Kiss the Witches Thread, Volume 10

Just wondering here but where oh where was Mr Alouette "Cheap shot" Chip Cox yesterday ? I didn't hear his name mentioned once all afternoon :stuck_out_tongue: Was he even dressed for the game ? If anybody knows the whereabouts of Cox please inform the Alouettes immediately. :smiley: It says in the game stats that someone called Cox had 6 tackles for the Als ? Must have been another guy named Cox cause I don't recall or remember any tackles from Chippy Cox. Maybe it was his brother Dippy Cox ?
Maybe he was up in the stands selling Popcorn or something :lol: or maybe he was in the dressing room all game looking for a pair of pants that would fit Nik "the Plumber" Lewis. I'm guessing that maybe Cox took the afternoon off much like the rest of the Alouettes did.Another player that I have to ask about is this new MLB for the Als some guy called Muamba? I guess he didn't dress as well because I didn't hear his name mentioned all game :stuck_out_tongue: . Perhaps someone forgot to tell them all that there was a game at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. :smiley: :cowboy:

Excuse my ignorance for this dumb question...but what does "kiss the witches" actually a reference for?

oski-oui-oui generally takes it upon himself to start most of the game-day threads so we can talk about the game as it happens. After the game, he starts threads with the title of either "Kiss the Witches" (for a win) or "Burn the Witches" (for a loss). I can only assume that these tongue-in-cheek thread titles refer to the "horrendously barbaric" tradition of burning those accused of Witchcraft (or heresy) during the Middle Ages. Kissing the Witches, however, would be a much more inclusive and welcoming way of celebrating a win for out Tiger-Cats, I would imagine... lol

It's a phrase that is a variation of "Burn the Witches" that oski-oui-oui coined (or more accurately stole form Monty Python) way back in 2009. His first post using the phrase was on August 16th, 2009 in a thread about Quentin Porter. He more or less used it to describe those that were complaining about the QBing of both Porter and Glenn and wanting Boltus to start. The first actual burn the witches thread was actually started on Aug. 29th, 2009 after a loss to the Edmonton Eskimos, and then was promptly merged into the more bland Ticats vs. Eskimos Post Game Thread. The Burn the Witches post-game thread didn't become a regular thing until the 2011 season. It was also the first year the Kiss The Witches post game threads first appeared on July 16th celebrating wins. Started by oski-oui-oui, 'natch....

Thanks to both of you for explaining the origins/meaning of the title. I feel a sense of clarity now.

What ever happened to Johnny all class and charm? He's an Alouettes fan isn't he?

Yup !!!! Johnny is a definite Dirty Birds fan :stuck_out_tongue: The current hot rumour about the Class and Charm Boy is that with the last Alouette loss he has apparently gone into the Witness Protection Program because of his willingness to jump ship on those featherless birds and jump aboard the Ti-Cat bandwagon. :smiley: :rockin:
He was last seen heading into an AA meeting aka Alouettes Anonymous. He's been MIA ever since, though there has been an apparent siting of him recently over in the main CFL forum.Apparently he was driving a runaway Wahbulance when last seen. :smiley: