Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume 5

What a nailbiter!

A great game by the D, although we cut it way too close IMO by not pressuring Willy more as they marched down the field. The pass rush has really picked up!

The offense was too one-dimensional. There was no attempt to run Madu or to set up the screen game to diffuse the Bomber rush. I would have liked to see more rollouts to change Zach's launch point. The pocket collapsed on him far too often to run that short-passing game.

Medlock made some big FGs as well. We gave up one big return, but I think the specials did well...the punt block was a huge game changer.

More later.

Oski Wee Wee,


I don’t care HOW they did it… just that they did!!

Didn't the Peggers have two weeks to prepare for this game.


Yes. But, it was U-G-L-Y.
Bad outing for Collaros -- off target on so many passes.

Keeping pace for 1st. ( I'm really surprised Montreal has remained in contention considering how bad Crompton is.)

The Oct 10th game against the Argos is shaping up to be an important one.

Point is, these are the type of games we lost for so many years....about time WE catch the breaks!!!!

The stats clearly say that we lost but as Lord Balfour said,
"there are three kinds of falsehoods, lies, damned lies and statistics."
Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour, as quoted in the Manchester Guardian, 29th June 1892

On the last drive by the Pef, we only blitzed when they reached the 3. Thank goodness for the timebcount.

He did not have much help re the line giving him a clean pocket for most of the night. His happy feet were kicking in a lot, so he wasn't setting his feet properly late in the game whenever he did have more time. The pass-happy nature of this offense means that the pass rush isn't punched in the mouth enough by some semblance of a running game. I would have liked to see more rollouts by Zach to move the lauch point as I noted earlier.

If we can't get up to 15 rushes per game, we aren't going to do well when the weather changes.

Oski Wee Wee,


They tried a couple of screens early but the Bombers sniffed them out.
They've run so many screens the last few games that teams are getting wise to it.

But yes, rollouts.

The slant pass was the game was close.

A Win is a Win no matter how you get it and good teams seem to find ways to get it done, the Cats are certainly on the path as of late, Yes it was a tough game and right down to the wire as it seems to be with these two teams this year but it's our first Win on the road since Collaro's has been back and good to see, hopefully keep the momentum going into next week against BC
at Tim Horton's Field.

Our Defence saved us tonight, great plays, and great rush and sacks, not a great Win but a Win anyway.


A lucky win, but a win is a win. Both OLines gave up sacks and Zack was hurried all night long. Two things that need to be fixed before the BC game, Oline and a balanced running game. TSN reports Chad Kackert is back with the Arblows, if Slayton or Steele become available I would grab either one because they run extremely hard. Just a opinion. The Cat's were as Russ said " One dimensional" that has to change if they expect to go any further.

Montreal's opposition seems to play just a little bit worse than they do - and unfortunately that includes the Cats in their Montreal performance (or half-performance!)

According to the stats then we should have beaten the Als because offensively the Ticats were much better!

I'll take an ugly win over an ugly loss ANY day!!

BC next week and Montreal is on a bye week, we can lay claim to first with a win next week.


Can we get some help from the EE and ask them to please beat up their old QB Ricky Ray?? :smiley: EE will be at the Rogers barn next week.

Hey when was the last time we lead the east in any form heading into October? Other than that second half blowup we had vs. the larks, we almost had a perfect month of September football there! Keep it up boys! In Austin we trust! :thup:

Defence played quite well but got tired late and players like hickman , gaydosh , atkinson lost stregth etc .

The offensve game plan was horribe and Collaros threw alot to the ground or over threw .

I noticed teams like to run stunts to get a player one on one with Oneill and then boom they go threw him like a trunstile . I think Oneill was responsible for at least 2 sacks by turner and one by peach . Other weeks it was cheek . I also see oneill not being able to figure who to pick up and blocking nobody where somewhere else there is a 2 on 1 .
We must have a better option than Oneill or even Filer . I hope Peter D and Wojt get back to replace these two .

I kind of see Collaros as an average qb with good sense and decent short pass accuracy ...More like a Kevin Glenn
I always felt was not good enough to take us to the cup and that is how I currently feel about Zack

Throw the stats out . It is not that hard to get a good pass percentage when you throw 2 to 5 yard passes and it'
s not that hard to rack up yards when your defence keeps giving you the ball back and all you ever do is pass

overall Collaros is OK

Not sure why none of our receivers could get open ? was it baecause the bombers had 2 weeks to prepare ?
why only 1 pass to fantuz ..why not end around and reverses ..more draw plays and screens to madu snap to banls or madu ?

cross patterns to grant, ellingson ?

i concede that wpg db's are pretty good but not that good

Our defence is good enough to take us to the grey cup and our offence is not good enough to take us to the playoffs.

At least our penalties are down and bad hups etc

Fair assessment of the team but as pointed out in another thread only 94 points scored in total in all 4 games this weekend. That's bad! Better defences, worse offenses I do not know but I have noticed a lot of low scoring games this year and not just by us. Another observation in the whole league is the lack of good receivers. I do not remember watching so many well thrown balls hit so many receivers that they drop. Is it lack of concentration or is it just mediocre receivers we have been oversold with by the media? A lot of questions in the whole league this year. I am glad for the win, it reminded me of the old days of Mosca and Barrow where good defenses win the close ones.