Kiss the Witches Thread, Volume 1


Great job by the offense -- LeFevour and Gable were great in the run game and the O-line played their best game by far this year. The defence? HAMMER TIME! Medlock was solid...all in all, a great effort in what a lot of folks felt would be a trap game with Burris and Walker coming back to haunt us...

A character win! Clean up on the penalties and it's all good!

Oski Wee Wee,


I thought Tasker had a huge game coming off last week's bobbled snap. Everyone makes mistakes. It's how you respond that matters. He came up tough with some key receptions and no problems with holding for placekicks. He was really zoned in on what he had to do. Congratulations Luke. :thup:

Can't say enough about LeFevour!
Outstanding, this guy has heart, tremendous game for him
Note to Austin,

A very entertaining and exciting football game

Great TiCat win

An absolutely dreadful TV production of a CFL game. Definitely the worst I've ever seen. Tough to watch.

Loved LeFevour's performance.

It WAS a great game although in the first half I was sure the penalties would be our undoing!! They did clean it up some in the second half. With so many new guys on the O line there were procedure calls a plenty. Except for the RTP penalty on Reed - the second game in a row he's been called for a REALLY borderline RTP - they were all deserved. :oops:

Dan did an excellent job in his first start and should be a leading candidate for OPTW :thup: :thup: :thup:

THAT is what you took away from this game??


Hamilton Offence

Total yards - 558 yrds
Total first downs - 23
Total passing - 21 of 30 for 361 yrds
Total rushing - 22 carries for 197 yrds

And yet.. .the TV production was horrible :roll:

YEAH We have an offense - Finally!!! :thup: :thup: :rockin:

On the bandwagon.

Ottawa IS a good team. I bet they will beat out Montreal or Toronto for a playoff spot.

I’m a defensive fan, so I’ll focus on that side of the ball for my comments:

Harris is doing a great job replacing Lawrence, but can’t wait to see Bowman, Reed and Lawrence all in there against Winnipeg next game.

Ted Laurent is also starting to stand out.

And Craig Butler is an incredible player.

No receiver will ever win more than 10% of battles with Delvin Breaux.

Courtney Stephen: if you work on your catching ability, you will lead the Cats in picks. You were all over Matt Carter tonight.

I had no problem with the TV production at all. The cameras were able to cover all the action, The game was announced well and both teams made it a very entertaining game.

As I expected, Ottawa simply could not cover Hamilton's receivers. Ottawa has a good nucleus as an expansion team, but they need to upgrade their talent on the defensive side of the ball.

Some pics from yesterday

Yet, Ottawa could have pulled this game out. Without that bad coaching decision on 3rd down who knows?
I think Ottawa and Hamilton will be battling it out for first place.

I wouldn't write Toronto off just yet. They'll solidify eventually, once they get their playmakers back (Owens, Durie). But yes, given the weakness of the east overall, everyone has a shot at first place.

Just a thought about our receivers. When Ellingson gets back into the depth chart, who would he replace? Bakari, with his experience and "clutch catch" ability? Tasker, being the holder for Medlock? Koch? Giguere? Fantuz?

What do you think?

I think Austin has some terrible decisions to make. Personally, if he asked my advice, I would choose Koch. (Of course if he listened to me, a lowly fan, he should have his head examined). :lol:

I really like Grant and Tasker as holder would have to be on the roster anyway. He has to choose an "international" rather than a "national' anyway (for ratio reasons). 8)

Perhaps the answer would be to play all of them (rotate them to keep them fresh) and use one as a DI. :slight_smile:

MFTH - IIRC they signed Koch for his speed at WR. GE, at least to me, is more of a SB. That means either Tasker or Grant. As you said, it is a horrible decision to make.

Actually, considering the block he threw, perhaps Fantuz could be lined up as a FB/TE, allowing BK, ST, CK, SG, and GE to line up as receivers… lol

I have been wondering about this myself. Not in quite the same context, but in noticing that Grant and Giguere have been playing less and less a role in the Austin/Condell plan as time goes on. Giguere has had his quiet times the past few seasons, but Grant has seen a significant drop in passes thrown to him and in plays that appear to be designed to get him the ball. He did have his best season as a Cat last year but that was with Hank at QB and with a new crop of receivers getting into rhythm and Hank trusted/knew him well. It is early in the season and either of these guys could break out. But...