Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume 7

Apart from an offensive lull in the third quarter, the Cats were firing on all cylinders in all three phases! It was a chippy game, but it's Labour Day and it's Toronto. Collaros and Toliver were particularly great today!

More later!

Oski Wee Wee,


Collaros was named the player of the game, and I don't think anyone will argue with that as he had over 400 passing yards and no INTs. But he got some help from his teammates. Toliver sure deserves credit, Sinkfield did a great job haunting the team that ditched him, and Tasker was Tasker. And Zach got the protection he needed as he was not sacked even once. After that last game, I hoped that the O line bought some drinks for Zach after letting him get sacked five times on his birthday. But they looked much better this time.

On defence, I wasn't sure if they could get a lot of pressure on Harris without Norwood being in. But the D got four sacks, and Hickman got two of those sacks.

As for special teams, was that the third punt Neil King has blocked this year?

So the team dominates the first half again, doesn't look as impressive in the 3rd quarter, but finishes the job in the 4th.

This team is still undefeated at THF... against that team whose name shall not be spoken. :slight_smile:

Yea..... ZC doing what ZC does....

A friggen machine!!!

D was stellar today as well

In honour of the victory in the steaming weather…

One can’t help but wonder how much of impact this weather had on the game, especially during the lull in the second half where for 27 minutes Hamilton only managed 3 points. It will be more interesting to see what happens in the perfect conditions of the dome next week.

GREAT game Zach was stellar as was his cast of receivers! Of course it helps that TO has a lousy pass D (Creehan!!!) -not ot take anything away from the offense.
Our D aside from one longer drive managed to keep the powder blue guys in check and not give Harris much time to get anything going. Doubt that it would have been much better with Ricky Ray in there and I suspect that Milanovich doesn't want him to go against our D right now.
Nice to see the team get back to their dominant winning ways again after a much needed rest. Time to sweep the series with a win on Friday night! :thup: :rockin:

Not a bad way to start the Second half of the season,

7-3 now, outscoring opponents 36-19 on average, and we have lost three games by 8 pts, we're also first in the east,

I'll take that start :smiley: :thup:

Wow, just wow.

The team that showed up this afternoon was not the same one that showed up in the last home game. They controlled both lines of scrimmage (unlike last game) and played at a high tempo. I think the reason they were so much better was that they had a 11 day stretch between games unlike having played the All Wets when it was their 5th game in 24 days (fatigue caught up to them?).

I am especially pleased for O'Neill and Gainey who both had great games. And the other 'sub' Coates almost had a TD catch, but Zach was unable to throw him a catch-able ball (as he was going down at the time).


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch or even hear the game today, but was able to follow along on the game thread once I got back to the hotel . Sounds like a well played game, with last week being just a glitch.

On a completely different note, I was wearing a Ticats shirt in London UK today, and got an Oskee Wee Wee from someone walking by. Nice!

Agree completely. NO team should have to play that many games in such a short period of time (Argos also had a similar stretch going into Edmonton - 5 in 25). The fact that EVEN no-excuse Austin mentioned after the Montreal game that everyone was tired proves the point. Nice to see the boys back to form. The team that recovers best from today could have the edge on Friday night.

Kudos to Coates who sure gave a GREAT effort trying to make that catch! :thup:

Probably someone who knows Reinebold! :smiley:

Big 4 point win today!
Actually the Arblows now will now need 6 points to overtake us in the standings because we won the season series. (Ballard Cup)

A few random thoughts:

  1. It was surprising to hear that this was the first ever Labour Day game that was played for first place in the East. Sadly, that's a reflection of the fact that one or both teams has been bad most years.

  2. Couldn't ask for a better response to last week's flat performance. (Yes, I said "flat performance" - against a weaker team who played like it was the Grey Cup for them.) There were two ways we could have gone: (1) use it as motivation and a warning against complacency, or (2) the start of a downward slide. I'm glad they chose (1).

  3. Collaros gets another Player of the Week nod this week. His 4 TD passes compare to 5 for the rest of the league's QBs combined. As mentioned in another thread, he's got to be the early favourite for MOP at this point. That's an honour that doesn't come Hamilton's way very often - i.e. only once in the past 35 years.

  4. Coming into this week the top 4 QBs were all within 200 yards of each other. We won't see that again if Zach stays healthy, as I think he will start to pull away from the pack.

  5. Thanks to the fans who braved the heat to cheer on our boys and disrupt the bad guys. Can't imagine how that would have felt in full football gear.

  6. I'm counting 5 wins by 25 points or more this season. I wonder if anyone keeps track of records for something so obscure. Also, is this our first blow-out win where we didn't get a TD from defence or special teams?

  7. Nice way for Medeiros to make his presence known in (I believe) his first time ever suiting up for the Cats. That catch on the short kick-off was not an easy one. Glad we had a a receiver there.

8] I'm loving our depth at receiver. Toliver has quietly worked his way up to the Top 5 in league receiving yardage (I think - the stats haven't been updated yet). Tasker may be in Top 10 territory despite missing the first 4 games. Sinkfield has been on fire. Hard to believe our guys are doing this well with both Grant and Fantuz off the roster.

  1. Interesting that Argo fans (or in fact, fans of any other team but one, really) do not feel compelled to come onto this board and insult Ticat fans or chastise us for being biased, like some of the Alouette fans do.

  2. Despite my comment above about complacency, as a fan I'm free to dream. If we win next week's rematch, it's hard to imagine us not finishing in first place. The Argos would have to win three more games than us in the last 7. e.g. If we go even 4-3, they would need to go 7-0. Surprisingly, the bigger threat could come from Ottawa if they can somehow stay within 2 games of us heading into the season-ending series.

Is there any video of the Cats and arblo players who took out the guy who ran on the field?

  1. Interesting that Argo fans (or in fact, fans of any other team but one, really) do not feel compelled to come onto this board and insult Ticat fans or chastise us for being biased, like some of the Alouette fans do.

I agree with all of your points, but especially this one!

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Great come from behind victory... :smiley:

No kidding, I thought we were finished when the Blows got off to that impressive 1-0 lead. :lol:

What a game!

I really was thinking about not going. So glad i didnt puss out.

I guess the only down side was the penalties but truth be told i didnt mind considering we were up by 20+ points.

I hope Austin does something about the treatment of our players. Why were the Arhols allowed to lay on Banks and Tasker after they were tackled?

After rewatching the game. 2 things occurred to me..

1 Rod Black doesn't quite understand the meaning of "threading the needle" apparently its only used for Harris on incompletions.

2 according to Rod Black. All our players are former Argonauts. The amount of times i heard "former Argo player" was sickening. We get it Rod Hamilton is full of Toronto's rejects smh.

Former Argos ? Seriously ? We had a grand total of 3 former Argos in a lineup of 44 players. I guess old Rodney was talking about Collaros,Sinkfeild and Medlock all game long when he wasn't telling and reminding everybody that apparently Luke Tasker's daddy played in some league called the NFL. :roll: