Kiss the Witches Thread, Volume 10

A key win by the Cats over the Als in Montreal, the first victory for Hamilton in Montreal in the regular season since 2002 (18 games).

Congrats to the team for a solid effort!

Your thoughts?

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My thoughts? This should be a "Kiss the Witches" thread.

I am disappoint...

Slow burn here...LOL Edited! :slight_smile:

The thread title shows that Russ has had too many brown pops today. As long as they were celebratory in nature, all is forgiven. :slight_smile:

Two last games of the season with the redblacks to decide first place. What a bunch of BS. :cowboy:

I'm getting the wienies and marshmallows if we're having a bonfire tonight. I'm in the mood to celebrate.

I thought Black and whatshisname were in Montreal. How can they be at your bonfire? :lol: :lol: :lol:

LOL Mike...unfortunately not! Just a cut-and-paste of the wrong thread title in the dropdown.

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We are 10 and 5. Last year we were 7 and 8. Arguably we could very easily be 14 and 1, as we should have won both Cowboy games and the two we lost against today's opponent easily could have been ours as well. (And if Zach was not hurt against those pesky Inuit types unbeaten might have been our name).

Oh well, the destination is what is important - not how we get there.

I still believe in my signature.


There was some impressive clock-management this game by actually using the running game. Ford started off well until his lower-body injury, and Woodson played very well in relief with 38-yds. The Ti-Cats actually had 113-yds total in rushing today, we haven't seen that since C.J. Gable played his last full game.

Once again, our turnover machine came alive with 3 INTs and ANOTHER punt block by Mark Daly that Plesius recovered to set up our only TD (great read by both Mathews and Sinkfield, BTW).

Jeff Mathews looked VERY sharp today, going 21/25 for 241-yds passing with 1 TD and ZERO interceptions. The Cornell Connection was in fine form as Tasker had 107-yds receiving, including that ridiculous over-the-shoulder catch. Sinkfield had 90-yds and a TD, and Mathews was throwing lasers into tight coverage. Unfortunately, Cord Howard at LT got schooled by Bowman a few times and Mathews ended up being sacked 3 times (officially) and took some pretty hard hits (as his tongue can attest - if it could speak).

Kevin Glenn played like the Kevin Glenn we all know and love, throwing up lame ducks and getting HAMMERED by both Ted Laurent and Bryan Hall all game. All three teams came out to play today.

Great game by our D and STs. Looks like we beat the larks at their own game - short passes and getting enough of a drive going to at least kick FGs. Frustrating at times when we know how well Jeff can toss the ball, but probably a wise decision when our young inexperienced QB is facing a pretty tough D. Our D got plenty of pressure on KG, taking advantage of his lack of familiarity with his receivers and causing him to toss a few balls that were easily picked off by our ball hawking DBs and LBs. A win in Montreal is well overdue - especially given that we are clearly the better team as evidenced by our record. The Larks should never have taken even one game in the series but the team might have let them get into their heads a bit. GREAT job by Jeff doing just enough to get the much desired W! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Now if only I could listen to the post game show on 1150 but I'm getting no sound in the player on my phone! :x Listening online unfortunately is my only option due to distance from Hamilton.

To be fair we played 2 bad games, but with luck they could've been wins, I think a conservative, objective fan would say the Ticats should be 13-2.

Random thoughts on the game:

  1. This is how I had hoped the games would unfold after Zach went down. Dominance from our D, some big plays by special teams, and competent game management by Mathews. We can't expect him to be Collaros so early in his career, but if the rest of the team plays up to its capabilities there's no reason we can't win.

  2. The running game didn't set things on fire, but it established a credible enough threat to take some pressure off of us in the passing game. Best example was the one TD pass where their D had to be thinking about the run.

  3. Hope Lawrence is OK. I've been thinking for a while that LB is the one area of the team that's emerged unscathed from the injury plague. Couldn't express that thought in writing out of fear of jinxing things.

  4. Hopefully Ford's injury is not serious. But timing couldn't be better for CJ Gable to be just about ready to come back.

  5. We had to beat Montreal today, because this year we won't get our annual opportunity to knock them out of the post-season.

  6. It's great to see every decision Popp has made blow up in his face. From firing coaches mid-season because he thinks he can do better, to expecting a QB to have an impact on two days' practice, to bringing in over-the-hill receivers and watching balls bounce off their hands all day. Hard to think of a guy who deserves it more.

  7. That's two weeks in a row that Mathews clearly and significantly outperforms Glenn. That question of who we should be trusting with the game ball should be considered settled.

8] Things on Mathews' to-do list: develop a better radar fro the blind-side rush, and disperse the ball a little better. Sinkfield and Tasker with 8 catches each (moving to approx. 8th and 11th in the league in receiving yardage), third guy with 2 catches.

  1. I believe the Cats are the only team in the East with a chance to say that we beat every other Eastern team at least once in the regular season. It all comes down to our ability to take at least one against Ottawa. My worry is that Toronto has a great chance to win all three of their remaining games against the bottom three teams in the league, so we need to win at least two of ours.

  2. Wonder who we'll hear more from in the coming hours and days? The Montreal fans who love to come on here and taunt us for reasons unknown (we have double the wins they do!), or the Negative Nellie Cats fans who tend to be way more vocal after a loss than a win?

Nuff said,

Amazing analysis ExPat. I think you belong on someone (TSN)'s panel. I agree with everything you had to say, yet hadn't thought of a lot of what you said. I especially liked number 5. :slight_smile:

We are not worthy....

That reminded me so much of "The Catch", except that Luke was not playing with broken ribs at the time. :wink:


GIVE STEFAN LOGAN BACK HIS PANTS!!!!!!! :oops: :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually if the Larks can't win more games than BC or Winnipeg then we WILL have had a hand in knocking them out of the post season! Just all in a Ticats' days' work! :lol:

Fixed it for you. You're welcome. :smiley: