Kiss The Witches Thread, Vol. 7

Do tell. LOL

I will watch the game on TSN video on demand: all I know is the good guys won! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


And perhaps you could read through the game thread while watching it. Well, it can sometimes be interesting to see those initial reactions to what happens on the field. I'm sure you'll enjoy watching game anyway.

Glenn went 21/30 for 301 passing yards. He threw three interceptions, though two of them may have been the fault of the inexperienced MacKay. And at least he recovered the fumble on the third pick that he threw. I guess that's one way a QB can atone for throwing an interception.

Cobourne and Grant combined for 168 rushing yards. Grant is no one-hit wonder. And what if Thigpen were not injured? It looked like we could have used him when we were getting stopped short of Medlock's range.

On D, as was pointed out in the game thread, the secondary played well, though Owens dropped two deep passes. There was some good pressure on Jyles. Keeping them from getting a single TD was an accomplishment.

So we win the season series against this team, and made it so that the blue team's season might as well be considered over. A certain member of that team may have guaranteed a win, but as I understand Belton Johnson said on Twitter, perhaps you guarantee Kuale's team will not make the playoffs. Unlike Kuale's guarantee, Johnson's was a safe one to make after the blue team got bowled over:

I would like to see that bowling celebration again, as I understand MacKay wobbled a little before going down, giving Williams the strike.

Not sure when Collins left the game, but he sure was noticeable right away in the first quarter.

Re: first interception. - Unless McKay was supposed to come inside, underneath the defender, it sure looked like Glenn way under threw that ball. Thought McKay had separation from the defender and Glenn needed to lead him with the pass to the outside shoulder.

On the second interception, McKay fell just as Glenn threw the pass.

On that first offensive play, it seemed to me like there was miscommunication between the two Glenns (Kevin Glenn and Glenn MacKay) leading to the interception. MacKay have been off hos route. I might need to see the replay of that again.

And it did look to me like MacKay slipping and falling led the the second interception. The turf seemed slippery.

You can't usually get away with making the number of mistakes that this team made. But they did enough things right to get the win. It was another bad start, but I like how they recovered from it again. And it was good to see the ground game established early in the game.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats did not care that the Toronto Argonauts cheerleaders formed a protective shield around their team’s logo at midfield at the Rogers Centre. The Ticats were determined to hold their pre-game huddle on top of it.

Hamilton’s players blew past the cheerleaders and jumped up and down on the blue “A.? Then they stomped on Toronto’s playoff hopes beating their Ontario rivals 27-12 on Saturday night.

[url=] ... off-hopes/[/url]
The Hamilton Tiger-Cats did not care that the Toronto Argonauts cheerleaders formed a protective shield around their team’s logo at midfield at the Rogers Centre. The Ticats were determined to hold their pre-game huddle on top of it.

Hamilton’s players blew past the cheerleaders and jumped up and down on the blue “A.? Then they stomped on Toronto’s playoff hopes beating their Ontario rivals 27-12 on Saturday night.

[url=] ... off-hopes/[/url]

Before the game:

"Argos linebacker Ejiro Kuale boldly guaranteed a win over the Ticats.

A few days later, tailback Cory Boyd suggested on Twitter that he could run for 200 yards against the Ticats if he got enough carries. He ended up with 60 yards on 11"

After the game last night:

"Toronto Argonauts running back Cory Boyd declined interview requests following Saturday night’s game, but expressed frustration regarding his team’s latest setback via his twitter account (@KingBoyd03).

“Man what does it take to get your playmakers the ball,? Boyd wrote in a message posted after the game.

“Where is our foundation … Guess we forgot.

“We make things harder than what they need to be.

“I feel like a Puppet in this situation.?

Boyd ran for 60 yards on 11 carries during Toronto’s 27-12 loss to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The defeat dropped the Argos to 3-10 on the season and all but ended their playoff hopes.

One play before the touchdown emotions overflowed as Foley was ejected for rough play after throwing a punch at Johnson. The Ticats offensive lineman appeared to leg whip Foley moments earlier.

“It’s embarrassing,? said Barker. “It’s embarrassing to our club. It’s embarrassing for every other player in there and I don’t care what a guy does to you. I mean, he says they leg whipped him and that’s a dangerous play, but you have to leave it to the officials to make that call.?

If this team played as well as they yap and whine, perhaps they could be contenders some day.

They should have leg whipped his mouth.

Foley is like the rest of his teammates....they do like to talk...can't play well...but darned good talkers!!!!

