Kiss The Witches thread, Vol.2

I just thought I'd cover for Russ in starting this post-game thread as he usually gets it started by now. I'm not sure where he was, but I missed him in the game thread, and I hope he saw that game.

So, where to begin in talking about what went right? Burris? Fantuz? Williams? The other Williams?

The Cats had their best game of the season. They continue to keep improving which is paying dividends.
The D line had a strong game, special teams were once again on track and Burris had an excellent game.
A overall good team victory.
Next week will be another tough test playing in Regina but Hamilton has the mettle to win 3 in a row.
Go Cats

On defence, one word. Pressure. Calvillo was able to get in a rhythm in the third quarter, but other than that, his passes were rushed all night.

On offence, Burris to Fantuz and Burris to Williams are starting to be a familiar phrases.

Bartel's punts were all outside the numbers, with one going out of bounds inside the 20. I think he's starting to get it.

Just posted this in GDT, mine as well put it here.

What a great game. Ivor Wynne was rocking tonight, great atmosphere! If our defence can play like they did tonight (one bad quarter) and Burris and the boys on offence can play to their ability, we shouldnt have a problem taking the East Division this season.

We MUST back this big win up with a stellar performance in the Prairies next week! Lets hope we dont see the return of Bellefeuille .500 football.

Near the end of the game, I believe it was Cuthbert who said that this team keeps getting better every week. It may be hard to argue with that.

On offence, I expect much to be said about Burris, Fantuz, and Williams. Burris was 27/20 for 360 passing yards, four TDs, no picks. Fantuz caught eight passes for 125 yards, Williams caught seven for 115 yards. Jones deserves credit for doing well in Grant's place, in particular on that one where Anderson was called for PI. Burris did get enough time to throw, judging from his numbers, and was only sacked once.

On defence, Peach seems to have been a good addition to the team. Calvillo did get 374 passing yards, but he sure paid a price on a few of those complete passes. And Whitaker did not get that far this game.

On special teams, there was, of course, Williams' return of that FG attempt that will likely be viewed on YouTube for the wrong reasons. But Walker and Giguere did not look bad on returns either. Too bad Congi missed one he should not have missed after Darcy Brown blocked and recovered that punt. And yes, Bartel seems to be improving.

As for next week, we know the Riders aren't easy to beat. But then again, this Ticat team isn't easy to beat either. I'll just enjoy this win for now.

After watching the game....I feel a whole lot better now. :smiley:
The offence is moving into high gear and the D is showing a huge improvement, especially in getting pressure on the QB.
Looks like 'ol George wants to do it all with the new guys on offence. Avon and Dave Stala don't seem to part of what's going on.
This could be a season to remember....for a change. :thup:

I think this game showed just how talented and scary this team can be/is

One word: Boudreaux.

He didn't get any sacks, but nearly had about 3.

A pretty complete game last night in all three phases, and well for most of the 4 quarters. I was a little concerned late in the third quarter after Montreal got to within 8 points, but the offense answered back, and the defense was able to hold Montreal off the board in the fourth quarter.

The third quarter was our worst, but the team was playing conservative on both sides of the ball, and some penalties stopped some offensive drives. Irregardless, the offense still moved things enough, and the defense slowed things down enough that Montreal was unable to recover from the 22 point deficit. I know things looked a little lopsided, but they did enough to hold Montreal off, and then took things out of reach in the fourth.

Outside of the excellent performances mentioned previously, some general things I noticed that I like were: 1) Receivers giving that little bump for separation before the ball arrives, and 2) Lots of good jamming by the defense at the line of scrimmage. These two things had a big impact on the passes made and missed by both teams. The Montreal players were getting frustrated by no calls from the referees. In the past, we were the team looking for the calls.

One additional thing. This is the second game that the TiCats have dominated in the first half. It's nice to see a team that looks well prepared for the opposition and ready to go at game time. Something we have not seen for a while. Great job by the coaching staff, and players.


Thanks to BYF for starting this thread as I was unable to watch the game live on TV. I PVR'ed it, so I will get down to watching it likely tonight.

Oski Wee Wee,


The big thing that I have liked over the course of the season is how the team gets better each week. They were destroyed in Week 1 against Saskatchewan, lost a close one against BC, won a close won against Toronto and demolished the Als (I think the final score really flattered the Montreal). There are still things that could be improved on -- why can't this team score in the third quarter -- but this is a squad that keeps getting better every time they take the field. I think they outplayed Montreal in every conceivable way. Burris has found a nice groove; Fantuz is starting to get comfortable; Chris Williams is the most dynamic playmaker, boneheaded showboating aside, in the league right now; the defense is starting to make plays; and the special teams have been stellar. I am seeing improvement every week and that has me excited. And now they are in first place (tied with the Argos and Als, yes, but they own the tiebreaker over both so they are in first place). Things are looking up right now.

The offense was led by the O-line giving Hank lots of time to make reads, and the receivers time to get open.

The plays are awesome. Lots of motion, misdirection and crossing patterns. Tough to defend when executed.

D-Line's pressure was the difference against a great QB like Calvillo who showed more than a few glimpses of outstanding QB skills. Kudos to the D-line for putting consistent pressure on AC to break his rhythm.

How fun is it to watch Johnson, Williams and Knowlton. This is a special linebacking corps that will go down in Ti-Cat lore.

"I think this game showed just how talented and scary this team can be/is"

I think that is the best post of the year and agree whole heartedly!
(sorry for not quoting that properly)

When the most serious complaint on the CHML fifth quarter call in show last night was that the team is taking too many penalties then that may be an indicator that the Cats may be moving in the right direction.

Great, fun game to watch. I hope George can find a cure for the 3rd quarter lull. I was getting nervous. Again....

That's pretty much my only complaint about the team right now. For some unknown reason the team has been unable to score in the third quarter. They've put up 10 points in four games in the third quarter, and the lone touchdown came on a Chris Williams punt return against BC. It's really kind of odd that no matter the opponent, the offense just can't seem to get it going in the third quarter.

The sack he picked up in the Argos game was a thing of beauty, too.

Daresay he is our most impressive pass rusher? Yet not starting?

The D Line has been getting better every game. We are getting pressure from the ends and up the middle.