Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume 5

It is 11 minutes early, game clock-wise, but I think it is safe to jump the gun/broom here and congratulate the team on a great three-phase performance tonight!

Zach Collaros was lights out! Banks was electrifying as usual and Tasker made huge catches.

The D? Pressure, pressure, pressure. The secondary was outstanding as the front seven made Lulay and company miserable.

The special teams made big plays as usual.

This team is roaring!!

Oski Wee Wee,


Well, I believe this sets a record for the earliest time one of these threads is started, when posts to the game thread are still being made.

Mathews is doing well so far. Oh wait, wrong thread. :slight_smile:

I think it was said that this is the second time this year that this team's offence, defence, and specials teams all had TDs in a game. They all got the job done well.

Collaros and the offence have been quite impressive, especially considering who they are missing. There sure is depth in the receiving corps. Zach was 19/23 for 290 yards, four TD passes, and no INTs. Tasker sure impressed with catches for the highlight reel.

Defence: Has been the strength of the team, averaging a TD per game so far this year, and they just keep forcing turnovers. Open field tackling has been impressive by them, as they do not get eluded often.

On special teams, well, I suppose Banks was due to get a TD. And wasn't it a relief to see the flag picked up after that return? :slight_smile:

Isn't it great to see this team look this dominant?

Uhmmm.. yea.... there is just no stopping this team...


With win being more impressive than the last, it's becoming harder to find gifs that adequately express my feelings...

However Rod Smith said it best...

Can only say WOW!!!! WHAT A GAME!!!
Absolutely great when all parts of the team are so dominant! The poor western kitties really didn't know what hit them. Zach certainly kept the offense firing for most of three quarters and Mathews got some valuable reps and didn't look too shabby either when he had a chance to get into the game. Nice to see Speedy B more involved in the offense. Tasker finally had the kind of game I've been waiting for; Sinkfield and Underwood both were pretty solid, aside from a couple of dropped passes. I just don't see this team losing at home this season - unless they are missing practically ALL of their starters. Even with Butler, Fantuz, Grant, Gable, Figs and others out of the lineup, they didn't miss a beat! THANKS TEAM!!!

Some random thoughts:

  1. I love the fact that our whole defence contributes to the dominance. Of the 12 starters tonight, 7 players had either a sack, an interception or a forced fumble.

  2. Next man up! Great job by the guys who stepped in to replace some of the receivers who are out of the line-up. Spectacular TD by Underwood, and Sinkfield was very active throughout the game.

  3. Looks like the refs have finally caught on to the trend around the league of players taking a dive as Banks blows past them on returns, in an attempt to draw a flag. Leone's dive was the most pathetic yet - maybe we can thank his background in soccer - and it almost worked until the refs had a discussion and declared no flag on the play.

  4. The Banks punt return TD was very timely, from a stats sheet point of view. Not just to end a minor drought going back to week 2, but also because an Argo scored a punt return TD this week - and I like the fact that Banks still has more TDs in this category (3) than the rest of the league (2).

  5. Just heard this stat from Coach LaPo on TSN. There have been 21 TDs scored by defences and special teams so far this season in the CFL. Ticats have 11 of those (including 3 tonight!), rest of the league has 10.

  6. Collaros had a great game and a perfect passer rating, but this is a case where I'd probably give as much credit to his teammates as to the QB. Banks single-handedly turned a short pass into a TD (looked like Nik Lewis bowling people over!), and Tasker's second TD required a highlight real diving catch. And of course the D helped all night with great field position.

  7. Tedford has an odd coaching style. He was determined to run the ball come heck or high water, even though it wasn't working for them at all. Only when they started taking chances with longer throws did their offence show any signs of life - but by that point it was too late.

8] I was impressed by the quality of the programming on the scoreboard, including the audio which I could hear much better than I could last season. However, I learned that security kicks you out of your seat before the post-game programming ends. Not sure who it's playing for if there are no fans left in the stadium.

  1. So much for parity, at least in today's two games. I'll bet TSN's ratings dipped in both cases as the games progressed.

  2. August has been an amazing month so far. I think I'll start a new thread on our remarkable three-game home stand.

There is great joy in Tiger Town. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:


TiCats remake of Dirty Dancing :slight_smile:

I was rewatching the highlights of the game and I noticed on the Banks receiving TD there were people still filing into the stadium. With a shot of the steam whistle was going off, you can see people getting to the stairs next to it and looking around as if to say "So what just happened?" :lol:

Seriously people, you need to get there earlier so you don't miss the awesome.....