Kiss the Witches Thread Vol. 2: Electric Boogaloo

I didn't see the first half of this one and missed most of the 3rd quarter of it. But when talking about what this team did right in getting this win, I don't think what happened in that first half will get talked about much.

But I understand that Maher getting that 56 yard FG at the end of the half and the punt return TD by Banks could both be considered turning points in this one. I understand the offence was not getting far, but special teams and defence got it done. And wasn't it great to see Maher go 5/5 on FG attempts?

Getting eight sacks, and more importantly, keeping Montreal from getting a single TD, was an accomplishment.

And Masoli went 19/27 for 208 yards, but did throw an INT. But I suppose he did well enough.

Your thoughts?

BYF, check out previous threat.

Yup the first half was a snoozefest with the Als moving the ball some but only picking up 4 points on a FG and a missed FG and our offense seeming to go almost entirely 2 and out until late in the half. Plenty of flags in the early going too on practically EVERY play! Finally got a short enough field to attempt the FG which actually got pushed back 10 yards (I think) due to a penalty. Wouldn't have been upset if Maher had missed it but he NAILED IT!!! Whatever halftime adjustments were made did the trick and the defense seemed to be much better at keeping the birds offense off the field.

Had my concerns in the first half but was really pleased with the way that the team came back and started to move the ball AND put up points. It helped that the D got more pressure on Cato and then Adams and the sacks began to add up too.

D made adjustments at halftime, but O kept calling those stupid out passes. Speedy's return was definitely the turning point.

It says here (in play #78) that prior to the FG at the end of the 1st half, Chick took a five yard penalty, making it so that the FG attempt would be from 56 yards instead of 51: ... playbyplay

So yeah, I'm thinking Chick should buy Maher a beer after that. :slight_smile:

And the decision to not pay Medlock over $175k is making more sense now, isn't it?

When the starting QB is out, the defence and special teams need to carry the team. It was also good to hear about Gable having a good game, and good to hear about him utilized more often.

Well, this team is 0-2 at THF, and 2-0 away from it. Not what I'd expect. But after a long losing streak at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium, this team has won consecutive games there. Interesting how home teams haven't been doing so well in the CFL so far this year, isn't it?

They really have to work and get Girard ready, I think Filer looked to have a serious knee injure. :frowning: The kicking game was a thing to behold. :smiley:

I was impressed by Brandon Revenberg's block on the Gable touchdown.

I don't know for sure, but from the replay it looked like Filer has a bad high ankle sprain. He was obviously in a lot of pain, so he might be out for some time. I hope not.

On a related OL subject I saw Revenberg in for Dyakowski in the 2nd half. Was Peter hurt, or was it a performance issue? (The line seemed to play much better with Revenberg in). If it is injury related we might have lost 40% of our starting OL in one game. What a blow if that is the case.

:thdn: :thdn:

I saw Peter come out to help carry Filer off the field, he looked fine carrying a 300lb lineman off

My favourite play of the game? The screen to Gable. Yes, a screen. Good to know they actually have at least one in the playbook.

Your lips to God's ear! And a pass to Watts.

Where exactly does Prime line up in any formation? I never seem to pick him out on any play, either before the ball is snapped or after the play is over. Shouldn't he be doing some of the blocking and freeing up Gable? Does he line up as a tight-end or something on the line?

It actually might not be that bad of a thing, our o-line play hasn't been the greatest and as mentioned the line looked a lot better with Revenberg in, as sad as that is to say about Petey. If you watch the first episode of the homefront on, you can see how happy they were to snag Revenberg in the draft, feel good moment to watch especially after his performance last night.

It'll be interesting to see if Pete was hurt and if he is inserted back into starting five this week, especially with Filer going down :thdn:

By the way, simply just happy with another win in Montreal, glad it didn't take 13 years for it to happen again like last time lol Defence showed back up in a big way, d-line absolutely feasted. I don't know if I've seen a d-line that dominant since Montford days, and we have had some good ones in recent years. Nevis is an absolute gem, everything you see in his college film is coming to fruition, he is a freak of nature busting through the line consistently and likely creating nightmares for other teams who have been doubling Laurent while letting Nevis wreak havoc on single teams, what are you suppose to do???

Coach Austin on half time adjustments

“They came in with a completely different defence and we had to make the adjustments at halftime,? Austin said. “They didn’t take a single snap in the defence that we were prepared for.?

That is interesting, it definitely showed with Masoli getting eaten alive on that first series and a couple times on the ensuing drives as well.

I may have just been a case of having Revenberg rotate in for some plays (much like O'Neill used to along the line) to give Pete a break and to give BR some valuable reps in case he IS needed to start.

Girard did play both preseason games and seemed to do well as Filer was dealing with the finger injury. I think he probably had some snaps last year. He should be good to go after a week of getting first team reps. Still don't like seeing Filer out and hope that he'll be reovered soon

I'm not sure if we can see that this is the best D line we have had since Montford was on it. But we can agree about Nevis. And after we lost Norwood and Hickman, wasn't it great to see this performance from Tracy?

I know this was posted in another thread, but why not post it again here?

It was great to see that performance by the defence. I mentioned that Montreal did not get a single TD. But this team did not let them get within even 35 yards of its end zone, as Josh Smith pointed out here: ... 9321115648

Josh Smith ?@JoshSmith_82 Als never got in the red zone tonight and the furthest penetration they did get was the #Ticats 35. That's incredible.
Montreal was missing Glenn and Green, but that was an accomplishment. Maybe with those two, they would have made it past our 35 yard line. Who knows? Maybe they would have been able to get a TD. But a win? No. :)

The defence did very well, but special teams may have been responsible for what a considered turning points of the game: The 56 yard Maher FG and the Banks return for a TD. Banks has joined some good company with that TD, as you can see here:

One return TD every 4.6 games? Keep that up. :slight_smile:

It was definitely an ankle injury and I think he's going to be out for awhile. Here's hoping for a fast recovery and that Girard does a great job filling in.

I hope he does a great job too, but I would be more than happy with an adequate one…