't really expecting the blowout but I'll take it! :smiley: )
Chick with a couple of sacks on DD, much better D play and better STs coverage aside from the one play that you mentioned. Almost every time I "suggested" during the game that the D make a play or the O score - it happened!

True that the sliders are not a particularly good team as Jones keeps juggling his roster so how can they develop any chemistry or get used to playing together? But of course that isn't our problem. Regardless I think that the team needed a game like this where they played well for 60 minutes (or most of it) instead of just a half and having to play "catch- up" which should bode well for their trip to Stampeder land next week! That'll be a tough game to win as they haven't won in Calgary forever but I'm looking for a competitive game - after we take time to enjoy this win. :smiley:

Well, I know it doesn't mean much but I feel just a little bit better bout the 2013 Grey Cup now, had to laugh when they through down the 50 burger on them. This edition of the Riders is bad, like 2003 Cats type bad.

Zach played incredible...and could have played better, made a few bad decisions but everything worked out in the end and he will only get more comfortable from here.

I said all same jazz in the main forum, but my main takeaway from tonight is that defence is everything to this team, when they play like they did tonight sky's the limit with Zach in charge of the offence.

This long away stretch SUCKED, but now we get to enjoy the benefits of not being far from home the rest of the season, we only leave Ontario twice in our last 10 games.

Chick played like a chicken hawk tonight. :thup: :thup: :thup: :cowboy:

My favourite stat of the moment:

In a 9-team league, Zach Collaros is now tied for 8th in TD passes thrown, and within two TDs of being in the top five.

More like a mellon hawk :slight_smile:

Interesting comment by Stegall that with the return of Zach, ALL aspects of the team improve because they are buoyed by it. The Oline wants to protect better, the receivers work harder to get open and catch, ST establishing field position for the defense and the offense, defense being more aggressive.

I felt that watching the game tonight.

Fun game to watch. I may sit down this afternoon and watch it again.

If we can keep Collaros healthy and his performances keep getting better, it will be like last season before his injury.

Luv it when the only complaints on "a morning after" are about the concessions and the stadium sound system.
We learned quite a bit about this hard-to-read 2016 TiCat team last night and will find out a lot more about it, for sure, next Sunday in Calgary.
Question: The media and the club have referred to last night's game as the 20th straight "sell-out" at THF ...... What is the minimum number of attendees, or tickets sold, to qualify as a "sell-out?"

That was a sweet game.

Remembering the 2013 grey cup. The stacked riders team from the salary cap violation. They had no problem expanding on their lead when they really didn't have to.

All their cheating that's gone on since.

Normally, I would not necessarily approve of taking a lead to 50 or beyond.

In this case, I would have liked to see Kent take it a hundred if it were possible.

Besides, it was good for coach to entrench the killer instinct in our team.

From the game thread, I saw comments about how the DB's need to be better on coverage.

But, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I'm happy for the win, especially a dominating one such as this. Yes, I know Jones' team is not doing well, but, heaven knows, they've cheated enough that you would think it would have some difference.

Good tune up for Zach.

Let's look upward from here.

The important thing for me was this was a game that, on paper, Hamilton should have won easily. And they did. More than win, they dominated. A big plus as our history has not been good in these games.

I am a little concerned with the two new CBs, the wide side guy (19?) seemed to be ripe for the picking, but the D line hurried Durant enough to make up for it. Still 88, I think it was, seemed to be able to pick up a few yards moving down the boundary.

All in all, exactly what the Ti-Cats needed to do, should have done, and did do! A great night.

I was at the game - loved the win - but the delays for some of the reviews was ridiculous. There is a discussion about this on the main CFL forum.

I had PVR'd the game too - so just went back and put a stopwatch to the delay after the Rico Murray interception in the endzone - that there was a roughing penalty on plus the Riders challenged.

From the time Murray was tackled in the endzone until the next snap for Hamilton - 6 minutes and 24 seconds of actual time elapsed. Hamilton then ran 4 plays and punted and TSN then took ANOTHER time out. By the time the Riders snapped the ball total time on my stopwatch was up to 11:51.

So almost 12 full minutes of actual time to watch four plays and a punt. No wonder thousands streamed out at the end of the third quarter and first few minutes of the 4th last night. The CFL has got to do something about all these delays.

