Kiss The Witches thread, Vol. 3

Once again, Russ usually starts this post-game thread, but I did not see him in the game thread, and I missed him there. So I'll cover for him here.

Well, I really wish we wouldn't see this team look mostly unimpressive in 3rd quarters. But that time, it didn't matter in the end, after quite the comeback.

This team is back in first place in the division after the blue team got to enjoy being in it for about 23 hours. And they can enjoy the week off.

So, who to praise this time? Burris would seem like an obvious choice, although it looked like a team effort to me.

If I had a game ball Id give it to Rey Williams. The guy is the heart and soul of our defence and is a game-changer.

C. Williams
R. Williams

The Cats played 3 good quarters and still won, if they can manage to play 4 complete quarters they will be unbeatable.

When was the last time the Cats won 3 straight?

C Williams had his own personal drive that sparked the comeback, but Burris was absolutely on fire in the 4th... man.....I'm still shocked...

I'd actually say that the players who swapped positions due to Knowlton being out of the line-up preformed very well (except in the third quarter of course). I was expecting us to get burned all day with deep passes and was proven wrong.

2010 and 2011 seasons.

OK, that's a good start.

Burris definitely had to be included as he went 28/38 for 355 yards, 4 TD passes, no INTs. If Rider fans were trying to get him off his game by taunting him, it didn't work. And as Burris was sacked only once, the O line perhaps should also get some credit.

It was another good game by the Williamses. Chris catches 9 passes for 100+ rec. yards, and Rey recovered that fumble as Boudreaux took him down. Boudreaux's numbers sure look good with two sacks and a forced fumble.

Jones caught seven passes for 65 yards, and had two TDs, including that one on the 3rd and goal gamble which was a very interesting play call. He did show why I was not too worried about Grant sitting this one out.

It's interesting that you also mention Bartel, but I won't disagree with you there. His punts seem to keep looking better.

Smith seems to have been getting the job done, and it was good to see him get that pick.

It was also good to see Stala get that first TD.

I did like what I saw from Walker, except for when he allowed himself to get pushed out of bounds to stop the clock when time had to be killed. But as his blocking improves, will it soon be time to send Cobourne back to his insurance sales job?

Wasn't there all this talk earlier this year about the Riders not turning the ball over? Well, the Riders turned it over three times. We turned it over zero times.

With this win, the Ticats can definitely put that loss in week one behind them. And they showed that they can win away from IWS, and in a stadium where no team got a win before this year, and a stadium where the Ticats have not won since 2000. It was a great night for an exorcism. :smiley:

Agreed. Every one of his punts was outside the numbers tonight. Too bad that attempt for a single wasn’t just a bit longer - it might have bounced over the returner’s head. Now if he could just figure out how to put a sidespin on his coffin corner punts…

Great win by the Cats. I’d still like to see them be able to put together some first downs on the ground to finish out games, and overall the game was far from perfect, but I’ll take the win any day.

nice come back to get the win. the cats showed a lot of heart to fight the way they did in such hostile territory, but i think if there is a way we need to get cobourne into the game. Dont get me wrong i love chevy and his big play capability but when we need hard yards to close out a game he is a non factor

Great to see a TD in the third. If the offence was in their rythym in the first half like they were in the 4th quarter it would have been game over at the half. The D adjusted nicely late in the game to shut down Dressler and company. This win shows a ton of heart, I can't wait until this team completely gels.

Correct me if I'm wrong but did the Cats not get one single time count penalty all game? I missed part of the game but from what I saw, I was impressed they managed to get all the plays off despite the crowd roar.

They took one when there weren't enough players on the field on an extra point.

I thought it wast fantastic that they won this game. it isn’t easy to win in Regina, and it sure hasn’t been for the Cats in recent years.

I was especially happy to see Bo Smith have a great game with 5 tackles and an interception-- he seems to have been a special favourite target of the critics the last couple of seasons, so it’s sure nice to see him get some kudos tonight.

Really happy with our Oz punter too. Clearly benefiting from the Wizard’s help.

And Henry Burris is in a zone lately, a terrific start to what I hope will be a huge comeback season for him.

Great team effort and two very important points in the standings at this early stage in the season.

Wow. What a bad 3rd quarter and incredible 4th quarter. Games like this show the difference between a good head coach and an average one.

Bo has quietly been very good in each of the first five games so far this season.

Big congratulations to the team for a monstrous win but especially to Hank and Andy for playing under all that pressure from the thirteenth and fourteenth man the fans and the Refs. Great great win. :thup: :smiley:

My big kiss goes to Henry Burris. I don't think we've had a QB pull off a 4th Quarter come-back like that since Danny.

Bo Smith critics aren't new, but I am. It seems most times an opposition receiver is wide open, it's Bo chasing him. His interception last night was well received, but why was he wide open? He has been effective on ST though.

For all those chirping about not going for the two point conversion: it's no gimmie. Had they failed to convert the game would have gone to over-time.