Kiss The Witches Thread, Vol. 5

Great win by the team -- the D kept the Als off the board re majors!

Kudos to the coaches and players -- particularly Avon Cobourne -- for making a big statement!

Oski Wee Wee,


There is nothing more to say than.. the TiCats were focused today.... only 2 TWO penalties all game.. and that was in mop up time...


Total dominance of the East marker!!!

We are a force to be reckoned with (if we don't GIVE you a win!)

They came close to getting TDs but the D kept them out. Keeping them out of there to end the half was impressive.

And when we got close to their end zone, they didn't keep us out. We're seeing our offence finish drives, something they had difficulty with in previous years.

Can they win the rematch in Montreal. The first win in Montreal in a long time? You have to believe.

We have a three game wins streak against Montreal. Four if you count this year's pre-season game.

I turned on CHML to hear what would be said about this game, only to hear about McMaster leading Queen's 26-2.

But they did talk about Calvillo possibly not being the QB he used to be. But then again, they couldn't have seen much of the game.

And here's something I'd like to point out. I mentioned it in the game thread, but I have to say it again: I've heard some call our previous win against the Als a fluke. I wonder if those people still believe that. :slight_smile:

I'm speechless (in a really good way). :wink:

What a performance.

The D reminded me of the 86 Grey Cup game D which totally stymied a (young) QB by the name of Dunigan. TheIR play ranked up there, to me, as one of the all time greats. You just got the feeling that there was NO WAY that Montreal had a chance offensively.

Kevin Glenn played really well. He seemed to hold on to the football just a split second longer than before to enable his receivers to get open.

Chris Williams is the rookie of the year in my opinion. He proved it today.

Deuces was WILD today!

For someone who was speechless, I've really had a lot to say. :oops:

I'm just so happy the the All Wets all time record on Labour Day in Hamilton is now 0 - 8 - 1.


A well played game today in all facets for all four quarters. Couldn't make it down to IWS, but saw most of the game on the tube. The team made a few mistakes, but made up for them with some great plays.

More so than other games, it looked like the team was well prepared, and well coached, which was not how we all felt on earlier versions of the witch threads. The defense played really well against a potent offense with some great receivers. The team looked much less predictable on both sides of the ball and continued to play well in the third quarter to put the game away.

Great job Ti-Cats. Hopefully they will continue this into next week, and get on a roll into the second half. This team has the pieces to go far, they just need to execute consistently each week.

For those who were at the game, they interviewed Avon after the game and I thought he had some interesting things to say. The panel essentially asked him if he felt the team had what it takes to win a Grey Cup (seeing as how he was on the last two GC winners). After a big win, I thought he might respond with something like this team can beat any team any week and will be there at the end ... basically an over-confident verbal chest pump ... but he did not. He noted that while the team played real well today, they still made some mistakes, and if they want to go all the way they need to keep working and eliminate these plays. He was also asked about his performance on the day, and he more or less creditted the offensive line for opening up the holes so he could make the plays. I watched a number of his videos from pre-season, and I have to admit, I'm really impressed by this guy, and think he is making a big difference with this team. He may have a lot to say, but I think he is a hard worker and great leader who backs up the talk. I also don't think he talks that much smack, he's just a real talkative guy.


Great points about Deuces. He seems to be a perfectionist, and nothing else will satisfy him. Great to hear him praise the O-line; as a matter of fact, Dunnigan was pointing out great plays by Dyakowski.

I honestly cannot recall the last time I was completely confident of victory as earlier as I was today -- 5 mins into the second half. It goes into the memory as another great Labour Day and, (Bonus) I don't have to go to school tomorrow.

I wasn't confident of the win until the fourth quarter. What I don't understand is why Porter wasn't given more time - he really needs it. Had Porter started the quarter then maybe Boltus could have taken some snaps too.

There are at least a few members of this team that understand there is some room for improvement and some things they need to work on.

I had to like hearing the "stay humble so we don't stumble" line from Baggs in this video:

There minor things that Clean up

But I am Happy so I am going Just say Thank for a GREAT WIN

Spot on,

Thanks to the NFL network I was able to watch the game at work in North Dakota this afternoon, even the analysts on the NFLN panel commented on how exciting this "CFL action" was :smiley:

The only slight dissapointment of the day was that there was only ~26,900 at the game, other than that, what a perfect day!

And, Poor Poor Jock Climie, I truly feel sorry for that guy sometimes... :smiley: