Kiss The Witches Thread, Vol. 6

Amazing game by the defence...a superb effort to close the regular season history of Ivor Wynne!

Yes, it's time to kiss the witches. And if it's also time to kiss IWS goodbye, then wasn't that a good way for it to end?


More on the victory at .

Oski Wee Wee,


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Well, now that it's official that that was the last Ticat game at IWS, I will once again say that I liked how that last Ticat game there went. It does seem appropriate that it was our defence that won it, as in the past, we have seen some great defences from this team there. As for specific players on the D, well, there were quite a few who did well. It was good to see Tisdale redeem himself after dropping one last week, getting two INTs. Four different players (Boudreaux, Summers, Knowlton, and Williams) had sacks this game. And wasn't it Boudreaux who forced that fumble the Peach recovered for a TD? And did he not do a good job stopping the run on a Winnipeg 3rd down gamble? And in the secondary, we saw good hits from Webb lead to incomplete passes. And I believe it was good to have Bo Smith back.

There is not as much I can say about the offence, as they did not get quite as far. Stala gave a game ball to the O line, and they seemed to do a better job at pass protection, with there being no sacks on Burris. And Burris did threw two TD passes, and no INTs, and went 15/27/ And I would like to congratulate Chris Williams on tying Ronald Williams and Tony Champion for the team record for TDs in a season. And congrats to Stala on getting 5000 receiving yards in his career.

So the final pages of the final chapter of Ticat history at Ivor Wynne Stadium have been written. And once again, I liked what was written. One more good game, one more Ticat win. That's what I was asking for on this day.

More good pictures from the game are here:

Tisdale played a career game, 2 INTs, at least 3 knocked down passes, a couple of great hits and tackles that stopped possible big runs. Defense kept us in the game in the second half despite Cortez's disgusting offense play calling. Nice to see the defense win a game like the old days. Cortez sat on his lead and spent the entire second half trying to run out the clock, the only time we were in the other teams zone was on a kickoff return and a punt return. At no time in the second half did the offense move the ball on its own into the Winnipeg side of the field. As long as this guy is our coach we will never win a championship or maybe even a playoff game.

Last but not least I will not miss IWS as I never liked the stadium since my dad atarted taking me to the games when I was 5 or 6 years old. I was never in favour of the rebuild for the '72 cup, I wanted a new stadium. How ironic to me they are going to build a new stadium in the exact same spot I have hated going to for more than 50 years. The only thing I will look forward to in this new ARENA is no one having to step on my toes to get by me and my love of the game.

Come on now 22,500 is an NHL size hockey arena!!!!!!!!

I'm more reserved about our defense. Keep in mind the following:

*Blue Bombers have the worst offense
*Inclement weather, even the tabbie offence had low numbers, 171 yds passing, 66 yds running between both RBs
*Bombers missing top QB and top 2 RBs for most of the game.

The play calls throughout much of the second half were very conservative, and a reason the offence was not getting far then. I was also disappointed that Cortez chose not to gamble on 3rd and 1 just before that rouge after the dropped snap. I understand that coaches say that if you listen to the fans, you'll find yourself sitting among them. But the many fans shouting "go for it!" had a point, as even if they did not gain that yard, Winnipeg would not have had great field position. But I like to think Cortez will smarten up as he gains more experience as a head coach.

I thought someone might say that. I thought someone would say the defence did well, but would point out the asterisks. As for those asterisks, there are a few things I should mention. The Winnipeg offence actually is capable of doing well, as they did in Toronto the previous week. And we were missing two of our better players on defence: Johnson and Peguese. And Pierce was 2/7 in pass attempts when he played. And Elliott did quite well against the D before, but not on that day. And this defence, despite missing JJ and Pegeuese, was able to get four sacks, which is more than it usually gets.

I would say the defence did well, all things considered.

[url=] ... their-step[/url]
“It’s coming together and we’ve made some strides. We’re getting a lot better,? says Hamilton Ticats defensive co-ordinator Casey Creehan, pictured. “Am I proud of the way some of the guys have performed lately? Yes. But we have room to get better and we’re going to be keep grinding.?
The turnaround coincides with a series of personnel moves that have shored up a suspect defensive line and added some much-needed veteran leadership to the secondary. Ticats coach George Cortez points to the addition of defensive tackles Torrey Smith and Terrence Moore as key to the new-found success.

“Our front has done a nice job against the run. The two guys inside have done a really good job and it puts a lot of pressure on the offensive line to protect the quarterback,? Cortez said. “It makes coverage better, it makes everything better.?

Great win couldn't have happened to a better team, but still concerned about our past defense. The way Ham plays zone coverage still give me concern to many opposition receivers left wide open and the opponent marching right down the field.

I'm not sure that you watched the same game that I did. I saw 2 interceptions, at least 4 passes knocked down, 2 or 3 hits on receivers to dislodge the ball. Heck, the score was 28-10 at the 3 minute warning. Not much marching down the field or receivers wide open that I saw.

The D has looked great in the past 3 games and I would hazard to state that Coach Creehan has been vindicated in his schemes and coaching as the injection of some talent on the D-line and the return of some vets in the secondary seem to have proven the value of his system. In fact, after T. Davis took a rather dumb roughing call, he went right over to Coach Creehan to apologize. A sure sign of respect in my mind.

Hold on...

This was against the pathetic Bummers..

That Offence couldn't move the ball against my Mom and my Aunt!!!

Let's not get ahead of ourselves....We may have improved against the most pathetic team in the League,but,we aren't world beaters by any stretch of the imagination...

Creehan hasn't been vindicated in anything yet.The stats on his defence don't lie...

I see... The pathetic Bummer's who beat the Cats twice. Those same Bummers who threw for over 400 yard in one of those games, with a third string QB no less. The same team that beat the Argos the week before? Those Bummers? Not as bad as they may seem.

As for stats, yes they paint a picture, but they leave out the context. Stats do not account for improved talent or injuries. Which are the reasons for the resurgence of the Cats' D. Creehan didn't change, his scheme didn't change, heck he and Cortez said before the season began "this is the system we are going to employ on D" and they did. So as I see it, if improved talent and vets returning from injury are the only things that changed, and the D has improved (which I can't see anyone arguing. In fact the stats you speak of, if looked at in relation to changes in personelle, seem to bear this out) then the schemes were solid and sound from the beginning. Ergo, not Creehan's fault and therefor a vindication from his earlier criticism. As Dr. Spock would say "Quite logical really."