Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume 2

The Cats won a big one on the road tonight with a huge effort by CJ Gable and the Ticat D...particularly in the second half for the latter! Collaros was clutch when it mattered.

On the downside, some bad penalties. That needs to be cleaned up.

More later!

Oski Wee Wee,


Brandon Banks - less than stellar

CJ Gable was a beast tonight! :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

gotta play better on Civic Holiday. Gut check win tonight in a place that is usually very unfriendly to Tabbie teams.

CJ is the best back in the league, bar none. :thup: :thup: :thup:

First off... welcome back C.J. Gable!

135 rushing yards on 20 carries, and caught three passes for 29 receiving yards. It was no surprise to hear about him being named the player of the game. And I'm sure he did a great job at things that don't show up on the stat sheet, such as blocking.

It was great to see Collins make the most of the opportunity he got. Too bad his numbers are not showing up here at this time:

Speaking of receiving, it was interesting how Fantuz was only thrown to once in the first half. But he did a great job as the go-to receiver in the 4th quarter. And Grant continues to look reliable as he may be looking to prove that re-signing him was a good idea.

On defence, there were some good tackles. And the defence got some big hits on Glenn. It was that TD-saving tackle that Glenn made after he threw it to Murray that took him out of the game in what has to be considered its turning point (and the game's first turnover as well, I think.) And Messam did not get many rushing yards, despite Laurent being out.

Some will point out Banks possibly costing us a TD with a very foolish UR call. And that Medlock missed on two FGs attempts he should be capable of making. And would the result have been different if Glenn were able to play in the 4th quarter? Well, this Ticat team was missing Tasker, Norwood, and Laurent for the entire game.

The last three times this team played at Taylor Field, those games ended with this team getting blown out. You might say this team performed an exorcism tonight. It's great to see this team gets wins outside of THF.

Penalties ! Speedy what's uppppp Bro ..... :o


Nuff said!

The boys deserve to celebrate their success tonight. But, it won't be easy ...... on a Sunday night in Regina. Beers at the Casino maybe. 2 & 2, after 4 straight on the road -- the 2 losses by a total of 5 pts. -- the 2 wins by a total of 36 pts. Things seem a lot better now.

Some random thoughts:

  1. Anyone who still wants to make a case for Grigsby, this would be a great time to do so.

  2. One of the best games Gable has played for us, and they barely used him in his most deadly capacity - as a receiver coming out of the backfield. Looking forward to seeing him get the ball in the open field. (But he still hurdled a guy at the line of scrimmage tonight.)

  3. Medlock's "worst" game of the year is still a 71% FG-kicking night with some clutch kicks that kept us in the game until the offence finally caught fire late.

  4. I'm glad our coach doesn't do ridiculous things like opt for opponents to get a 1st and 15 instead of a 2nd and 10. But I'm grateful for Chamblin's decision.

  5. Sask used to be my second-favourite team, when they were lovable losers. I lost any remaining soft spot for them after the 2013 Grey Cup. Now I enjoy seeing them in this predicament almost as much as I would the Argos. (And at least with Sask, you don't have to worry that the team might fold.)

  6. That's two weeks in a row we shut down one of the hottest RBs in the league. And to think, half our starting D-line is injured.

  7. Interesting that the vast majority of our sacks are coming from LBs and DBs. I wonder if that's an early season anomaly, or a feature of Coach O's defence?

8] I liked Zach's decision-making tonight, and his ability to salvage plays when Plan A appeared to be stopped. Looks like he learned some good lessons from last week's mistakes.

  1. One of my worries on offence is that we don't seem to have a lot of high-percentage plays available for second and short. In the first half we went with a 20-yard out pattern in the end zone instead of grabbing another set of downs around the 10. Even on the two point convert, that pass to the back of the end zone to Bakari seems like it's not going to work for us every time.

  2. Rico might take some ribbing for not getting into the end zone with only Glenn to beat. As it turns out, the outcome of that play may have been the best possible one, since it extinguished any hope of their offence mounting a comeback in the fourth quarter.

