Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume 3

Great overall win for the Cats in all three phases tonight. Collaros was outstanding, Toliver and Grant were clutch, and I was really impressed by Donald Washington! The Reinebold call on the onside punt was super and Stewart executed the recovery perfectly!

A fantastic start to the home schedule – congrats to the team and staff!

Oski Wee Wee,


Some of the best bits of this game....

Trevor Harris actually had a great game and we still crushed them...

Kent Austin looked relaxed, happy even....I've never ever seen that before...

We were perfect in the red zone!

And speaking of perfect FOUR turnover on downs for us! Running against the Cats is just suicide.

I think we should use Woodson more....

Edit: Oh yeah, The Rainbow! No pot of gold at the end of that for the Argos, just a big ol' can of whoop ass...

The negative?

I could have done with hearing Gable's screams of pain...

Collaros had another great game and if I had to choose who the game's MVP was, I'd have to go with him.

And his receivers have been getting the job done as well. Grant continues to look reliable and consistent, and I've like what I've seen from Toliver (the OPI call against him did appear to be questionable.) And Tasker reminded us why we wanted him back in the lineup, despite the fact that he fumbled one away as rain was coming down. I hope Fantuz won't be out for long.

Speaking of injuries, it was said that the injury to Gable was not as serious as it first appeared to be. I hope that's true, even though Woodson did well at RB. I expect Holley to be back on the active roster again, and hopefully he'll do more to impress with this next opportunity he'll get.

On defence, what about them stuffing the offence on 3rd and 1 gambles not once, but twice? The offence got a TD with the great field position after their first turnover on downs with the great field position that they got. That may have actually been the turning point of the game.

And that sack by Washington? It looked reminiscent of that legendary hit by Jamall Johnson on Buck Pierce.

Last year, this team showed it could still do well without Gable and Fantuz, but I hope those two won't be out for long.

But this team is now 7-0 at THF. 8-0 if you include playoff games. 9-0 if you include preseason games. :slight_smile:

There is nothing to bitch about 8-0 at THF :rockin: :thup:
And cats99 the 13 th man got his ass on TSN! Gold Cow Bell :thup: :cowboy:

I'd rather see Ford back that Holley - more of a smash-mouth, up the gut RB. And I was thinking the same thing about Washington's sack.

11 random thoughts:

  1. Argos have found another way to stop Banks: just keep turning the ball over on downs and you never have to punt.

  2. Seems like our defence keeps getting better. They bent but rarely broke. But most importantly, they are showing a knack for coming up big when it really counts. (See earlier point about turnovers on downs.)

  3. The red zone scoring percentage trend really reversed itself for both teams tonight. We were money, and the other guys couldn't punch it in when it counted.

  4. Harris is surprisingly hard to sack. There could easily have been four or five more sacks based on all the pressure we were getting. I lost a little respect for him, though, when he turned into a soccer player upon the slightest of contact from Hickman.

  5. A total of 17 players (on both teams) had at least one catch. You don't see that every day. Injuries played a part with backups seeing playing time on both teams. (Stala looked more impressive in one quarter than Owens did in three.)

  6. Toliver is looking impressive, especially with his determination to keep gaining yards after he catches it. I think he will break a few this year. Also nice to see Grant grab the two TDs.

  7. We've now scored more points than any team in the league, even though a few have played one more game. I'd say way to go offence, but I believe 6 of our TDs have come from D and ST. So, way to go team!

8] August could shape up to be a very good month for us with all these home games. Hard to believe that just last week we were playing to avoid being last in the league.

  1. I'm guessing that "the win streak at TH Field" is a topic that would grate on fans of other teams, based on the number of times TSN repeats it. But I don't really care.

  2. All that Ohio/Pennsylvania talk must have really pleased ESPN. The whole "understudies" storyline started to wear thin, but hopefully TSN has got it out of their system. I would have like to hear them declare a more definitive victory for Collaros.

  3. This penalty situation is starting to drive me nuts. Can someone declare that the refs have proved their point, and revert back to a more watchable version of the games?

We all know the streak won't last forever, but I'm sure glad it didn't end against these clowns. Labour Day is even more important.

He was caught on camera smiling a number of times. He may be displeased when he reviews the films. May adjust the game plan for next week by adding in a few more screaming tirades.

:o only mans sack i ever think of is santas lol

Nah Holley is better all around back than Ford imo

If Gable can't go, then I hope they give Woodson a chance to start.

I think you’ll be seeing a few new running backs in town no matter what.

He had some solid carries last night.

I too would like to see him start the next game.

Other than the penalties, I don’t think Kent Austin and the coaching staff are going to find much to complain about in the films.

But they should ALWAYS find ways to improve.

Collaros is the best QB in the league!

Collaros Stats from last night

Passing Stats - 21/27 for 229 yrds, 0 INT's and 3 TD's :thup:

Also Drew Edwards caught this last night after the game
It shows what kind of a fine young man we have leading our team!! :thup: :thup:

Drew EdwardsVerified account
It's near midnight & #Ticats QB @ZCollaros7 is still playing football... with kids on the field of THF.

During the post game video with Drew and Steve, they get video bombed by Collaros, who was there til midnight playing football with some kids.

He looks to be truly enjoying his place with the Tiger cats.


47 point differential in the PF PA nice

wow EDM @ 79

granted EDM has had the luxury of 3 home games to our 1

Edmonton has arguably had the easier schedule. Of their first five games, four were against teams that failed to make the playoffs last year, and the other was against the winless Roughriders. However they can only play the hand they are dealt, and they've been winning pretty convincingly. Not to mention that they lost their starting QB in week one.

Here's hoping our Aug 21 game in Edmonton is a battle of the two first-place teams.

A little late posting here but I was impressed with the Ticat win! This game never seemed to be in doubt and that is the first time I have felt that when watching the team this season (missed seeing the Als game). Putting up big numbers on offense is NO guarantee of a W as we saw with Harris' stats and as we've seen most of the season with the Riders. Zach was impressive and efficient in getting the job done but, unlike last week, didn't have to run with the ball. Having THREE TDs to only 2 FGs shows that the offense is beginning to click well this season and hopefully will continue to "hum" along. Defence continues to get the job done and teams might want to think more than once about 3rd and short gambles against them! Of course the onside punt recovery for the opening TD was perfectly done and probably threw the Argos off their game.

Crowd noise was spectacular except when the storm first hit in the 2nd and no doubt those without rain gear sought shelter in the concourse areas.

Looking forward to more solid wins from the team in the next couple of weeks. They are going to be on two short weeks in a row (saw that they have NINE short weeks all together - more than any other team) so hopefully the longer breaks that they have had the last week or two have them feeling fresh enough to withstand the upcoming schedule.

you mean 'tried' to get to shelter. im on the lower west side and there was no getting into that concourse. everyone was stuck on the stairs leading up to it. although being a portly fella I coulda bowled a few of the elderly over if I really wanted too. :lol: