Kiss The Witches Thread, vol. 8

Great effort by the entire team tonight, particularly in the light of all the injury replacements! Both Porter and Glenn played well and the defence was ferocious!

Props to newcomers Robert Rose (DT) and Woodny Turenne (CB) for making an impact. Carlos Thomas made the hit of the night and is making a case for becoming the starting safety!

Oski Wee Wee,


I can't begin to say how thrilled I was to see this team tonight. What an incredible..outstanding performance, especially the D and special teams. If they continue to play like this.....the sky's the limit. And just imagine how much better once they get some injured players back.

Too bad we have to wait a whole week for the next game.

We have a lot of very good young players that what to make an impact and win a permanent position on this team. :thup:

Wow. Just wow.

This Ticat team took on a white-hot BC team and made them look anything but hot in ending their eight game win streak by beating them by 32 points. Who saw that coming? And BC needed this win more than we did.

The defence impressed despite them missing Johnson and a few other starters. I thought Johnson missing this would be bad news for the D, but what about the performance of that guy who came out of retirement in taking Johnson's place? Denson also impressed. It was great to see pressure on the QBs. It looks like we have some depth on D. And as Russ pointed out, the newcomers on D (Rose, Turenne, etc.) look like great additions. Kelley also looked good on special teams.

Medlock: 7/7 on FGs. And not all of them were easy ones, at least a few were from 40+ yards out. Appropriate to see that kind of performance the night Ozzie's name is put on the Wall of Honour.

Porter: I thought the decision to have him play for often was questionable, but I'm happy to be wrong about that so far. Now it seems to make sense.

Thigpen: Great returns from him again.

Mariuz: Just thought I'd mention his name again. Why did he retire again? I guess he did stay in game shape.

All in all, a great job done by the team tonight. They treated the home crowd to a quite a performance in the final Ticat game at IWS this year.

Yes, kudos to the fill in players who did an excellent job. MB is going to have his work cut out for him when the regulars become healthy.

And Rose was involved in so many plays tonight. great effort.

And there is something else I would like to point out. It's about Glenn and Porter. One might think that with both of them being utilized, they would see each other as competition for the starting QB job. But those who were at the game might not have seen Glenn appear to wish Porter good luck before he went in in the 2nd half. From what I have seen from those two, they do seem to understand that they play for the same team, even if they compete with each other for more playing time.

Just a few other notes:

Thomas: Had his first career pick, and that hit on Simon was what seemed to get the team fired up prior to that blocked punt near the end of the first half. I wasn't impressed with him earlier. But he's a young player who I expect will get better.

Auggie: Nice first career catch. Maybe moving him to FB was a good call? He's not needed as much on D and special teams, especially with Mariuz back.

Once again: Fans making one last trip to IWS this year must have enjoyed what they were treated to by this team. What a game.

My kiss is for Dr. Jekyll. Or is it Mr. Hyde?

The Hamilton Sybil Cats continue to have me scratching my head...and I use Head and Shoulders.

Defense won this game.

Props to Thomas at Safety. that's two solid games in that position for him. I did not like him at the HB position, but at safety he's looked quite solid against to of the CFL's best teams.

Also kudos to Webb, and Turenne for some instant and solid play, and to young and Smith for continued good play.

The secondary has impressed me the last two games.

Another terrific game by Cobourne, 18 touches for 100 yards, and the Tiger-Cats won the mistake battle. 1 turnover vs. 5 by B.C. and fewer penalties than B.C., and no missed FGs. 7 for 7! Wow!

QBing, as usual, was not the issue.

I agree completely Captain also if I could add Kudos to the whole coaching staff for having our team ready and a great game plan executed by the players,playing as a team.
Lets hope that this is a big step towards team building, the team playing for each other.
This team obviously has a ton of talent and is capable of beating any team in our league. :thup:

I'd say that special teams had the best game of the three units. Coverage teams were superb. Some good returns kept us in good field position all night and led to at least one TD. Blocked punt led to another TD. And Mariuz had another. That would be 3 of the 3 TDs on the night.

As for Cobourne ... I suspect he would say it was far from his best game. More specifically, his third quarter is not one for the memory vaults. But he had a good start and a decent finish to the game.

You're right. Listen to his comments at the end of this video.

Love Webb and Turrene. I think it was in the third quarter and Luly threw a bomb to a wide open Simon. Turrene ran it down and knocked it out of the air. When Collins comes back he'll make the secondary so much better, but do we put in Hinds because these guys are playing so much better. I think we've finally solved our secondary problems.

:rockin: :thup: 8) :cowboy: :lol:

I don’t know how Bellefeuille is going to juggle the secondary when the others come off the injury list.
We have regulars Shivers, Means, Hinds, and Collins currently out but most should be healthy soon as none are serious injuries except to Barker.
Who do we insert in the lineup and who do we replace?

That is the playoff question. :expressionless:

I think Hinds ia in that mix. He clearly has shown a great deal of potential and is a ratio buster. Turrene may have the best ball skills of anyone in that secondary from what I saw last night. Great to see a guy keep to his man and play the ball!

Apart from his botched PI against Simon, I liked what I saw from Dee Webb as well.

Oski Wee Wee,


8) Now all the Cats have to do is come out next week in Regina and play with the same intensity and drive that they
  showed last night !!

  They can't fall back into this one good game, followed by a stinker the following week.

   They have proven what they can do when they really want to, so don't fall back into that familiar old pattern again !!

The difference with these new players in the secondary is that they're physical and they can tackle. This is what was missing before. Shivers was afraid to lower his pads and hit. I think Thomas has played well at safety, but Collins is that physical threat we have been missing in the middle.

If we are ever to go on a 6 game win streak.. NOW is the time to do it!!

I say we go with
CB Hinds
HB Webb
S Thomas or Collins, I'd choose Thomas just because hes been here all year and hes been really good thus far at safety
HB Smith
CB Turenne

Shivers just isnt good enough to crack that top 5, and Means really was a quick fix when Hinds went down, but Turenne has been much more impressive IMO

I can't believe I'm gonna say this but...

After watching the secondary in the last two games, we all of sudden appear to have some depth.

The above lineup is a good one, but begs the question what to do with Collins and Young?

I agree that perhaps it may be time for Shivers to go if these guys keep playing the way they have been. I'm thrilled at Thomas' effectiveness at safety. That change alone, also removes him for the HB position where he consistently got burned. I can't even recall seeing a DB have such a dramatic change for the better by switching positions. Granted it's only been two games, but they've been against Montreal and B.C.! Top offenses and QBs.