Kiss the Witches Thread

And there were those who wanted Ted traded and minimized his return.

Big Ted IS a factor, for among other things, what you observed above.

Important stat.... because he's not beating himself...

Thank you, Fender Guy.

Well put, if I may add.

Finally, some common sense.

I think credit also has to go to coach Jones. He's not asking Masoli to make tough throws down field.

Do yourself a favour and watch this 2minute hilite package with your morning coffee.

I didn't think Nichols did much in the 1st half...just like we took off the 3 quarter for whatever reason.

A big play that hasn't been mentioned in the re-hash here -- Leonard's interception, with 7 sec. showing on the first half clock, of the Nichols for Lankford deep ball.

Thank you for that.

I will watch for it when I view the game today.

The ever important TIME OF POSSESSION Stat

TiCats - 38:19 :slight_smile:

Bombers - 21:41

I think considering Nichols talent, it's not unreasonable to think he could get 3 TDs in the second half. The Bombers certainly would have moved the ball better and would have taken advantage of our lull with the consecutive 2 and out stretch.

Yeah, the Bombers would have gotten at least a field goal on that drive, if not a TD.

Having a QB coach I believe made a huge difference to Masoli. Good hire coach Jones!!!

However this big win did come with a big price tag. Sergio Castillo.

What a turnaround in his season since Jones repurposed him. It's still a mystery to me why his lost his return mojo (although it's telling that no one else has done any better back there). But he is more than earning his keep at receiver. We can write off those drops from several games back to rustiness, as he's been catching everything lately. And his hustle on the onside kick helped provide the "foot on the throat" we have all been looking for.

Saunders has quietly worked his way into the top 10 list of CFL receivers. Currently sitting at #7 with 901 yards. Behind guys that commentators cannot shut up about, like Ellingson, Zylstra, Green, Adams, Sinopoli, Roosevelt. And ahead of guys that commentators cannot shut up about, like Burnham, Arceneaux, McDaniel, Carter. All in his first year. Still makes the odd mental mistake, but that aspect can only improve.

Here's a guy who arrived to mixed expectations after apparently not living up to full potential thus far in his career. But no one can deny the effort, heart, and sure-handedness he has shown. Clutch catch last night on that long pass on second and short that I'm still not sure about. Part of a massive upgrade to our NAT receiving corps, along with the next guy on the list.

Small numbers, big impact. Hard to measure the effects of his leadership on the field or distraction for the defence. Huge catch at the goal line as he came back to help out his scrambling QB - an essential play in our 105 yard TD drive. Expect his numbers to increase down the stretch.

Seems underutilized, but still makes his presence felt. This was his second-lowest receiving yardage of the season, after the no-catch game in July. But he made those four catches count. A TD, 2-point convert and a clutch second down grab in the fourth quarter. It seems like Luke can't be stopped at the goal line, even when it's now pretty much a given that he is the primary target every time.

Ex Pat Didn't copy your above comments but just to add a couple or so of my own.

Re: Chambers - I think he was underutilized on a team that had an abundance of talented receivers and probably enough Canadians starting in other positions. He's now playing closer to home, on a team where he wants to be and one that certainly needs his skill; to say nothing of being reunited with his good buddy Simoni. I think he's a VERY motivated player right now and is enjoying feeling more useful on the offense. Great addition as you mentioned.

As for Tasker and Fantuz - They are the "clutch" second down receivers and while they may not pick up many yards in YAC they are invaluable to the QB and the team. They're all about making the key catch to keep the drive going. I also noticed Andy making some important blocks in last week's game and I'm sure Tasker is doing the same on a number of plays - all necessary to keep the offense rolling.

Thanks for the stats on Saunders. Didn't realise he'd accumulated so many yards and he hasn't even played every game but he has had some big games when he has been on the field.

Agree with it all, Pat.

In my mind, Luke is the best second down receiver. He knows how to get open, has great hands, rarely gives up the ball once he's clutched it and is very good at finding that first down marker.

Andy will always be a factor, even in those games where he doesn't make a grab. His reputation causes the other team to have to track him and that opens up opportunities for others. Good blocker too.

I like our receiving corp.