Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume 7

The offense got enough done tonight, but Collaros was getting whacked way too much! We need to get the running game on track as the colder weather approaches!

The defence was great as usual! Medlock's leg was a big difference, especially in the rouge department.

Grant was clutch a number of times with big plays. Sinkfield is dangerous any time he is in space with the ball! We have some dynamic playmakers available...Collaros with time to throw is a difference maker.

I hope Fantuz isn't injured seriously....

Orlondo Steinauer and Deke McPhee deserve a lot of credit for their collaboration on defensive playcalling. This defence is playing great (except for the collapse last week).

More later!

Oski Wee Wee,


Not a pretty win but it is still two points and puts us back in first place. We'll see who joins us there tomorrow.

Agree that the defense played well but was disappointed in the offense. As mentioned, poor OL play putting too much pressure on Zach including sacks and too much receiver error with missed/dropped passes. Wouldn't call it Zach's best game either. I thought that they played much better last week against Toronto and will have to play better for sure next week if they want to take the season series.

Fantuz was apparently taken out as a precautionary measure. Austin likely would prefer to have him healthy for next week and obviously felt they could get the job done tonight without him.

Just glad that we got the W tonight. Will have to play better when they travel to Ottawa in two weeks since their fans are loud and enthusiastic.

I sure hope that Madu is back next week!!!
Played just well enough to beat the worst team in the league.
A win is a win is a win, we will play better next week.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 1m1 minute ago
#Ticats QB @ZCollaros7 after 16-6 win over #Redblacks: “You’re going to have to win sloppy sometimes.?

what was the attendance tonight?

was the west side concourse less congested with the removal of the temporary media tents?

EDIT: never mind, it was just posted on 20,125. The exact same as last game. I thought there may have been a few more seats available for this game because the elevators were completed opening up more accessible wheelchair spots and freeing up more spots in the Coors Light patio. Guess not

Yeah, I think that if it was any other team other than Ottawa, Fantuz probably would have played.

The team didn't show a lot of intensity tonight, but I guess if one is playing Ottawa, you're allowed to look past them to Toronto next week.

Looking past them to Toronto next week could have been costly but thankfully they got the job done. I agree that they didn't seem to have the intensity which surprised me after last week's narrow loss. Thought that they would come out more fired up - well the D showed some spark but definitely not the offense.

A few random thoughts:

Zack was impressive. The kid has convinced me that he is the real deal. His mobility and strength in avoiding a rush are great and were on display last night. D ends who get a free rush at Zack are not going to be able to tee off and will have to start breaking down and thinking about contain rather than rush right at him. There are no free shots now. Advantage Cats.

Haven't seen a QB throw frozen ropes like Zack has from the dead run with accuracy since Damon Allen was in his prime. Advantage Cats.

Banks in the wildcat worked well, the dropped pass by Grant notwithstanding. On that play, Banks showed great skill, heart and effort to get that pass away, and even though he was falling and was almost DBC, hit Grant in the hands for what should have been a catch and a first down.

Early in the game Grant played with some nasty intensity. He bounced off first contact and made gutsy YAC on pure heart. He finished his YAC runs with authority and like a running back by initiating the contact, not waiting to get hit. (a la Giguere) Great job by a guy who is clearly growing into a leadership role.

Forget the "speed sweep" as the TSN talking heads like to call it. It doesn't work anymore. The Cats have run it too much and teams are ready for it now. Shelve it for next year.

What was with a player rushing free into the Cat back field on every play? Unacceptable and that is how a QB gets knocked out of a game, or more. Austin is all about in game adjustments and I didn't see that get adjusted for. Good thing Zack can scramble.

The Cats' D was great again. Not flashy great but grinder, get the job done great. If Breaux was in there it might have been a shut out (no disrespect to Gainey. He's just not as suited for that spot as Delvin is.)

Has Sinkfield redeemed himself in the eyes of the all critical Cats' fan base? Not sure what happened with him in Tranna but I'm sure glad it happened and made him available.

Please, add to this as you see fit.

I'm a big fan of Terrell Sinkfield. The potential with him is sky-high, to me.

Why couldn't we have benched Eric Norwood earlier? Guy might have about 20 sacks by now.

Bryan Hall was a heck of a find. Still getting better. Check out the reaction and the look in his eyes as soon as next week's game against the Argos (about 0:38) is brought up: ... s-1.109738

Not that I'm in a position to criticize Steinauer, but I really wish he would stop blitzing Craig Butler. He has no feel for it at all and never gets home.

