Kiss The Witches Thread, volume 4

As I missed the game last night, I am starting this post-game ritual a little late.. Please give me your thoughts on the wonderful win to help me catch up.... :wink:

Oski wee wee,


Gable out with a separated shoulder on the first offensive play;
C.O. Prime had to play RB (and played quite well, under the circumstances);
Norwood and O'Dell should be finalists for DPOW;
We came back from 15-3;
Giguere had the best KO return;
The Beard hit the upright on a punt = dead ball = no rouge;
Our defence was spectacular;
we beat both the Pies AND the refs;

I thought Collaros looked mature beyond his years. NOTHING seems to get to him. Truly amazing performance for a first year starter in the CFL.

With Edmonton being 3 and 0 (now 3 and 1) when leading at the half and 6 and 0 (now 6 and 1) when leading after 3 quarters this shows we beat a very good team. This has me excited for where this will lead. It'll be between us and the blew team for first place. The loser of that will play the crossover team and be in tough (Hamilton and BC from a few years ago :oops: ).

Finally I was thinking of leaving around the end of the 3rd quarter :roll: . I decided to stay for two reasons. Number one the deficit was not that great and, I sit in seat 14 (the middle) of my section and, even though there is a lot more leg room than previously, I would have had to run the gauntlet of fans who were staying. I learned a valuable lesson: don't leave until my voice is totally gone (from yelling). :wink:

The taming of the West continues: bring on Winnipeg!


"You're coming together and you're learning what it takes to win football games."

Favorite part of the game :lol: :thup:


:rockin: :thup: :D 8) :cowboy:

On a side note, any updates on the status of Joel Figueroa??? I hope he sustained no major damaga to any of his body parts last night!

Man, the locker room is so big, the players need binoculars to see the coach...

That's MUCH better than having to trip over each other to move! :smiley:

I will admit I had my doubts especially when the refs seemed determined to beat us with borderline penalties that they didn't call the other way and the offense was struggling so much in the first half but it was clear the team was not going to give an inch and fight to the finish. Once they got the lead I had a feeling that they would hang on and they did! Would have rather not seen that garbage time TD by the EE but it wasn't enough to give them the game! A 9 point win would have been even more satisfying that a 2 point win especially over the EE! Considering the only other team to beat the Eskies in Calgary, I'd say the team did VERY WELL! :smiley: :rockin:

Probably designed to fit the ego of Chris Williams... Lol

Frig they can hold a practice in there.

Some game pics from the TiCats site.

Great pics Grover really. Thanks!

Agree!! :thup: :thup: