Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume 3

10 random thoughts from today's game:

  1. Great game from Fantuz. I think he had at least one guy draped all over him on every one of his 11 catches. I remember when he used to wear green & white and beat us on 30 or 40 yard passes. If he's still got the wheels, you'd think he would be open for a few of those with everyone playing him so tight.

  2. I couldn't believe how stubborn Sask was in sticking to their run-focused game plan right through to the end. Thanks for helping us kill the clock, guys - teams trying to overcome a large deficit aren't usually so generous.

  3. Is it possible that one player - Durant - makes the difference between a Grey Cup championship and the sad showing we saw today?

  4. We've now had punt return TDs from three different returners this year. I wonder if that's ever happened before? Generally a team has, at most, one ace back there. I think we need to give the blockers and coaches a lot of credit.

  5. Other than the TD, something I really liked about Sinkfield is that he catches the ball rather than letting it bounce. I think he let one punt hit the ground, late in the game.

  6. Once we had the game wrapped up, I was hoping for more points for this reason. Even as a 3-7 team, we're only minus-17 in the points for/against differential. Shows how many close games we've lost this year. One more win like today and we'd be in the positive column - even at 4-7.

  7. It also seems funny that a 3-7 team can have a winning record both at home (3-2), and in their own division (2-1).

  1. I'm really liking the Ticats TV feature with Hage, Ozzy and Williams offering game commentary in real time. Kudos to whomever came up with that idea.
  1. Obviously the execution was off, but up until the clock hit zero, I actually liked how we were going for 7 instead of 3 at the end of the first half (e.g. no-huddle offence). It showed the killer instinct that a lot of us have been looking for.

  2. I wonder if there's a single participant on this board who would trade Collaros for Burris, straight up?

#2 - This is not a bad thing.. I wish WE had the testicular fortitude to commit to the running game with such passion!!

10 - Depends, who are we getting?? :lol:

Yes. In Austin we trust. Our flawless leader. :cowboy:

Is he wrong about this??

No. Collaros is great so far and we should all be pleased that it's working out. But it was still a gamble to bring in Collaros and just hand over the team to him without a proven backup or vet QB on the sidelines to help stabilize things if Collaros struggled. We had Glenn to bail us out in 2009 when the Quinton Porter experiment began to falter. Austin made no such provisions. Even Spec writers Steve Milton and Drew Edwards mentioned the gamble in written articles at the beginning of the season.

It was a fantastic effort by the Cats today. Collaros in the past three games has shown what a smart move it was to release Burris and sign him. In fact, I think he looks better this year then he did with Toronto last year when he had to come in as a backup and save their bacon when Ray was hurt. His one interception he threw was a fluke and could not be faulted on it. We've now outplayed the opposition in three consecutive games by a wide margin, but it's the first time the score reflected that.

Now we did play a Saskatchewan team that was absent Darian Durant which took away their passing game allowing the Cats to focus more on their running game but still we stopped a rushing team that's been putting up an average of 150 yards per game. I think we put up more rushing yards than they did. The loss of Durant had no effect on their defence which surrendered 28 points against the Cats.

The one negative is that we were still leaving points off the board. One field goal miss was the result of hitting the post, but two others opportunities were missed including one at the end of the half due to poor clock management.

But all in a good game to watch. And best of all...

...suck it, Cortez!

Nice pics Cap'n
Love the Gold Pants!
Collaros, Fantuz and Ellingson were outstanding on Offence

There was one punt in particular when he caught the ball like a receiver instead of a typical basket catch, reaching out in front of his face for the ball. I'm thinking that either the way the ball came in fooled him and he had to react, or it was a tight spiral and he forgot he was returning a punt for a second. Either way, it showed he has good hands.


Saskatchewan------------------------------------------------------------ Hamilton
13-7-4-2------------ First Downs(Total-Rush-Pass-Penalty)-------- 22-8-14-0
48-201-4.2---------- Game Totals (Plays-Yards-Avg)--------------- 56-406-7.3
11-23-1-100-4.3-5-- Passing (Comp-Att-Int-Yards-Avg-Sacks)-- 29-36-1-287-8-3
20-101-5.1--------- Rushing (Att-Yards-Avg)----------------------- 17-119-7
12-499-41.6------- Punting (Punts-Yards-Avg)--------------------- 7-285-40.7
4-40---------------- Punt (Returns-Yards)---------------------------- 12-151
4-67---------------- Kick (Returns-Yards)----------------------------- 1-16
7-50---------------- Penalties (Penalties-Yards)---------------------- 7-44
0-0----------------- Fumbles (Fumbles-Lost)------------------------- 0-0
27:47-------------- Time Of Possession------------------------------- 32:13

I was out of town and missed the game...I heard the one minute of silence for Paul Weiler on the radio but that was it.I just finished watching a recording of the game.
Have to agree with most everyone here. Collaros, Figueroa, Fantuz, Sinkfield....the O line and's all finally coming together. :smiley:
Hard to believe we are in first place but we certainly earned it. Terrific game. The new stadium has provided a welcome change of direction for us this season.

Pile on Tasker on his second TD!


What an incredible touchdown! I was incredulous at first that they even ruled it a touchdown. I felt sure that it would be overturned on replay. Then I saw the replay. What a great effort from Tasker on that one.

He was great except for the part where he almost put Tasker on the injured list after his 2nd touchdown.

80.55% completion for Collaros. Nice game, I think we have a quarterback
for this year and for many more!!

It was more than just Figgy

Here is another shot of it

Make sure to give Olsen some love as well since every time Chick was on on one side, Foley was on the other and vice versa. Two DE's ... Two OT's. And considering Olsen plays LT I'll give him the nod over Figueroa.