An observation -- looking at the standings, in the morning paper, I see that all 9 teams have now played an equal number of games (8). Only 2 teams have a worse record than the TiCats.
Not trying to kill the post-game party here, but I think the best thing the Cats have going for them, so far, is being undefeated against Eastern opponents. After the Calgary trip, 5 of the next 7 games will be against division opponents and, within that stretch, even without winning them all, the Cats could earn the tie-breaking advantage over all 3 teams.
That's a realistic goal I think they should be setting, for themselves, now.

I hear you loud and clear on those delays TravelPat1! My wife commented a couple of times on the way home that the 4th quarter seemed too long and very dull, and she probably would have left early.

I explained that we were seeing some of the subs, getting their chance to play, and we were kidding that it is too bad the CFL does not have a "mercy" rule where the losing team could just say "No more". Traffic was not too bad leaving the stadium, because as you say, people were streaming out, but IMO, a 7:00 pm start should be well over by 10:00, barring injuries.

I find even routine calls take forever, but we did notice that the "eye in the sky" camera did not move for the entire game. Let's hope that added to some of the delays. I am more and more of the opinion that officiating is part of the game, and if the ref misses the call - so be it. Players don't get a mulligan, why should the refs. It's like spotting the ball when the official can seemingly be a yard off either way and then we run the chains out and see that the ball is "inches" short. Come on, lets play football. Or else call a spade a spade and admit that TSN needs the extra revenue that these pointless and prolonged conferences bring with them?

And the whole PI thing drives me nuts. If the QB clearly runs with the ball, with no attempt to pass, how on earth is there PI? Especially when it is the SB or WR who initiates and maintains contact? They are turning this PI thing into a soccer injury kind of play. Or maybe a Rick Campbell knock down?? :smiley: Maybe we need a "diving rule'"?

:thup: :thup: I am with you on this one ottawacat. I think 3rd place is attainable, 2nd is realistic but requires more consistent play and 1st will need help from some of the other teams. Still and all we got the win that we should have gotten, and got some playing time for some of the back-ups. That was a plus.

And only three have better records, and only one of those is in the east, and we're only trailing by one point.

I think you're onto something here. We seem to have been fortunate with the schedule, with most of our divisional matches later in the season, meaning Collaros is back for more of them. Those divisional matches definitely could come into play in the tie-breakers at the end of the season - assuming, of course, we don't walk away with the rest of the season. Which is what I'm hoping for. But yes, it's good to know that if that doesn't happen, we have a good chance to get first or second place through the tie-breaker.

I don't know, but I think the trumpets should be muted after we thrashed the League's worst (or most inexperienced?) team on our home turf.
We are arguably biting at Toronto's and Ottawa's heels, with Collaros back in play, but Montreal just made a statement the other night, that they aren't out of contention just yet.
Sadly, we need to cheer on some of those Western Division Teams to beat the crap out of our Eastern Division Rivals, and hope and pray that we can use our home field advantage to success, and we don't get bitten by the "injury bug", (like what happened last year)
To see Zac come up and play like he did was wonderful, but he did it against a "B" team.
I need to see this continued next week (yea, through the Valley of Death against the Argoes!) on the Long Weekend and beyond, before my pants catch fire, and we start rolling down the road!

For now, I'm with you, Creeker, but whoever writes this, for, seems to disagree:

[url=] ... cats-rise/[/url]

Moving up 3 positions, in a 9 team ranking, because of that one game performance is, IMO, a bit much.

"I think you're onto something here. We seem to have been fortunate with the schedule, with most of our divisional matches later in the season, meaning Collaros is back for more of them. Those divisional matches definitely could come into play in the tie-breakers at the end of the season - assuming, of course, we don't walk away with the rest of the season. Which is what I'm hoping for. But yes, it's good to know that if that doesn't happen, we have a good chance to get first or second place through the tie-breaker."

And last season we lost Zach in September when we were heading into the last half of the games. This time, he's back when it's most opportune for us.

Yes, this year, it LOOKS like we're getting a break. But, we haven't in previous campaigns.

Sometimes, the schedule makers smile on you and other times they curse you.

Injuries and schedules can affect ANY team.

You can only roll with them as best you can.