Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume 6

What a roll this team is on! Again, all three phases chip in to make for a convincing performance. :slight_smile:

Collaros? Lights out! Tasker, Sinkfield... big plays from the crew as a whole! Props to the O-line for neutralizing the Eskimo pass rush.

Defensively, some ticky-tack penalty calls from an otherwise excellent show!

Not much to complain about at all when the team is verging on fiftyburgers each week with defensive pick-sixes also on the menu. The most dominant the Cats have looked since the 1998-1999 McManus era heyday. Superb!

Oski Wee Wee,


My wife was complaining that the games are getting boring 'cause the Cats always win. :lol:

She doesn’t know about the 24 hour rule.

I have nothing left, each victory more impressive than the next. Time to turn this over to Data...


Leave a webpage for a divorce lawyer on the computer the next time she says that... :lol:

Again… two words…


Another great performance by this team. Defence kept forcing turnovers, and offence kept getting points after those turnovers. But the offence didn't always need assistance from the defence, as Collaros, Tasker and Sinkfield all had great games. And the offence did a great job at pass protection as well.

The defence continues to get TDs as Norwood got what is now the longest fumble recovery in team history. And eight turnovers were forced by the D.

So now this team has won five consecutive games. When was the last time that happened? It was in the summer of 1998, not long after the team was being turned around by Lancaster, McManus, and Flutie. So yes, this team truly is looking like a great one again.

#1 Offence
#1 Defense
#1 Special teams

Seemed that the Eskies were getting a lot of hype earlier in the season for their defense and winning record. Looks like the Ticats may have put an end to some of that. For a defense that hasn't allowed a TD in THEIR digs since some time last season, they sure had a let down as the Ticats scored SEVEN!!!

Great job by the D for getting the stops and setting up the O with good field position. Great job by Zach and the O for exposing the "elite" pass rush even while missing some of our top receivers. Excellent D TD by Norwood! Special teams didn't need to put up points as the offense was doing a good enough job aided by the defense putting points on the board.

Thought that there were some REALLY ticky tack penalties in the second half - almost as if the the refs were trying to help the EE gain some yards.

I did predict a low-scoring defensive game and BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I was going to give the team some slack since it is harder to win on the road against a good team. Looks like I don't need to be so cautious the next time!


I do think that Austin is going to have to get after the team about that 3rd quarter let down - imagine allowing a WHOLE 13 POINTS!!! For shame!!! :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

An amazing show on the road!
Wonder why Austin looked grumpy most of the game?

I can't believe what I'm seeing from this team. :thup:

Bring on MTL. We owe them one.

My random thoughts:

  1. Is it possible for a defensive coordinator to win the Coach of the Year award?

  2. Early in the season I was worried that we were too dependent on TDs by the D and Special Teams. Because after all, those are lucky plays and we can't count on them happening every game ... right?

  3. Banks has now scored on a run, a pass and a punt return this year. Odds are still against him duplicating Thigpen's "five different ways" feat of a few years back, since KO return and MFG return are the two hardest ways to score. But I wouldn't bet against him.

  4. I thought Norwood's TD was the final nail in the coffin. When that play started Edmonton was hoping to climb back to within 2 TDs with 8 minutes to play. By the time it ended they were down by 4 TDs.

  5. Grigsby gets a "team player" award for saying all the right things, coming up big when he had the opportunity, and even playing on kick cover teams tonight.

  6. Collaros now has 13 TD passes in August. Except for Harris, that's more than any other QB has had all season. He'd have to play a disastrous game next week to not be one of the three players of the month.

  7. Sinkfield is making a pretty strong claim to a starting position once Grant comes back. Some great plays tonight.

8] Those close losses to Calgary and Montreal are bothering me now, because we could easily be undefeated if a few more plays had gone our way. It would be really sweet to crush Mr. "I'm a Better Coach than the Coach" next week at THF.

  1. If we have a weakness right now it might be taking too many unnecessary penalties. In a close game that matters.

  2. Without having seen too many Esks games this year, I still had a problem with people ranking their defence ahead of ours based on conventional measures like total yardage. If our defence gives up yards, it's because we're OK with letting other teams burn minutes off the clock to drive down the field in bits and pieces when we're up by 3 or four TDs in the late stages. Case in point tonight.

  3. I really hope Ticat fans don't become like Winnipeg's "Swaggerville" fans back in 2011 - celebrating their Grey Cup win halfway through the season. As the Bombers showed that year, it's a long season and things can change. I'm not saying fan overconfidence will affect the team, but it can make the other teams' fans hate us.

but it can make the other teams' fans hate us

and sure wouldn't want to be hated :wink:

With this team playing so well. Can we just start the playoffs now!

I'm sure Saskattoonawean fans would agree to an end of the regular season.

I'd like to add a couple more if that is okay?

Courtney Stephen has been outstanding this season. His recognition, reaction, closing speed and angle, and sure tackling have been a joy to watch. The kid is putting on a clinic.

Just before the third TD on the long pass play to Sinkfield, Ray Holley stepped up and made a perfect block on a free rushing Odel Willis. Stopped him cold. He saved Collaros from a vicious blind-side hit. That skill and that alone may be why he has gotten the start over other backs this season. Beautiful but sadly, seemingly unnoticed play.

Again, the Cats physically beat up their opponent. For most of the game (there was a little let up late third and for some of the fourth) every receiver and RB knew they were playing the Cats. The D was punishing the Eskies for daring to touch the ball.

Erik Harris spayed some stellar run D this game. Watching Bell stomp his feet and throw a little fit in frustration after a no-gain run was especially satisfying. Great game for the entire front 7.

The 2 and out by the Cats O to start the game was a little unnerving. Nerves didn't last long though.

Somehow I think if I know this fanbase at all, we are a far more fatalistic bunch than the Swaggerville denizens…we tend not to have our Grey Cup parades in November, not July. There is enough rampant perfectionism in this forum that a mere loss or two and we will be back in full scale witch-roasting mode in no time. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,