Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume 1

Waiting a full 24 hours before posting negatives..

Spoiler alert though
Starts with a p rhymes with zenalties

Really impressed with the team's play and particularly with the performances of Lawrence, Masoli, Maher, Daly, Banks, and Owens,along with the season debut of a few of the newcomers and the special teams' overall. I don't think an able Collaros would have added much over how Masoli played last night. Those longer passes, caught and not, were so accuarate. And, even Medlock wouldn't have outdone Maher's numbers -- 4/4 FGs including the 50 yarder, all converts, and a 49.3 yd. average on 6 punts. A great, first ever, season opener victory for Austin's TiCats. Maybe this will be the year we win early and often like our great teams of 50 - 60 years ago.

Agree with everyone. Great start, great plays on both sides of the ball. One negative (and it may be just me) but I wasn't too impressed with Sears. Not sure why, just a gut feeling. Maybe all the time he's missed over the last two years is showing. Could have been called a couple of times for late borderline hits.

Nice to win first game of the season. :thup: :thup:

Flyin Hawaiian!

He injured Kevin Elliott with a borderline late hit. I didn't really like it after watching the replay.

IMHO, Every team will be attacking Sears and Tisdale because E. Davis and Pointer are on the other side of the field.
They will be involved in more plays.
Both Sears and Tisdale play a physical "on the edge" heavy hitting style of defence, hence both get injured a lot.

You're right, it was borderline.

Watching in slow motion it looked like he had all the time in the world to avoid the hit, but realistically, at game speed I truly didn't look like it was avoidable. Of course only Johnny Sears knows for sure. :wink:

My wife and I sat in the "ticat" section - 121. The first 10 or so rows, heck, almost the entire section, was all tabby fans.
The argo fans who were seated in the section didn't know what hit them!!! :rockin:

Ticat fans were loud, but respectful. I know as the score got out of hand, we did "sorta" calm down on the chants.... While the injured argo player was on the field, we definitely kept in control, allowing for silence.

The Box J boys who were front row definitely had the section in a frenzy.

One of the best times I've ever had at a CFL game. :thup: :thup:

Great job boys!!!!

I agree that Collaros may not have added much over Masoli. This could end up like the Ray and Harris situation last year in Toronto. Masoli is good enough to be a starter and his value is going to continue to rise. There will be no rush to get Collaros back, he can take a long recovery. But it's early days.
Ray looked terrible last night I bet there are a lot of Argo fans questioning why they let Harris leave.

Wow. Kudos, guys. I was not expecting that at all. Masoli shredded Toronto's D and the Cats were just the sharper, better team all night long, even on the road and missing key guys like Laurent. :thup:

Anyone know what happened to Toliver?


8) And to think, some simple minded (so called fans) were up in arms when the Cats signed Chad Owens !!
  All because he was a former Argo !!  As I stated back then, Owens is a superlative athlete , and a star player in the 
  CFL.  Anyone who strongly objected to Kent Austin signing him, needs to have their heads examined !!!

  Just after last nights game he has proven his value to the Cats !!!    <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

Don't worry. Even Ryan3434 has realized the error of his ways and talked about getting a CO2 jersey (in last night's game thread - just after the final TD scored by CO2).

If he can be convinced, trust me, anyone can. Welcome to the hammer Chad - we hardly knew you. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Been on board with Masoli since the Guelph days. Always preferred him over Lefavre, and I am not confident in Matthews. I still feel Jeramiah won the Eastern Final only to have defence cough it up.

Great win for Jeramiah, and great game plan for Patsazek or how the heck his name is spelt. Have to eat crow on Owens for now, but still not totally convinced. Maybe it is just the Argo thing.

What can you say about Lawrence? Fun guy, fun player, great game.

On the other hand, let's remember 'Rickyray' was off his game, we had a good officiating crew, tough but honest, and I think, they under-rated Jeramiah. I'm thinking BC and the others will not make the same mistake. And Proulx and Murphy are still wearing the stripes.

Let's enjoy this one and look forward to the next. Win or lose, I think we are going to have an entertaining year. Still have Laurent and Zach to suit up.

Simple minded eh? Nobody questioned his athleticism. It's just disdain for the face of the enemy. Those of us that are capable of cynicism know that he's just in Black & Gold for the paycheck and his own convenience. He will forever bleed double blue. So next season Barker will roll out the welcome mat for him and say "Welcome Home Chad".

To all the fine lads, Chad is now, a you all, kick ass, Tiger Cat. Nobody can question his heart or his desire to win. :cowboy: :thup:

I'm glad we have him but I understand the sentiment. It's according to the player and a person's hatred for them really. For example.. I'd never welcome Duran Carter to the Ticats. I Pray I never have that problem. It would be awkward.

I hope your cynical expectation does not arise. I don't doubt that it might happen, I just don't think it will. Until he proves otherwise, CO2 is alright in my books. If your dark cloud does cover the Cats next February I will be more hateful of CO2 than Mike O'Sh!+. Trust me on that.

I personally think he chose Hamilton because he would not have to uproot his family and move elsewhere (does he live in Mississauga?). He still loves the game and can still play at a high level. This is truly is a perfect match. He does not have to move, and Hamilton replaces Terrell Sinkfield with a player at least his equal.