Kiss The Witches Thread, Vol. 2


Gutty if not beautiful performance to get a W before the bye week. The run game was a pleasant surprise, while the d-line showed signs of life in a sustained pass rush, particularly in the second quarter. The secondary? Still a painful work in progress...but there are flashes.

Burris played a great game. We saw the beginnings of a play action attack. That is absolutely essential moving forward. The O-line is MASH-unit ready, but they were able to pound the other guys more tonight.

Now we have a week to get more of the guys back. Glad to have shared this thread with you all...we deserved a win. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


138 yards in penalties is the ONLY reason this game was a nail biter.. clean that crap up and we sail to more wins!!!

It was the major factor in it being close.

Give Gable the ball.

We also had to beat the fourteenth man (the refs) :x

467 yards of offence, Giguere leading receiver 6 for 90, and only 3 punts.

Yeah...that was way too close a game to say the team turned a corner. There's still a lot of work to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see them win, but I wouldn't start planning the parade route yet.

No kisses for whoever decided to throw a pass on 2nd down with 25 seconds to go. :x :x :x

And it's not only about the clock: that ball could very well have been deflected at the line or straight-up picked. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb decision.

Cats win despite doing their damndest to give it away with a boneheaded play call on their final possession.

I could be wrong, but Austin nearly lost us that game.

IIRC, on that last offensive series, Edmonton called a timeout after the 1st run by Gable. We then converted on a second down pass to Giguere. After another run by Gable on 1st down, there was about 25-30 seconds left. We could have run the ball and essentially made the punt the last play of the game. Either that, or Edmonton would have had to throw a hail mary. Instead, we throw a 5 yard incomplete pass that wouldn't have even resulted in a 1st down. Thus, Edmonton gets the ball with 20 seconds left.

But, we got the win. That's all that matters, I guess.

Gable ran HARD. Great to see.

I wasn't a fan of Figueroa prior this game, but he played pretty well tonight.

O'Neill is 100x better than Wojt, hopefully they start "the lumberjack" at guard when Marwan comes back.

Giguere made a clutch catch or two.

Ed QB knows hes been in a game.

Bet you he doesn’t.


we squeaked out a W against the second worst team in the league (behind us). This team has not turned a corner, they nearly blew it with bad penalties and crappy coverage. How does a QB run for that many yards near the end to even give them a chance for a FG? Until they beat a good team, this team will still stink!

That was a very solid victory for the TCats and one that will build a good character foundation for this team which is still young, growing and maturing.

A win is a win and this was a GOOD win. They executed a well designed game plan and strategy about 75% of the time and while not being perfect they found a way to win which is the most important thing! We've all been on the other side watching these games in the past and it feels good to be on the winning side!

A short week. An away game. Injuries still lingering. They made the stops on defense when they had to and they extended drives on offense when they had to and EARNED a hard fought victory!

CJ Gable is my player of the game with an all around solid performance in running, blocking and pass receiving.

In my mind, this was Henry's best game in a long time. He spread the ball. He managed the game very well. He threw the ball away when he had to. He got the ball away quickly. THIS is what I want out of my quarterback. I give Henry a hard time here and there ... but this was a real "Field General" type performance! Tip Of My Cap Smilin' Hank!

Sam Giguere proved a lot of naysayers wrong by playing tough in clutch situations.

There are negatives of course as they should've salted away this victory much earlier ... but I'll save that for another thread.

Oskee Woo Hoo Hoo!!!

A road win in Edmonton is always good.

Nice to see the semblance of a healthier lineup.

Hopefully the team came away relatively unscathed. One week to heal up some other folks, and continue to improve.

Next up? 2 in a row against Goltz and the Blue Bombers.

That's part of it but the defense completely fell apart in the fourth quarter. Reilly was slinging deep passes at will and moving down the field in one hell of a hurry. The defense held Edmonton to 8 points for almost 3 quarters and then surrendered 3 TDs. There going to have to learn to preserve a nice lead and finish the game.

Im not saying a win in Edmonton wasn't good...but to give up nearly 30 points again to a 1-4 team is brutal

I agree with you on the Hank front. I was critical of him last season too, but he played great tonight. Most importantly, he was was efficient and he was clutch on second downs.

However, I disagree with this being a "good" win. I thought it was an ugly win. Up by 12 with a few minutes left, this team did everything they could do lose it in typical Tiger-Cat fashion. Luckily, Shaw missed the FG.

I think "brutal" may be overstating it.

3 points to remember about giving up 30 in the win:

Road game
Tons of rookies
Lack of weekly continuity largely due to freakish amount of injuries

Not so "brutal" IMO. I'd be inclined to go with "acceptable" given the above mentioned circumstances.

I was absolutely shocked when they threw the ball, I was in disbelief...pure and utter shock. Then watching them march down the field to even have a FG attempt made my stomach....nevermind we got the win. We better have learned a valuable lesson in those last seconds....