A night were the "Argo Bounces" were bouncing the other way, which helped somewhat. But, a win is a win, and the Cats earned it and deserved it. Even in victory, I'll still question a regular Hamilton coaching decision -- after all 4 Argo FG's, the team with Thigpen, Williams and T. Grant, chose to take the ball at the 35. Why?

I was at the game. There were a few "coaching decisions" that I was questioning. With Medlock's leg we were punting and taking penealtys from around the 50???? What is with that???

We were lucky this night. The Argos were very "unlucky". It was a piss-poor game played in a piss-poor venue. The Argos need to get out of that dump. The league needs a strong team in Toronto and other than for the Grey Cup, I'd stay away from that place. Ivor Wynne stadium for all it's shortcomings is still the finest football stadium around!

After watching the replay, Johnson is on the turf and Fooley tries to run past him to get back into the play. Johnson lunges at him from his prone position, trying to knock him down with his shoulder or helmet. Fooley sidesteps that move and Johnson's leg catches him on his knee. It would have been an extremely athletic move for the 300 + pound Johnson to have pre-planned a leg whip on Fooley. Fooley reacted like the little brat he is and lost his temper. For that he was tossed....

If you compare Belton's initial block attempt to the second block attempt where the alleged leg whip occurred, you can see that Johnson's leg gets a lot of extra height as he rolls on the second block attempt. I don't think it was an accident, but Foley and Huntley are both goons who deserve anything they get. Foley in particular likes to dish it out, but can't take it.

For anyone else who wants to weigh in on the play Foley got heated about last night, it can be seen at about 13:00 (video playback time) of TSN's online video of the 4rth quarter.

[url=] ... clip542332[/url]

The slightly unrelated article below chronicles Foley and Huntley whining and beaking off about last year's EDF against Montreal:

[url=] ... cheap-hit/[/url]

The quote I highlighted at the end pretty much tells you what kind of professional Rickey Foley is.

The Toronto Argonauts defensive tackle feels Montreal Alouettes slotback Jamel Richardson delivered a “cheap? blind-side block on him late in last year’s East Division final. After the play, Huntley said Richardson and fellow receiver S.J. Green showboated.

During training camp, Huntley vowed he would make Richardson and Green pay. On Wednesday, he reiterated that claim.

“If I get around any of their receivers, especially them two, my plan is to pick them up, turn them over and dump them on their head,? said the 6-foot-8, 293-pound Huntley. “If you want to cheap shot me and act like you’re a big man, because you knocked me down when I didn’t see you coming, then fine. I’m going to let you see me coming and I’m going to be a man and I’m going to dump you on your head.?

Richardson, who leads the CFL in receiving with 276 yards, is not worried by Huntley’s threats.

“If it happened before the whistle blew, then it’s not a late hit and it’s perfectly legal,? said Richardson. “If he didn’t like what happened, then he shouldn’t put himself in that position.

“I really don’t worry about what other people say. Everybody wants to put me on my back. Who doesn’t? Tell him to get a ticket and get in line.?

The Alouettes and Argos will meet for the first time since the East final on Friday in Montreal. But it appears Huntley will not get to face Richardson, who is expected to miss the game due to a quad injury.

Huntley is not the only Toronto player who was infuriated by how the Alouettes behaved late in the East final, which Montreal won 48-17.

“S.J. did the same stuff to me so I definitely got his number in my head,? said defensive end Ricky Foley. “I respect the team, but a guy like that, S.J. Green, I don’t respect him much. That’s cowardly. He wants to act like he’s tough, but you’re not tough when you hit someone who is not looking.?

Foley had a conversation with Green after the hit.

“I told him, ‘You can go ahead and do that again, but if you do I’m going to take you out, I’ll disregard my assignment, I will take you out and you won’t play in the Grey Cup. You’re going to the Grey Cup so congratulations, but if you want to play next week you should stop doing that stuff.’

“He didn’t do it after that.?

The blind-side blocks are not the only reason why the Argos were upset. Huntley believes the Alouettes needlessly ran up the score.

“In college or the NFL, what do they do in the fourth quarter with a big lead? They take a knee, right?? Huntley said.

“That’s the part that irritates me and disturbed me my whole off-season. I’m all about playing the game of football the way it’s supposed to be played and toward the end of that game it wasn’t.?

Richardson thinks Huntley is being a sore loser.

“They felt like we should have taken our foot off the gas,? said Richardson, “but it’s the playoffs and this is a professional league and if you don’t like something then just stop it.?