Kiss the Witches Thread, Volume 10

Another reason why I am happy that we won:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 5h5 hours ago

Always one or two people in the Alouettes press box who refuse to stand for O'Canada. No different today.

Perhaps some of the military personnel that TSN showed in crowd shots today should visit the press box at the next game at Percival Molson stadium?

In honour of another Thread Title Gone Bad...

We've now assured that Montreal can not be any higher than fourth and unless we meet them in the Grey Cup, we won't be seeing them again this year.

We're down to only needing two wins to clinch first

Mathews is no Collaros, but that's okay since Zach was giving us 30 point victories, Jeff has a lot of wiggle room to take advantage of, and he's doing that.

Oh and Chris Schultz thinks that the Cats can win the Grey Cup with Mathews, and I'm starting to think that too...

100 bucks says its a reporter(s) from LaPresse

In honour of Pat's most excellent post, I have five:

  1. Catch of the year for Tasker.
  2. Pass of the year for Matty.
    3)Speedy is very Speedy.
    4)Fear the Daly.
    5)Cat's receivers are tough as nails.

OOPS you're right! Thanks!

I know that many would like to see an Eastern crossover to prove that the East is better for a change than the west BUT I'll be truly happy if the Larks DO NOT make the playoffs this season. IF it was any other team (like Ottawa trying to make it in as the crossover) I'd be all for it. Time to break the playoff streak for the dirty birds just like they broke our winning streak at THF and like the Ticats broke their losing streak in Montreal.

I should have included something about the punt blocks. That's really quite incredible how we probably have half the blocked punts in the league this year. When all is said and done, it's probably equally as impressive as all the TDs our defence was scoring earlier in the season - mainly because the defensive TDs dried up and the blocks keep coming.

Without that play, we may not have scored a TD today, and the 4th quarter could have looked a lot different.

I didn't see most of this one so there's not much that I can add to this thread. But since it's being mentioned that this was this team's first win at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium since October 20, 2002, I'll just add onto that. It was one of the last games that McManus and Flutie played together. But the player who was talked about that game was Dana Segin (who is now the kicking coach at Mac) who replaced an injured Ozzie and was 5/5 in field goal attempts. Here's a story on that: ... 1T09:35:06

I'm not sure how McManus and Flutie did during that game. But it was the Cornell Connection that got it done this time. It sounds like Sinkfield had yet another great game. And our special teams blocked yet another punt.

Montreal ended our winning streak at THF earlier this year, but we ended their winning streak against us at McGill.

Last week, it was said by some us us, myself included, that the defence Mathews did well against was the league's worst. Well, it looks like Mathews can do well against good defences. And that is one reason Austin decided that Montreal could have Glenn.

Yeah, well there are dumb minorities in every culture. Shouldn't be a reason to hate the Als or the Quebec media.

There is another thing that I have to add to this thread. This:

I could watch that over and over again. And if you want to as well, that animated GIF may be just what you're looking for.

Both of those guys were basically non-factors for that particular game. McManus was 11 of 23 for 185 yards passing with Flutie catching one pass for 21 yards. It was Troy Davis with 159 yards rushing and the aforementioned Seguin who were the big players in that 29-26 victory.

They certainly took Montreal to the clock-cleaners today. Boom!

and he watched us slide into first place lol

So did TD score any TD's? :rockin:

Luke has become our Cahooooooon. :rockin:

Thanks for all the comments guys! Great thoughts and perspective.
I missed last weeks game (out of the country) and I missed yesterdays game(out of town) so I have not been able enjoy watching Jeff Mathews settle down and impress.
I hope to be at one more practice before the end of this month.

^^ I believe it was -2 when we was out there in shorts with no :rockin:

Oh, and how about the 6th punt block of the season? I don't think I've heard a number like that in a very long time.

And that was BEFORE the game!!! :smiley: :rockin:

Kudos to team for maintaining discipline and class.
The temptation to get a little pay-back at MTL in light of the last game with Hebert's idiotic arm flapping etc. must have been great.

Hebert was a non-factor, until he took HIMSELF out... lol