Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume 8

The floor is yours! :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,


That was probably the poorest officiated game I have seen in a LONG TIME. Both on the field, and, especially, from the so-called Command Center.


Say no more…

The Cats beat the Blew team, the Refs AND the CC… ohh, and that pissed off Argo kid in the stands too

With the short week, I think all the Ticats are going to look like this soon...

We saw two really tired teams out there, and I think it had a big impact on the game. Fortunately Hamilton looked prepared and focused despite the fatigue.

The other take-away from all this, I can see the Harris/Collaros duels becoming epic over the next few years, rivalling the Ray/Burris duels back in the day...

Best moment of the game

Kid yelling F U to the refs haha. Parents should be ashamed :slight_smile:

How about Austin bumping Stala on the sideline, just saw the replay on twitter.

Tough game on short rest for both teams. Blue D did come out stronger and took a bunch of stupid penalties in the first half (should have taken a few more near the end too!) but the Ticats managed to outplay their opponents. However allowing longer punt returns and some sloppy tackling was proof that the guys were really becoming fatigued. Glad that they have a full week + a day before their next game. Happy that they could win a close one as the next two games coming up vs Edmonton and Calgary aren't likely to be blow outs.

Well if it was on twitter, then it HAS to be true :roll:

He did though. Kinda put a shoulder into Stalla back as he walked by


Austin did put the shoulder into him, lol

What was Stala doing in our bench area? Stirring cr@% up as usual...

Don’t know why the kid was yelling at the ref?, should have thanked them for keeping the game close.

Yah he was taking his time leaving the area so Kent reminded him to move along lol

He trying to give Austin his resume....

Hahaha Grov. Well done!

Do believe that that ship has sailed - pun intended!! :lol: Looked on Twitter to see the move of Austin on Stala but didn’t find it on my feed - guess it depends on who posted it.

Usually a good sign when the Blue Jays win (for the Ticats) and they literally knocked the Yankees out of the park tonight.

Ticats weren't as dominant but they got the job done which in the end is all that matters - total SWEEP and some separation in the standings :smiley: :thup:

Yes, I understand that Austin did not bother to renew Stala’s contact after 2013, letting him go to Montreal. So it seems Austin continues to not be a fan of Stala.

And here’s the tweet with the clip of Austin bumping Stala: … 7961935872

Anyway, that clip is the only part of this game I have seen so far. I understand it may have been ugly, but some things must have been done right for this team to get the win. And isn’t that what this thread is about?

I saw the game. Austin deliberately went out of his way to shoulder bump Stala. Obviously Austin is not a fan of Sticky.