Great to have CJ back and even better to come away from Ridernation with a nice W! This wasn't a game that the greenies barely lost by 2 or 3 points either, but a 10 point loss!

Fantastic job by the defense who know how to work together as a TEAM in limiting the Riders main weapons - Messam, Allen, Dressler and Smith. Zach made some impressive plays for FD with his running ability, and in spite of a couple of misses, (from 40 - really?? I'm far more forgiving from 50+) Medlock managed some solid kicks to put up about half of the points scored - ALL by the offense!

Looking forward to a string of home wins now! :smiley:

Oh Joy, I hope we see you every week…

Great to see the team get the win. Gable was a beast today. Our defense did a great job of getting pressure while still limiting the Sask running game. Collaros showed the escapability he gained a reputation for in Toronto.

No turnovers, 1 punt.

20 rushes by Gable.

We have a running game. We won. Now 2-2. And we will be back at THF.
Things are looking up. :thup:

I may have mentioned this before

But I love cj


Some great points above - 2nd and 10 vs. 1st and 15? - That was a head scratcher.

Here are my random thoughts:

Peter D. had a better game and the O-line looked better overall. CJ certainly stepped into the breach more than once picking up blocks.

The dumb penalties continue - Banks' penalty was particularly stupid.

I don't think Kevin Glen throws more interceptions than the average QB but they always seem to be costly ones. I was reminded of that pick-six he threw against Winnipeg a few years back at IW. Like the guy, buy glad we have Zach.

Much better this year after five games than last year!

When Gabe gets a full head of steam he's a load to stop and he punished their DB's all night that had to made most of the stops on him. :cowboy:

I wonder if Grigsby was simply out-hustled, out-worked, and out-played by the other RBs who were making virtually the same amount of money he was.

I was joking with my wife saying that it's not a game if Gable doesn't go airborne over a defender

The miss on the 58-yd FG I can forgive, but missing a 40-yd FG?!? Medlock already lost ONE of his jobs to The Beard, he doesn't need to lose another one... lol Medlock is his own harshest critic, and he will sort himself out, and work with Coates if there was anything wrong with the hold on the miss.

I was actually concerned when Austin opted for field position rather than a point early in the game when Medlock kicked off into the end-zone and SSK was flagged for a hold. Sure, SSK scrimmaged from their 5-yd-line and ended up punting, but with our losing streak at that stadium, I would rather take the points.

I'm not against the TEAM per se, but there is a sub-set of their fans that are the most obnoxious in the country. The vast majority of SSK fans are amongst the BEST football fans in the world (akin to the Green Bay Packers fans), but the rotten apples spoil it fro the rest of the country.

It's not just the D-line, we have a great run-stopping corps of linebackers in Reed, Lawrence, and Harris as well.

Feature. Definitely a feature.

Some say salvage, some say extend. He certainly took fewer chances and made better reads last night.

I don't know if that was by design, or as a result of excellent coverage by the SSK defence. Fantuz was being double-teamed all game (until he came alive in the 4th quarter) and it is situations like that where both he and Tasker feed off each other. I think you will see the playbook open up quite a bit when Luke makes it back into the lineup, just as we saw last night with CJ.

The only thing worse than a QB tackling you on an INT is the kicker tackling you on a kick/punt return. That being said, our defence kicked the snot out of Glenn all night, and I think that it was only a matter of time until he would be forced from the game, either by injury, or by throwing too many pick-6s. Yes, we beat him up THAT much, and they were CLEAN hits.

One thing that the panel pointed out was the open-field tackling by our defence. It. Was. Perfect. Virtually each and every tackle was a perfect hit-and-wrap, not allowing the ball carrier to gain yards after contact. That impresses me more than a bone-jarring hit that does nothing but change the receiver's direction slightly. Next up - the blew team...

You mean, like when Brackenridge thumped Toliver in the open field but didn't wrap up, allowing Toliver to keep running. And Suitor called it a good football play by both of them. (I thought differently.)

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my random thoughts.