How much longer can the Mike Filer experiment go on? It's hard to watch sometimes.

Special teams, as usual, were phenomenal.

What was the purpose of the quarterback sneak on the last play of the game? They were up by 10 points. There was no time left. They put their star quarterback in a possible injury position. :roll:

Also: 19 carries. It's about damn time.

Despite a lot of positive results, Kent Austin's clock management skills are very poor. There's no denying that.

Take the knee. Get off the field.

I think they really took this game as a warm up for next week. Practice a few things, and try not to show the Argos too much. Just play well enough to win.

Of course in some ways, Ottawa was helping by constantly blitzing. It benefited Ottawa in the short term, but the Cats were able to adapt and exploit it. If the Argos try to do that next week, Zach will be ready.

I was at the game last night and from where I sat the game was a complete bore with some excitement provided by Grant, Sinkfield and Banks. Carter looks like a beast, unfortunately the worst team in the league pushed the OLine around at will. The left tackle and centre were consistently beat during the game. I'm not sure if this was Austin's plan to play vanilla or without any true enthusiasm, one thing for sure bring that type of play to the Ars&^%* next week and the team will get crushed.

Again I liked what Delone Carter brought to the table it's unfortunate the OLine has great difficulty with bocking period. A sustained running game down the stretch will improve the teams chances to move forward.

If you had paid attention the redblacks blitzed quite alot last night .what that means is there are more players going after zach than you can block thus making it look like the left tackle not doing his job .but i do not see this figs is a beast 1 on 1 with any of the top ends i would put my money on him

That's what happens when Ottawa was constantly rushing 7 or 8 players all game. Not only were Filer and the Guards handling the DTs, but they had to handle the LBs blitzing the gaps too.

Goods points for sure. However, when Ottawa brought 4 defenders against the 5 OLine, blocking still remains a problem
for the running backs. I like Figs, Ottawa right end proved to be a problem for most of the night. The OLine still has a problem creating holes for the running backs at the first level let along the second level.

A couple of things I noticed, while watching the highlight package on, which I hadn't during the game:

  1. Collaros' downfield blocking on Sinkfield's big run at the end of the third quarter
  2. Medlock, the passer. Does our left-footed kicker throw right-handed?

Some good random thoughts. Here's a few more.

  1. Our defence has been great this year. Yet somehow when it comes to all-star voting I bet the Alouettes get more selections than us, just because voters know the names of mooks like Hebert, Tisdale, and Cox.

  2. Interesting that Suitor (who has been known to fixate on a subject once or twice before) suddenly cannot stop talking about Norwood as a defensive MOP contender. He's playing great, but is he even the best defensive player on our team? I thought maybe Lawrence had earned that title.

  3. I think our team is better with Sinkfield than without him. Mistakes like hot-dogging can be rectified, but his talent for bursting into open spaces cannot be taught.

  4. Bakari was probably our best receiver last night, and I know he contributes in other ways, e.g. blocking. But he sure has a knack for dropping the easy ones sometimes. (And in last night's case, prompting the single worst replay challenge I have ever seen.)

  5. Was that fake punt considered a sleeper play? Aren't those illegal? As it turns out, we were pretty lucky the Ottawa player misplayed it so badly even after spotting it.

  6. We still don't have a solution to the eternal riddle: How many times can an opponent rush more players than we have blockers before the Tiger-Cats will spot it and adjust? (e.g. keep some extra blockers in) On the replays I saw, any unblocked man in the backfield was the result of being outnumbered, not one of our guys missing an assignment.

  7. We finally have more points for than against (330-329). We've been on the verge of that milestone for the past month, but our habit of winning by just a couple of points has held us back.

  1. I'm interested to see the rushing totals of the two new RBs, but the CFL stats page has somehow forgotten about them, and the Ticats stats page just copies from the CFL. Anyone know another source?
  1. Looks like we're witnessing the sunset of Burris' career. He had a great run, but I don't think there can be any doubt that Coach Austin made the right call.

  2. I think this is an interesting stat. Our win-loss record in 2014 depending on how many points we score:

  • 10 points or less: 0 wins, 2 losses (not surprising)
  • 11-19 points: 4 wins, 0 losses (kind of surprising)
  • 20-29 points: 2 wins, 4 losses (a little disappointing)
  • 30 or more points: 1 win, 2 losses (very disappointing)