Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume 3

I have to go very shortly for an engagement, so I will kick this off quickly:

  1. Collaros! What a phenomenal game again! The chemistry with Fantuz is fantastic!

  2. Sinkfield has the jets to be our returner. It is a pleasant conundrum to figure out who of our stable of young returners will emerge.

  3. Great front seven play on fact we won both sides of the line of scrimmage today! The pass rush was super!

  4. All around, the best team effort thus far this year. We are in a tie for first!!

I will chip in with more later.

Oski Wee Wee,


Figueroa. . . took Chick and Foley out of the game; and that's not easy to do.

Finally a win for the East division.
We need the east to step it up and make it respectable, and this win helps.
Good to see the Cats playing better the last few weeks. Now go get the Eskimos!

I'm definitely on the Collaros bandwagon now.

Also, 2-0 at THF baby! :thup:

Great job for the D...Sunseri was ineffective, the Cats knew the Riders HAD to run and did what was needed to stop it

Steinhaeur called a great game...

ZC was lights out, pushing the envelope and chucking spirals into coverages that begged to pick off and completing them..

Austin made the RIGHT call moving Burris out for this kid... he is showing us he IS the real deal..


Today’s first star of the game :thup:

Collaros second star,

Fantuz third star

On the second play of the game, a pass to Fantuz for a 1st down and a crowd of Riders holding Fantuz up with no whistle, Figueroa runs downhill about 7 yards and smashes two defenders off the pile. After that play I knew he was going to have a great game. Great play, good intensity there, and for the entire game.

In a sense, Figueroa today reminded me of the late Travis Claridge. I recall Claridge in one game taking Joe Montford out of a game; the broadcast crew only mentioned Montford a few times, when he went offside. Figueroa was similar today; it mattered not which of Foley or Chick was up against him; he totally took them out of the game, so that they were a complete non-factor in the game. Given how the Riders lead the league in sacks, Figueroa's performance, while not as noticeable to many, was to me the key performance today.

Need another star for Madu. Great game by the kid including a key block on the edge, early in the second quarter on the Sinkfield sweep play. Without that block there is a good chance that play goes nowhere.

Also, lots of stars for the O but the D was the real story of this game.

Agree MJ… his performance was not lost on me either… absolutely dominated today!

Fifth Quarter Darcy is that you??

Anybody who thinks the 'Cats made a mistake going after Collaros and not retaining Burris is completely…well I just can’t say it.

Great game. Love THF, because it's comfortable and they WIN .

Riders wont continue with Sunseri. Think they'll trade for Burris??

That’s easy to see now, but most people would feel a little hesitant and uneasy to release a 16 year veteran and then gamble your season on an unproven rookie QB.

Yeah, that would have been a reckless move. Did someone do that? Glad my team went with a backup QB who’d been in the league a couple of years, understudied for one of the all-time greats, started (and won) a bunch of games and shown some serious potential. No need for “unproven rookies” when you’ve got a guy like that available.

Are you referring to this article?

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Tasker and Ellingson were very good also.

No need to be a smartass. You know exactly what I mean. Most people don’t care about the time he was holding a clipboard on the sidelines. This is his 1st year where he has been assigned the starter of a team. There’s no guarantee he will develop into the next Ray.

When Ray 1st started, ,there was no guarantee HE would turn into the next Ray either… what’s your point?

I don’t know how much clearer my point could be. I’m sorry you are not able to grasp such concepts.

Apparently your ability to grasp at the concept of there are no guarantees is evident…

Austin made a decision based on what he saw and felt about Collaros…
Collaros is not an unproven rookie, he had a resume as a starter, albeit 6 games, but those 6 games spoke volumes of his ability to run an offense, an offense that wasn’t even born around him… and Austin saw that