Kiss The Witches Thread, Vol. 2

A great win despite flaws in the pass protection and breakdowns in pass coverage. Nonetheless, our playmakers stepped up and made big ones at crunch time!

Oski Wee Wee,


Nice to see AB3 get into a game.

What can you say about Williams?

Glenn played very well, despite being rushed several times. The 'O' Line didn't look great tonight, but played okay.

Overall...not bad at all.

I concur.

Oski Wee Wee,


I only saw the second half and the end of the 2nd quarter of this one. But I plan on watching the first half after it is put online.

So I guess Williams will stay on the roster when Mann comes back. B. Grant on the other hand...

Looked like Thigpen had another good game, and will hopefully continue being the kind of player he was last week.

On defence, there was good pressure on Lulay, which was what we needed to see. And it does look to me like Bo Smith really has improved.

I'd praise Medlock for making one from halfway down the field. But that miss... yikes. Had a Sandro flashback there. I know that even the best make mistakes, and hopefully we'll see as little as that from him in the future.

Good game, but let's see how they can do against Montreal next week.

Bottom line is we won.. does not matter HOW.. we won.. much like the Riders game.. we will be belittled for beating an 0-4 team but had we lost the Leos would be back on track... this win is huge as it puts us 2-2.. and with a Blew team win tomorrow, we have a 3 way tie for 2nd.. from there we OWN our own destiny!!!

They didn't win by much, but you have to remember that the Als beat the Lions by only four points a few weeks ago. BC has lost some close ones and might not be as bad as their record indicates.

This team will have to be at its best against MTL next week. But for now, I'll enjoy this victory.

This is what burns my ass.... WPG lost how many games by 4 pts or less.. and here people are saying they are the best 4-14 team out there.. BC has lost all their games by 4pts or less and yet we beat an inferior team.... which one is it??...

That's seein' it as it is, BYF. With the long travel day and the many distractions of Vancouver, a win there is certainly worth enjoying and the game was certainly enjoyable too. Home field and a short week for the Als should be helpful next week, but they're gonna have to wear the gold pants again and play better than we've seen so far. I'm quite encouraged by the progress we've seen in the past couple of weeks.

I'm too old to stay up late, so I haven't seen the game last night, I will catch it shortly on the TSN video on demand. I did see the highlights just a few minutes ago, it looked like one crazy game. Anytime you can escape B.C. with a win it's significant, with the long flight, the jet lag and the time difference.

I realize that the team has played mostly those with losing records, but as they say, you can only play those teams put in front of you on the schedule, and now they're at .500.

Let's keep the momentum going!!!

Happy with the W: now let's see what they can do against the powerful Als.