Kiss the Witches Vol. 3: Gotta Catch'em All

I know it's only half time, but I don't think we're coming back in this one.

Masoli at times looks good, and other times looks like the QB he was in 2014.

Zach can't come back fast enough.

(Though if a miracle does happen I can always edit the title. I love this new board...

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Man, do you look like a donkey's butt on this one! :lol: :lol:

Wow, just wow, more later.... :smiley:

You and all the rest of us Grover. :oops: :oops: :rockin:

I actually stopped watching this one early in the 3rd quarter after what turned out being Edmonton's last scoring play. You can imagine my reaction when I checked the score later and saw that this team had a 34-31 lead after being down by 25 points. Coming back from being down 25 was said to be the biggest comeback in team history. I can believe that. I do recall a big comeback win in Saskatchewan in 2012, but this one was bigger. And here's an interesting fact from this article:

It was the largest comeback for the Ticats since Sept. 3, 1973 when they erased a 21-point halftime deficit against the B.C. Lions.
And from what I just saw on TSN, Masoli threw 23 consecutive complete passes which is a new league record. I was wondering if Masoli would turn out being anything more than an interesting little footnote in team history. Well, he has a record in the league's record book that may stand for quite some time. And wasn't it Maas who previously held that record? He could not have enjoyed standing on the sidelines, watching his record get broken.

It did look like Masoli got some help from his receivers. And the total number of sacks the offence surrendered? Zero. Number of INTs thrown by Masoli? Also zero.

In the first half, I saw players on the defence keep missing tackles and Reilly looked like he was able to easily handle our D. But I suppose they turned things around in that second half.

This team just defeated the defending champions in their house. And they did it without their starting QB. They say no lead is safe in the CFL, but who expected this? I'm sure this game will be remembered for quite some time. I'll have to watch the second half sometime later. :slight_smile:

Wow! That's one for both the Tiger-Cat and league record books -- one which Hamilton fans, who watched it, will remember forever. Two games within one -- ugly and beautiful. A great way for our boys to head off on their bye week holiday, which I thought they were already on, during the first 34 minutes. Too many good, and bad, thoughts in my mind to say anymore right now.


(Is anything more necessary?)

In answer to my own question, yes. I watched the entire game. Even when we looked like lost kittens in the first half I didn't do my usual exploding head (in anger and frustration) routine. Something about this team is special. I now expect great things from them after this game. I think they expect it more than I do, themselves. They are so confident, but not cocky.

I think that sums things up nicely. (Now I will try and calm down from my absolute exhilaration and try to get some sleep).


Ho-leee mackinaw!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure did like game 2 over game 1. 31-7 in second half. Watt got passes

Announced on TV the biggest come back in CFL history...... congratulation to the Tiger Cats. :rockin: :rockin:

Just realized with all the Pokemon references that were going on early in the game, there was an obvious title I should have used to honour Masoli's pass completion streak.

I mentioned in the main forum about Masoli's tendency to run hot and cold, but boy did we see it on full display tonight. First half we see Bad Jerry, no turnovers, but not much flow in the offence. In the second half we see Good Jerry and he absolutely scorches the Edmonton defence.

What's really good about this is that we came back against a really good team. Sure it's killed my picks this week, but I was screaming for joy throughout the second half, and I'm so happy right now.

I like to think it's the reason the Cats won, I put the jinx on the Eskimos! I may have to do it again the next time it happens... :lol:

Sooo about an hour later and still have to remind myself, no we did somehow end up winning that game.

Masoli, just wow, literally a performance for the ages... Also biggest comeback in Cats history.

Still trying to wrap my head around what went down today, Cats must feel like thieves heading home on the plane tonight. One of best games in Ti-Cats history so proud of this team and so glad I tough out every game till the end.

One ph=layer that got completely overlooked, and this is a GREAT thing, is Mathieu Girard. It's great because, aside from a single bitched snap, I did not hear his name called all game. For a backup, second-year Centre to come in and play as well as he did is a rare thing indeed. Congrats Chewie, you had yourself a great game.

I picked the Ticats regardless of the odds! Should clean up enough on this one to make up for picking the OTTRBs to win last night! I'm pretty sure that I chose a high scoring game. WHAT a shoot out! Amazing what this team can do when they set their minds to it. One thing I was pleased to see is that they really cleaned up on the penalties this week - they had very few - EE didn't have many either - such a pleasure to watch a game that didn't have a flag on every play!

I was concerned when Filer, whose name also doesn't get mentioned much (which is a good sign) got injured. He's being replaced by a player who was a DT not that long ago and was getting his first CFL start at centre. I did see one bad snap from him but I don't think he was mentioned much other than that. So I suppose that player nicknamed "Chewie" had his way. So I suppose Edmonton did, as suggested, let the wookiee win. :slight_smile:

As that same character said: Never tell me the odds! :slight_smile:

We will remember this comeback win, but maybe we should have a name for it. "The Masoli Miracle" perhaps?

This is my favourite post of the night, we all have learned our lesson with future Burn the Witches Threads...I am sure Evil Doctor doesn't mind learning the hard way :wink: :rockin: :rockin:

Oskee Wee Wee! Lay a big old wet one on the witch tonight!

I've been a fan for 33 years, so my cynanism came to a boil.

I witnessed a team defining win that showed a commitment that will go down in folklore.

Still no question that this is Zach's team to lead, but such a morale booster to see the team play up for Jerimiah.

Next man up and never quit are the words to live by.

If there were ever a time to hoist the cup, it starts with moments like this.

The Eskimos struck Collaros down last year. Does that mean he'll become more powerful than they can possibly imagine?

Had to take off right after the Eskies went up 24-3 near the end of the second quarter..almost said to heck with it and didn't set the PVR. Man am I ever glad I did!! :rockin: :smiley: :smiley:

My understanding is that it was the biggest comeback ever against an Eskimo team and the biggest comeback ever by Tiger-Cat team, but it stands about 6th in all-time comebacks in league history.

A note on the second statement -- I do recall the Cats coming back from being down by 26 pts., on the series, during the second game of the 1986 two-game-total-point Eastern Final at CNE.