Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume 1

A great win by the Cats to spoil Toronto's party! A great night by Masoli, Owens, Fantuz, Banks and Tasker particularly on offense. Meanwhile, the defence was outstanding for long stretches of the game -- especially Simoni Lawrence.

On specials, Brett Maher was super in his first game handling both punting and placekicking.

The coaches did a great job in helping the club through the distractions tonight as well.

Great job guys!!

Your thoughts?

Oski Wee Wee,


Whatever issues I had before of the Dline and mlb position no longer exists. The Tackles had amazing pressure tonight

Can't say enough about JM either. Lots of zip and accuracy didn't try to force many passes

He looked like Zach out there

We outplayed and out coached them in every facet
out HC'ed them
out DC'ed them
out ST'ed them

Masoli was outstanding, Fantuz and Tasker also

Simoni and Chick were unstoppable

3 big mistakes by the arblows in the off season

Playing the TiCats for opening game at BMO and letting QB Harris and Chad Owens walk

On cloud 9 right now heading home on the train. I do not care how they did it, that was such a satisfying win. To say the least Argos fans weren't to happy with our chants. Just estatic right now can't explain the feeling.

Oskeeeee weeee weeee

I thought that if this team was going to win this game, it would be a close one. But after this team showed how much talent it had, I should have known that they could win by 22 points.

During the first half, I recall Suitor saying that Lawrence should be named the defensive player of the week. So yes, that even was before his pick-six.

As for Maher, not only was he was perfect on FG attempts (including one from 50 yards) but his punts were good as well. Considering that Medlock was not that great a punter, the decision to not outbid Winnipeg for him is looking like the right one right now.

Masoli was 27/37 for 318 passing yards, three TD passes and no INTs. So far, it looks like the offence will not be bad without Zach. He does have some good receivers to throw it to, and the receiving corps reminded us of that tonight.

So this team did a great job at the housewarming party at BMO Field and reminded us how good they can be despite lineup changes and Collaros and Laurent being out of the lineup. A great way to start this season. And it’s about time we start out with a 1-0 record. The last time that happened was 2004. In that game, McManus had over 400 passing yards, and Dave Dickenson was injured early in the game and had to be replaced by an inexperienced QB who may have been referred to then as “some guy named Casey Printers.” Really. Yes, it’s nice to win that first game, but I’m more interested in winning that last CFL game that’ll be played this year in that same building. You have to believe that this could be the year.

Seriously 2004?! WOW

You'd think they'd be use to us by know

Everything has been said. I'll just say the Ticats accomplished the 2nd most important feat next to winning the game tonight... NO INJURIES!! knock on wood

First win of many more to come :smiley:

I'm shocked at how good they looked to tell you the truth, and how poor the Argos looked.

Same here on both counts. Ricky Ray just looked plain awful. Here's a question for all... If Masoli continues playing this well until Collaros gets back is there a QB controversy? I think not but still...

I thought the same thing - figured that it could go either way and would be a squeaker. Masoli played brilliantly late in the game and did a good enough job early on to at least keep our D off the field - not that they stayed there long when they did face Ricky and friends!

The number of avoidable penalties in the first half did concern me and when the Argos came within 5, I was afraid that the team might blow the game but our guys just dug in and more than sealed the deal! That long drive from the shadow of our goal posts to the CO TD was MOST impressive! Glad that our guys came out swinging and got their first W of the season - on the road!

Tolliver was out which is why Speedy started to see more time on the field but compared to the opposition, yes the team managed to stay healthy. I even saw.a tweet that they were checking out Hajrullahu's right leg on the sideline in the fourth I think. The Gabriel injury certainly wasn't good and put a damper on the remainder of the game for both teams.

Ricky has hardly played in more than a year but for sure our DL did an excellent job of making him uncomfortable. He's probably still a bit gun shy after such a long recovery. They also have more new and younger players on their D and a new DC so I think that they will improve - not enough to beat our guys of course!

With Zach signed to a new BIG deal, there will be NO QB controversy but having Masoli play well could sure take the pressure off him feeling like he needs to rush back, Could tell that he was just itching to be out there tonight but he'll get a crack at his old teammates in the next two meetings I'm sure!

As for the Ticats - I didn't think that they'd look quite as explosive as they did especially on defense with having to work some new players into the mix but I was pleasantly surprised. All the doubters who thought the team would be taking a step back because of the FAs who departed might have to re-think their opinions!

I can give you $1.5 Million reasons why Zach would start...

Guess everybodies ok with Chad Owens now? :wink: :rockin: :lol:

Jeremiah Masoli beat Ricki Ray!.......I eat my words doubting that to happen!
Impressed with the TiCat fans who were in attendance last night ,fun.
Both Offensive and Defensive Lines were impressive .
Jeremiah had enough time to make plays and you can't say enough about the Defence Total Team . :cowboy:

Sooooo did anyone else find the ticats radio commentary boring??? coach sal is what he is, knows his stuff obviously but the new play by play guy marshall is so so boring! Sounds like a college broadcast, why isn't andy back from last year?? at least he was exciting and gave some energy. just disappointing that the home opener felt so blah to listen to

Much better than listening to the tsn guys blather on about Toronto the whole game.

Apparently those guys think Hamilton and Calgary do a tiny bit of tailgating while Toronto is now the new benchmark.

Is that all you got out of last nights game, that the radio PxP was boring?
Yeeesh! I cannot remember a better opening night game for the TiCats, ever!!!

Congrats to coaches and players. Excellent in all three phases of the game. So happy to see Masoli silence the critics. I can't imagine the pressure on this guy reading article after article about whether Hamilton can compete without ZC. It was a treat to watch Simoni flying around the field. All I could think about was the video " who is the biggest trash talker in the CFL" ? Wish he had been miked up :smiley: