Kiss The Witches Thread, Vol. 3

Overall, a great effort on the road in all phases. The secondary is now starting to make plays, the d-line was far stouter versus the run, and the compete level is clearly up. Burris was great while Gable showed a lot on a number of carries...

Obviously the number of penalties was too high and has to be cleaned up. We are now in second place with a chance to get to .500 next week. I feel a lot more positive about things than a month ago!

Oski Wee Wee,


I agree with all of that...

But with this caveat...

We've beaten Edmonton (not so good) and Winnipeg (worse than us)...

To get to the next level (and I don't think this team has the overall talent to do this yet) we must beat BC,Calgary,Saskatchewan,and Toronto...

I think Montreal is on the downward slide and we should beat The Bummers next week,but,it's one thing to beat the weaker teams..It's more important to,not just compete,but beat the seemingly superior teams...

Overall,I'm with you on the direction of things and I think we are starting to see Kent Austin put his imprint on this team...

The O dominated, the D stepped up, special teams were a lot better

This team is starting to show their true stripes.. injury depletion is starting to correct itself.... this team will be very very good soon

It seemed like we were doing everything we could to keep them in the game......but a win is a win, especially on the road.

I thought the offense was very impressive in the first half, with the play selection, and execution by Burris. Top notch!

I saw much improvement in Steinauer's young bunch over last game and kudos to Weldon Brown for getting his pick. Burris was his usual impressive style - on pace to hit 50,000 this year - not bad for an old guy. :smiley: Ellingson was outstanding. Andy a bit wobbly but over 100 yards. All in all, a good solid game by the Cats. :rockin:

Indeed! :wink:

Now for real. Had to watch most of the game in fast motion on my PVR.

I am STILL really concerned about the DB’s in particular and the D in general. Yes, they showed some improvement tonight and as rookies they may end up showing quite a lot in the future. However, against a good offensive team the holes that seemed smaller tonight will get a whole lot larger. Still confusion, missed coverage, and a weak pass rush. There’s hope… but I ain’t gettin’ my hopes up much for THIS season very much. Edmonton and the 'Peg have been nice schedule spots this year. Perhaps the Als will also oblige.

I give them my congrats for the road win and believe that next week will be somewhat similar in result.

A Tiger-Cat rarity -- not just a win, but a win on the road, and the second such in a row. Yes, we've only beaten the weakest teams but pretty well all observers are now predicting greater successes ahead for this coming together group. I give all credit to Mr. Austin and his staff for moulding and motivating the team we enjoyed watching win last night.

Since the Defence has four starters from last year, I say it is coming together nicely. It was better against the run but could use a non-blitz sack now and then.

Sam is developing nicely too. Stephen, Bulcke, Figueroa, Gable and Ellingson get shout outs. Hank was Hank (that's a compliment).

Let's remember the defending Grey Cup champs started last year poorly and finished with a 9-9 record.

That's right, Half. Yes, we beat Winnipeg. But, let's remember Austin and his staff have been dealing with an incredible number of injuries for most of this season. We're only now beginning to see that list start to return to normal. Meantime, they've been trying to shuffle players on and off the starting lineup, while attempting to prepare them with little time.

As the regulars return and get the timing and cohesion down with their teammates, we should this team get better as the season goes on. Perhaps, by the time they meet up with the better squads, this Tiger cat team will be ready to assert itself and make a stake for first, or at least a playoff spot.

For now, let's enjoy the win.

Did anyone hear what happened to Delvin Breaux, "the TiCats best cover guy" (quote: Glen Suitor during the telecast)?
He was injured, away from the play,10 minutes into the third quarter but it wasn't shown or discussed on TV. While there was a usual, or maybe even longer, delay while Breaux was attended to, on the field, the announcers spent that time talking about the injury Max Hall sustained several plays earlier. Then, as play resumed, there was only a quick mention that Breaux had been hurt on the previous play and Hobbs was in his place. As far I know, Breaux did not return.

I'm giving full credit for this victory to Coach Austin and his entire staff. It was a very well designed, and for the most part, a well executed game plan. Play calling was scripted ideally to take advantage of Winnipeg's tendencies.

Screen passes. Draws. Direct snaps. Shovel passes. Zone-read-option. A very nice mixture of offensive sets & plays that kept Winnipeg off balance & exploited the Bomber's over-pursuing & aggressive defense. They isolated the two DE's perfectly putting them on an island. They over saturated defensive zones in the secondary with multiple receivers. Nice long drives that consumed precious time especially when Winnipeg had the wind at their back thus mitigating the advantage.

Defensively, they mixed it up as well. Brought pressure when they needed to bring pressure. Blitzed from different angles and different positions. Disguised coverages well. Rotated and mixed in different players staying fresh and energetic. The D made stops and got off the field when they had to and were in position for even more turnovers than they actually recorded.

Of course there were a few missed opportunities. A few errors in execution. But I was glad to see the team be able to bounce back from the mistakes. In the past, such mistakes would throw the TiCats off their game, ending the drive and stalling and allowing the other team to reverse momentum. But not last night. Mistake/Missed Opportunity ... Put in behind them and stayed on track and executed the next play. This young team is maturing very quickly and growing in experience and gaining that all-important "winning" demeanor.

That's coaching and the Hamilton Staff out schemed and out coached their opponent hands down last night!

Tip of the Cap to Coaches Austin, Condell, Steinhauer and the entire staff!

To become a better team the team we have to beat is or next game. The Pegs are still dangerous and they do have some talent, so the way to get better is prepare for a tough game next week. :wink:

Its always about the next game. Peg will be tougher because Marcel B will have another week to 'influence' the offence. Look for our buddy Bucky to start.

kudos to Weldon Brown for getting his pick??????...must of missed that one!!!! :lol: on the other hand Raymond Brown's pick was outstanding. :rockin: :smiley:

Very well expressed, FenderGuy. I'm sure most of us Ticat fans are now feeling much more optimistic about the rest of the season.

Interesting, the Tiger-Cats finally have a game where they maintain a healthy lead for most of the game and then put the game out of reach in the second half to the point where a late fumble return touchdown is a minor negative footnote to what was otherwise a decent overall game, and you call that keeping them in the game…I guess some people expect 52-0 blowouts every week :roll:

and yes, they did rack up a number of penalties and have their fair share of miscues which kept the margin of victory to ONLY 19 points, but for once this team shut the door in the second half when it counted and beat a struggling team handily instead of struggling to beat a struggling team, hopefully a sign of good things to come from a young team still trying to find it`s identity (and get healthy).

Well put, Sir... :thup: