Kiss the Witches Thread, Vol. 4 (since Russian ain't here)

38-8 Hamilton over Winnipeg, and the Tiger-Cats are STILL undefeated at Tim Hortons Field.

To say we have their number would be an understatement. On a serious note, best thoughts go to Drew Willy for a speedy recovery for what looked like a horrible knee injury. As Drew Edwards tweeted "Knees don't bend that way."

Well, that was such an impressive first half, that the offence didn't need to put a single point on the board in the second half. The offence started in field goal range on their first two drives and got TDs on each one. And that was after Davis got his first pick-six on the first Winnipeg drive, the team had a 21-0 lead with 7:30 left in the first quarter. Davis the birthday boy is being considered the MVP of this one. As Drew Edwards pointed out, he put more points on the board than the entire Winnipeg team could. :slight_smile:

The seven sacks, including three by Hickman should be mentioned. I'm sure that Hickman's sack hat trick will make fans forgive him for two penalties he took, including that one where Banks seemed to know his punt return TD would not count as he slowed down by the end zone.

The defence was great this game. And special teams deserve credit, with the onside kick recovery and the blocked punt by King. As for the offence, well, they did well in the first half, not so well in the second. But after this blowout win, I'm not going to be spending much time complaining. It was a great job done by this team, as you can tell from the final score.

But I also hope Willy will recover well after that injury. It did not look good at all. It's quite unfortunate that yet another QB in this league got injured.

I don't believe that anyone could seriously argue that the best 2 defences in the CFL this season are in Hamilton and Edmonton.

So that's who I believe will end up playing for the Grey Cup.

Our defense and special teams are something else,

NOTHING more needs to be said in this thread :smiley: :rockin: :thup:

Darned auto-correct messed up the thread title. It should read "(Since Russ ain't here)".

Tremendous team discipline, hence the lack of flags; in fact, I think Andre Proulx called a heck of a game tonight.

Looking at these STATS you would think it was a close game until you see INT return yards and total TD's!

Since I was born and raised in Hamilton, but have lived the last 9 years in Edmonton, that would make me so happy.

Those are good points. Aside from penalties from Hickman, there were not many penalties taken by this team. There was a questionable no yards call against them, which fans booed loudly. And there was that DPI call that had to be overturned. But other than that, Proulx's crew did a good job.

The offence may not get as much credit, and that's understandable. But it was good to see Zach elude those pressuring him as he did and that TD pass to Toliver. And it was good to see Bomben get that TD, doing something he was brought in to do.

In the first quarter, Marshall Ferguson posted an amusing caption to this picture:

That caption was: "Hi mom, yah this will be quick, I'll be home for dinner"

Well, it did sometimes look like the offence was taking the second half off. But again, I won't be complaining much after a blowout win.

And Grover, those numbers may make it seem like it may have been close, but those numbers don't tell about everything that special teams did for this team.

Collaros should have been pulled late in the 4th quarter. Mathews needs some playing time.
But... I could hear the steam whistle this time!!!!! :thup:

Not so sure about Edmonton either, looking at their schedule so far.

Caller on 900CHML tonight was mentioning that there used to be a real caged tiger at IWS.

Anyone else can confirm this?

The punt was blocked by a great play by Gascon Nadon and caught by King with an ensuring 15 yrd no yards call
Reinbold's Special teams are the best!

The Bomben TD was fantastic

I remember going to games as a kid and seeing the tiger caged at the one end.

So in honour of auto-correct, I present the gif that represents my emotional state for today...

really? How long ago was that?

Mid to late 80s for sure. I am too young to know if they had it before that.

I remember that too, I think they eventually had to stop doing that for financial reasons, but it lead to them getting TC as a mascot.

Not that I am a Slav, DCF (your damned auto-correct), but I am glad to hear the Cats protected their turf so ferociously!! Congrats to the team and staff for another win!

Oski Wee Wee,


It was so long ago it must have been a Sabre Toothed Tiger! :lol: :lol: :lol:

That would be pretty sweet.

Probably be to much backlash to attempt that now a days. The PETA nutjobs would have a field day