Kiss the Witches Thread

Bitter sarcasm?

People will take it like I'm insulting Masoli. Which is tiring.

He's not being asked to make tough throws. They're all short...screen type plays... then the deep ball to banks he's wide open.

These are all good things because it's working. But how often does he drop back and just rip it over the middle.

If we bring him back it can possibly be for a fair contract. 300k or so. If he wants to test free agency and go to Montreal for an extra 25k... so be it. Hed be stupid for doing so. Hed get killed like Collaros did to start the year. Coach Jones Is making him look great with his system.

Efficiency rating: 113.14

Just sarcasm. Apologies if I offended you.

No offence at all....I 'm huge fan of

Seems like fair game to me. Anyone who comes on the Ticats fan board and repeatedly trashes the Ticats should expect to hear back from fans. And even more so when he is proved so wrong on the points he has repeated so often.


Also had 127 yac yards. That s a ton for this team.

Love the sarcasm... Alot of posters are back on the bandwagon enjoying a slow roasted pulled crow on a bun.

Cheers to everyone that focused on the positives of this football team Go Cats

Please ... Can we get back to the incredibly horrible management decisions though.

Obviously Austin forced June Jones to start CJ Gable least week & then traded him a day later. Must be a conspiracy!

Why would we trade Jon Chick? The guy is a game changer! (Yet he's not actually have won a game this year for 2 teams in a prorated 19 game season!)(And no crack on Jon Chick, but that position nor hi is a game changer!)

Can't believe we cut Xavier Fulton ... where is he again?

Where/what else?It's honestly too much wrong to keep track of for just one mer individual!

If ya'll need the ultimate contra indicator ... you know where to look!

Getting back on track & being serious;

I really liked seeing Jeremiah distributing the ball with confidence. He was on point trying to & very often fitting it into a window. He was seeing it. I actually enjoyed this performance more than his record setting performance in/against EDM lat year.

I also LOVE the balance. JM used his arm. Used his legs. Got the ball into the playmakers hands. He was exactly like a point guard that the June Jones O is designed for & demands.

No matter the outcome of this season, because while there is still hope despite the hole they dug earlier … I would gladly take a season of THAT tonight next year! Exciting & interesting & fun football!

Obviously it’s better when Hamilton wins … But that was FUN & Entertaining Football!

Masoli and the Offence -

Most impressive was the 105 yard drive for a TD to start the 2nd half
and then another 9 minute 14 play 100 yard drive for another TD to start the 4th qtr

TiCats Receivers

BANKS, Brandon
6/104yrds 1TD,YAC 41yrds

6/ 94yrds, YAC 38yrds

7/81yrds, YAC 43yrds

FANTUZ, Andrew

4/27yrds 1TD

Well I will say Masoli had his best game to date and had a much higher pass completion rate of 80 % instead of his usual 55 % . He looked like a true starter. The offensive play calling was incredible as they spread the ball around . Gotta love Chambers yards after the catch and that kick by masoli did with banks recovering was awesome.. The oline played great and green and masoli ran for tough yards. I seemed that in the 2knd half masoli and the whole team played more intense and desperate maybe because we had no kicker . Defence played good as a whole sacking nicholls enough to continuously hurt his finger. I thought Tracy ,Leonard and Kanneh stood out on the defence. This was a hard fought game and we wanted it more. I think we still would have won had Nicholls not got injured. This team is starting to gel and I hope BC and Sask help us out against Ottawa. If we play like this and continue to improve then we can beat Ottawa in Ottawa to make it to the playoffs.

Beat Ottawa in Ottawa? Heck, WE ARE GOING TO BEAT CALGARY NEXT WEEK TOO. Ottawa who?

Great to read that the passes were spread about.

Also, gratifying to see that Andy and Luke aren`t bearing the load.

It may cut down on their coverage come the next game.

Thank you, Grover, for the stats.

Another Masoli stat:
In his first 3 games as starter this year, he was picked off once on Labour Day and twice by the Roughriders, 2 games later. Since then, he's thrown 110 passes without an interception.

8)Xavier Fulton is with the Al's now !!

I found this post particularly humorous.....and in full agreement.

Expect a PM from a certain poster accusing you of attacking him/her and being an a$$ because you’ve called him/her out. He/she will report you to the mods to have you banned.
Been there... Glad I’m not the only one who sees it. Was starting to believe it was me ?

When the other team has to game plan around double teaming Ted Laurent it opens up other players to make the big plays on Defence

Tracy - 2 sacks - 3 tkls
Cappy - 1 sack - 1 Forced Fumble - 2 tkls
Coleman - 1 sack
Kanneh - 1sack - 1 Forced Fumble

Leonard - 1Int - 6 tkls

Defence really only gave up 6 points (2 field goals) and knocked their starting QB out of the game.
The TD was a product of a flukey, trick fake 3rd and short play